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Date Joined: 12/23/13 
Current Funds: 7 St

Merits: 2
Strikes: 0


Desmond Corona 
Species: Combusken
Nature: Quiet
-Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning
Gender: Male                     Age:17 
Ability: Blaze

Strength: :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletyellow:                 Agility: :bulletorange::bulletorange: :bulletorange: 

Intelligence: :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:     Charisma: :bulletorange::bulletyellow: 

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Fire->Charisma Fighting->Strength

Move 1:iconfiretypeplz: Flamethrower: Desmond shoots a fire ball or a stream of fire at the opponent with his mouth, hands or feet. It has a chance of burning the opponent.
Move 2 :iconnormaltypeplz: Mimic: Desmond’s right eye glows and, after seeing the opponent’s move, is able use the move himself. He is still able to access Mimic, and if he uses Mimic again, the new move will replace the other copied move. Certain moves, such as Psychic and Ghost type moves, are much harder for Desmond to control than others
Move 3 :iconpsychictypeplz: Agility: Purple energy surrounds Desmond’s body as his speed increases for a set period of time. This effect can be stacked up to three times without risk of Desmond over-exerting himself.
Move 4 :iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Jab: Desmond’s claws (hands or feet) glow with purple energy as he assaults the opponent with a rapid series of jabs or kicks. It poisons the opponent, and the poison will get stronger with repeated blows.


- 1. Hunter Access Permissive
----Description: A card with cryptic markings on the back. You have no idea what it’s for just yet.

- 2. Rookie Hunter Voucher:
“A voucher for one free standard hunter's accessory: Template Hood, Template Scarf, Template Shawl, or Template Armband.”

Claire Amsel
Species: Misdreavus 
Nature: Modest
-Characteristic: Very Finicky
Gender: Female                     Age: appears 17 
Ability: Levitate

Strength: :bulletblue::bulletblue:                  Agility: :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

Intelligence: :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Charisma: :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Ghost->Intelligence

Move 1 :iconghosttypeplz: Confuse Ray: The jewels on Claire’s neck shine with a bright red light, causing whoever sees it to become confused and see hallucinations. Claire can cause her opponent to see more intense hallucinations if she focuses to increase the power of the Confuse Ray, but this requires her to limit her movement if not stay still altogether.
Move 2 :iconpsychictypeplz: Psybeam: Claire fires a beam of energy rings at the opponent from her eyes that has a chance of confusing the opponent upon contact.
Move 3 :iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Sneak: From her shadow, Claire summons ghostly claws to attack the opponent, usually faster than they can react. Through training, Claire has learned how to spawn a large number of claws and is very dexterous with them. Also, she is capable of spawning claws from other shadows besides her own, but only within line of sight.
Move 4 :iconghosttypeplz: Spite: Claire fires small balls of dark energy (they resemble small Gastlys, having menacing eyes and mouths) at the opponent after they have used a move, weakening the move. The effect of Spite can be used on other moves and can stack.


- 1. Evolution Slip
----Description: When a Pokemon evolves under service of a guild, standard protocol dictates that they sign one of these forms, for record-keeping purposes. This helps the guild keep track of who's who and arrange the appropriate honors. You may evolve one of your Pokemon at any time.

- 2. Iaponese Paper Doll:
----Description: A cute paper doll made by the Ambassador herself. It has a traditional feel to it, and she says it’s a lucky charm. Just don’t tear it, whatever you do. Inflicts Grudge on the attacker if destroyed.

- 3. Rookie Hunter Voucher:
“A voucher for one free standard hunter's accessory: 
Template Hood, Template Scarf, Template Shawl, or Template Armband.”

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

    The Café Obscurité’s glamour and style truly did betray its name; on this particular night, Pokemon draped in an assortment of silk, linen, and sparkling jewelry entered what would seem to the layman to be a wonderland of decadence and wealth that pronounced itself proudly in the darkened sky. For Desmond, it invoked memories of home; of all of the stuffy parties he was forced into attending by his mother to break bread with the rich of Vericruz City. The last thing he wanted was for the Hunter representative to hold his nose up at them for being ‘improper’, especially since him and his partner Claire-who was present at his side-did their best to arrive on time. But she also did tell him that they would not have to worry about being in their best dress, as the representative cared little for the formalities. Still, Desmond noted just how awkward his partner felt for entering a place such as the Café Obscurité without being dressed up properly, and how he felt the same. The judgmental eyes of the Café’s regular patrons ran all across their bodies of the two would be Hunters as they walked inside, snide whispers remarking on the two ‘shabby’ children that were somehow allowed to enter.

