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This app is for :iconpmdunity: They are always available for cameos.
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Desmond Corona/Combusken

 :bulletorange:Gender: Male   :bulletorange:  Age: 17

 :bulletorange:Ability: Blaze


   :bulletyellow: STR: 2+1

   :bulletyellow: INT: 4

   :bulletyellow: AGI: 3

   :bulletyellow: CHA: 1+1


 :iconfiretypeplz: Flamethrower: Desmond shoots a fire ball or a stream of fire at the opponent with his mouth, hands or feet. It has a chance of burning the opponent.

  :iconnormaltypeplz: Mimic: Desmond’s right eye glows and, after seeing the opponent’s move, is able use the move himself. He is still able to access Mimic, and if he uses Mimic again, the new move will replace the other copied move. Certain moves, such as Psychic and Ghost type moves, are much harder for Desmond to control than others 

   :iconpsychictypeplz: Agility: Purple energy surrounds Desmond’s body as his speed increases for a set period of time. This effect can be stacked up to three times without risk of Desmond over-exerting himself. 

   :iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Jab: Desmond’s claws (hands or feet) glow with purple energy as he assaults the opponent with a rapid series of jabs or kicks. It poisons the opponent, and the poison will get stronger with repeated blows.

 :bulletorange:History: Born and raised as the privileged heir to the powerful Corona crime syndicate, Desmond grew up in Vericruz City, known for its love of the arts and intricate canal systems. Being forced into a rigorous education and training program from a young age by his mother, current head of the syndicate, Desmond’s life was focused entirely upon inheriting the syndicate from her. This left him with little interaction with the outside world and others as a young child, leading him to seek adventure outside with Sergio, a jovial Tranquill who worked for the syndicate.

                Desmond’s multiple secret excursions outside led him to meet a Pichu girl by the name of Felicity; with whom he soon started a somewhat bizarre love-hate dating relationship. A short time later, Desmond was introduced to Claire, a recent hire for the syndicate, by Sergio who he became surprisingly fast friends with. From then on, Desmond enjoyed his time with his few friends while pushing himself into his studies and training, eventually evolving into a Combusken.

                One day, Claire approached Desmond in complete hysterics; she claimed that she needed to contact Sergio about something ‘important’, and that she could not find him. Desmond assisted Claire with her search, and the two came across the scene of horror in Sergio’s home: his dead body slumped near the front entrance, his family killed ruthlessly by the perpetrator for seemingly catching them in the act. Near Sergio’s body was a symbol that the two knew all too well: a red feather, representing the Corona crime syndicate. Wracked with sorrow and fury, Desmond confronted his mother about what he and Claire witnessed. His mother, however, gave him no answer as to why she ordered a hit out on Sergio and his family; she said only that he was ‘too weak’ to be worth her time. This enraged Desmond even further, and he attacked his mother only to be defeated with relative ease. Desmond’s mother left him there, battered and bruised, without a second thought.

                Humiliated by his inability to avenge his friend’s death, Desmond became despondent and refused to speak with anyone. His contact with Felicity, who had evolved around the same time as him, lessened and lessened overtime. Claire, her face marred equally with sadness, told him the truth about what she needed to contact Sergio for: he was about to commit something unspeakable for syndicate known as Corvus, mortal enemies to the Corona syndicate where association with them is considered treason punishable by death.

                This information gave Desmond a new resolve: to find the real reason why Sergio would risk death by working for this ‘Corvus’, and why his mother would go as far as to murder him. He sent a letter to Felicity explaining the situation, as well as telling her to leave the city so as to not be targeted by his family. The truth being, he simply could not face her, still feeling ashamed about Sergio’s death. With Claire as his only ally, Desmond went into the fog with one destination: Andalusst, a place where he may find the strength he needs.       

 :bulletorange:Personality: Normally, as his nature implies, Desmond is normally very placid and avoids conflict whenever necessary.  Unfortunately, he possesses quite the temper and will be quick to cut down the one who presses on any of his triggers. This gives him a somewhat no-nonsense personality, unwilling to put up with severe lies and deception from others. He is loyal to a near fault, laying his life on the line for those he considers to be friend. In the end, he prefers more peaceful alternatives to solving problems if it suits his needs, but he won’t hesitate to resort to violence if necessary.

                Years of training and education has given Desmond near genius-level tactical and analytical skills, able to outsmart his enemies on the battlefield. While able to come up with high grade battle plans on the fly, he can come up with far more complex plans if given enough time to work with.   

                Desmond’s composed personality comes with quite a bit of laziness. Often, his idea of avoiding conflict is to simply not get involved with what does not concern him. He also tends to ignore menial task such as house work, preferring to sleep in and often requiring Claire to push him into working. Desmond is not totally lazy, however; he just prefers task that can challenge his intellect, such as puzzles or top-tier missions.  

    1.Hunter Access Permissive:  A card with cryptic markings on the back. You have no idea what it’s for just yet.
    2. Rookie Hunter Voucher: “A voucher for one free standard hunter's accessory: Template Hood, Template Scarf, Template Shawl, or Template Armband.”

    :bulletyellow:  Family

             Grandfather: Augustus/Delphox/Male/Age: 57 (Deceased)

             Father: ??? (Desmond has no memory of him; all Desmond’s mother will say about him is that he died while on an assignment.)

            Mother: Beatrice/Blaziken/Female/Age: 36

   :bulletyellow: Desmond has a bizarre fascination with things he finds ‘soft’ or ‘adorable’ (Pokemon such as Fennekin, Raichu, etc.)

   :bulletyellow: Desmond possess a photographic memory, allowing him to memorize minute details about his environment and opponent’s actions

  :bulletyellow:  Desmond prefers dry foods and berries, his favorite being Micle berries

Claire Amsel/Misdreavus

 :bulletblue:Gender: Female    :bulletblue:Age: 17?