            The two arrived at the front desk, being greeted almost immediately by a Gothorita who, while looking over a clipboard, inquired swiftly a simple question: “Names, please.”

            “Claire Amsel,” Claire introduced just as quickly, hoping to get on with this interview.

            “Desmond…” Desmond answered somewhat hesitantly, unwilling give out his family name, lest someone here recognize it.

            “Corona, correct?” The Gothorita finished for him, sensing his reluctance. Desmond sighed; after all, he should have known better than to think that the Hunters would not know anything about him. They were all about routing out secrets, which was why he was here.

            “Come, I shall show you to your table,” The Gothorita stated, placing down her clipboard and guiding the two over to where they were to be seated.

              It was located in one of the darker corners of the already-dim establishment, and it was already attended by a sly, smiling Furret with a blue newsboy cap. Desmond understood immediately why the Hunter representative would have cared little about their appearance, as he was quite shabby looking himself, his fur and cap both equally unkempt. 

               "Hey, pull up a seat. Order your favorites; this one's on the Guild's checkbook," he greets with a quick wave.

            “Err…Thank you sir, but that would be a little difficult,” Claire responded awkwardly, the Misdreavus lowering herself so that she hovered slightly over the chair.

            “I’m sure it’s fine, Claire,” Desmond remarked as he sat beside her. “Being able to float all the time means at the very least you won’t have to sit on these chairs. They’re not as comfy as they look.”

            Claire giggled in response, only to be taken aback slightly by the Empoleon waiter suddenly appearing at her side. The waiter carefully placed the three ornately designed menus in front of his patrons.  "The usual," the Normal-type commented with disregard, gently pushing the menu back against the Empoleon's chest. The waiter merely rolled his eyes and turned his attention to the would-be team, waiting expectantly for them to order.

            “Perhaps just some red wine, sir,” Claire stated.

            “I’ll have some Grilled Alomommola with Rosemary, with some white wine.” Desmond requested. Such a dish was quite popular in his home, and something he had always wanted to try. Of course, he knew better than to expect ever eating true Alomommola meat, as many cities had banned eating meat from genuine Pokemon.

             Once he has everyone's orders, the waiter shoots one last annoyed glance at the strange fellow, who appears unfazed, before walking off. "No sense of humor," the Furret remarks with a shrug, before lazily slumping back in his seat. His gaze doesn't settle on anyone in particular, as though he's simply staring off somewhere.  Desmond and Claire knew immediately that the Furret was blind, his eyes a dull grey color hidden by the shadow of his cap.

    "The name's Cuffin, but I'm sure you've already heard of me. No need for introductions on your part, I already know who ya are," Cuffin says with another sly smirk, tapping his paws together. "So... I work for this kid, Sundance. He made me promise to ask ya a few things before I go off on my own thing. He'll get his feathers in a bunch if I don't, so humor me. First things first: why do you wanna join the Hunters?" The last question is accompanied by a roll of the eyes and a dramatic recitation, as if driving home the fact that he's being forced to ask this.

            Desmond got right to the point, answering with, “It’s well known that the Hunters have access to information, artifacts, treasure, and other areas that the other guilds, even the Researchers, don’t have access to. I have a ton of questions I need answers to, and I want to get them as soon as possible. Getting my hands on all of what I can find as a Hunter should be able to help me find those answers.”

            “I’m here to support my partner as much as I can, particularly since I need to answer some questions of my own.” Claire agreed with as much determination as Desmond. “Although, if I had to be honest, I am more interested in the more archeological aspects of being a Hunter: after all, uncovering so many hidden, ancient secrets truly is exciting!”

            “I have to say, I share my partner’s interest quite a bit as well,” Desmond chuckled. “Guess her curiosity has rubbed off on me.”

               At the very least, Cuffin looked interested as he listens. Perhaps it isn't the question itself he's so annoyed about. "All right. Respectable, yeah. Down the list..." The scruffy Furret reached for a parchment already settled upon the table. Rather than hold it up to read, he crumples it in his paws rather rudely, then promptly tosses it over his shoulder. "What can you bring to the Hunters? What skills or talents can you utilize for us?" Once again, his recitation of the question is somewhat mocking.

            Claire did not stop to bother to question why they would offer documents to someone who was blind and did not particularly care for them himself, only proceeding to answer his question. “Well, I am quite adept at using my abilities as a Ghost-type in espionage and information-gathering. When it comes to battle, I try my best to incapacitate the opponent or weaken them enough so that any of my other allies, namely my partner, can defeat them with ease. Besides that, I am quite well learned in a variety of subjects, such as science or geography, and I am well versed in several languages, if I do say so myself.

            “I’m pretty knowledgeable in quite a bit of subjects, too,” Desmond began as soon as his partner finished. “I’m fluent in a few other languages, but mostly my skills are more suited for combat. I’ve trained to the point where I can analyze situations and put together strategies incredibly quickly; I guess you can blame a photographic memory for why I’m able to think of something based on things I only noticed once. Tactics have always been my bag, either way, so I suppose I can possibly make an effective leader based upon that. But when to people, my partner has always been better at that. Being a fighting type, I was raised from a young age to be proficient in multiple fighting styles, so I can hold my own quite well.”

            "Yeah, yeah, I gotcha. I guess we'll get to see some of that soon enough. Don't get me wrong; your answer don't mean you're gonna be taken or thrown out. This is basically... formalities..." Cuffin pauses, tilting his head upward thoughtfully. "...Yeah, formalities. I think that's the word he used. Whatever that means."

A grin comes over the Furret's fuzzy face as he readies himself for his next question, lowering the register of his voice. "This one's more interestin', to the little guy's credit. Are you against doin' things that the Royal Guard ain't gonna like if they catch ya doin' em?"

    Desmond and Claire had expected something such as this to come up at some point during the interview, but never in such a way that seemed so matter of fact. “If it comes down to it, then yes,” Desmond answered. “But let me tell you right now that I am not a big fan of picking fights needlessly, especially considering all of ‘corrective’ measures I’ve heard them do to the prisoners here.” Desmond remarked, pantomiming quotation marks in the air.

The Normal-type's pointed ears twitch at the reply. "It ain't me, just sayin'. I know well enough that if yer here, then you an' I are prolly already aware of the answer to that question. I just needed somethin' to tell the kid." With a sigh of relief, Cuffin tosses his hands in the air, then at the sides of the chair dramatically. "Whew. All right, enough of that stuff. The kid is on the right track, but sometimes it seems like the royals crammed a stick really far up there, if ya know what I mean. All these "formalities" and junk... anyway, the rest is straight from me."

He looks left, then right... but given the way his bright eyes are never quite focusing on your team, this seems to be one of those "formalities" of his own. He then begins to explain in an oddly sincere fashion, "You already know the basic stuff, so I'm gonna level with ya. Truth is, the Hunters are all about knowin' things about everybody else. Yer gonna learn secrets that nobody else will know. It'll change the way you look at this whole city, and yer prolly not gonna like what you see, but you'll always know exactly what's goin' on under the coat of sugar. I wouldn't blame ya if you'd rather go hang with a Guild that doesn't deal in the worst of what Andalusst can offer."

    “Sir, not be offensive or to brag, but I can say my partner and I are more than well aware of that fact,” Claire responded. “We’ve been through so much already, seen our fair share of horrors. We know that to get what we’re both looking for-to answer our questions-we’re going to see things that we won’t like.”

    “And we don’t care,” Desmond added. “We’ve set down on this path, and we’re not turning back.”

           Cuffin's non-serious demeanor returns with a smirk at your response. "Is that so? Well... to be honest, I would've blamed ya, actually," he jokes with a lightly teasing tone. "Who doesn't wanna know everything about everybody? Life is all about keepin' yer options as open as possible 'til the right moment, so keep that in mind when you’re going down your ‘path’ looking for ‘answers’.”

           Just then, the waiter comes into earshot, flippers laden with everyone's orders. As he hesitates with the platter containing Cuffin's meal, one can't help but wonder if he's contemplating on spitting in it. The Furret doesn't appear to be looking at him anyway... and your team may begin to suspect that he couldn't even if he wanted to. The silver platters are placed on the table with mild clatter, but Cuffin faces your team again before paying them any mind.

           "Before we eat..." he interrupts, reaching down and palming the nearest glass. He holds it up and forward across the table. "Let's toast, to the new recruits," Cuffin proposes, though he leaned in and adds with a whisper, "...That's you, just so ya know." The three held up their glasses and toasted with a hollow clink.

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