:bulletblue:Ability: Levitate


    :bulletpurple: STR: 2

    :bulletpurple: INT: 2+2

   :bulletpurple: AGI: 3

   :bulletpurple: CHA: 3


    :iconghosttypeplz: Confuse Ray: The jewels on Claire’s neck shine with a bright red light, causing whoever sees it to become confused and see hallucinations. Claire can cause her opponent to see more intense hallucinations if she focuses to increase the power of the Confuse Ray, but this requires her to limit her movement if not stay still altogether.

   :iconpsychictypeplz: Psybeam: Claire fires a beam of energy rings at the opponent from her eyes that has a chance of confusing the opponent upon contact.

 :iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Sneak: From her shadow, Claire summons ghostly claws to attack the opponent, usually faster than they can react. Through training, Claire has learned how to spawn a large number of claws and is very dexterous with them. Also, she is capable of spawning claws from other shadows besides her own, but only within line of sight.

   :iconghosttypeplz: Spite: Claire fires small balls of dark energy (they resemble small Gastlys, having menacing eyes and mouths) at the opponent after they have used a move, weakening the move. The effect of Spite can be used on other moves and can stack.

:bulletblue:History: Claire has no memory of the circumstances of her birth; her oldest memory was living with her ‘mother’ somewhere deep within the woods shrouded by fog. Her mother educated on a wide variety of subjects, even a few things about ancient and forgotten topics. How her ‘mother’ knew about these subjects was beyond her; but there were people who came to their home, wanting to gain knowledge and power from the ‘demon’. These people-some would come in peace, others violence-all wanted the same thing from her ‘mother’, and every time they arrived, she would make a game out of it. The young Claire would lure the unsuspecting visitors away from their cottage, the goal being allowing her mother ‘catch’ the visitors. At first, Claire did not mind; after all ‘mommy’ was just ‘catching’ them, and if Claire did a good job, she would be rewarded, so it was all fine…right?

                But one visitor was far different from the rest. She followed Claire into the woods, as per usual in this game, but she seemed as if she wanted to follow Claire to tell her something. Unnerved, Claire turned towards the visitor asked what she wanted. The visitor started to tell Claire bizarre things about her ‘mother’-that she and Claire were one and the same. Her ‘mother’ had other ‘daughters’, all one and the same. Claire’s ‘sisters’ existed yet not existed. ‘Claire’ existed yet was not real. All Claire remembered was lashing out at the visitor-her ‘sister’-and awakening in a part of the forest she didn’t recognize. Suddenly, all Claire could feel when she thought of her mother-her loving mother that taught her so much and had so much fun with her-was a deep, primal fear.

                Wanting to get as far away from her mother as she can, as well as find out the truth to the visitor’s words, Claire found her way out of the fog. Her travels brought her to Vericruz City, a city of beautiful architecture and canals she had only seen in books. She was almost immediately employed soon after by the Corona crime syndicate, her knowledge and evasive abilities landed her a job in spying and information gathering. A short time working for the syndicate led her to meet the syndicate’s young heir, Desmond, his girlfriend Felicity and another syndicate employee Sergio, creating a friendship with all of them, particularly Desmond.

                Her search for information, as per her role, led Claire to come across information regarding a group named Corvus. Her further searches turned up very little, only finding out that this group was the sworn enemy of the Corona syndicate. Even worse, she discovered that Sergio had far more deeper ties to this syndicate that he was willing to keep secret. Realizing what could happen to her friend if he was found out; Claire approached the recently evolved Desmond in a panic took him with her to go to Sergio’s home. The two came across the scene of horror in Sergio’s home: his dead body slumped near the front entrance, his family killed ruthlessly by the perpetrator for seemingly catching them in the act. Near Sergio’s body was a symbol that the two knew all too well: a red feather, representing the Corona crime syndicate.

                Claire stood witness as her only true friend, stricken with rage and grief, tried unsuccessfully to confront his mother, the head of the syndicate, and hide away in deep humiliation. Claire knew she had to do something, anything to help Desmond; strengthening her own resolve, she told Desmond everything she knew about Sergio’s involvement in Corvus. Desmond’s will seemed to be revived as the two now had a new focus; discover the truth behind Sergio’s assassination as well as the Corvus syndicate. The two left for Andalusst, the one place they knew they could get stronger.

:bulletblue:Personality: Diligent and through, Claire is the type to take extra precaution to ensure that a job is completed correctly. She is more likely to go out her way to help others and do more work for others, unlike Desmond. This is coupled with an incredibly studious nature, as one of her favorite hobbies is gathering information on a wide variety of subjects. She maintains a consistent, working knowledge of said subjects and is able to call upon it whenever she needs to.

                As her nature implies, Claire is never one to brag about her abilities or success, often going as far to be self-effacing. If anything goes wrong, she’ll be the first to take the blame and ridicule herself more and more. If things become dire, she’ll start to panic and lose focus, making mistakes that she would not have made otherwise. In an effort to prevent the worst from happening, she can be a tad overbearing, sometimes coming off as a perfectionist.

                Ultimately, though, she means well; she only wants the best possible for others, whether she be close to them or not. Claire can be quite sincere and cordial to others, particularly those who fall into her ‘peculiar’ interests. She wishes to avoid any bad blood between herself and anyone else and will try her best to smooth things over and cooperate with others.

    1. Evolution Slip: When a Pokemon evolves under service of a guild, standard protocol dictates that they sign one of these forms, for record-keeping purposes. This helps the guild keep track of who's who and arrange the appropriate honors. You may evolve one of your Pokemon at any time.
    2. Iaponese Paper Doll: A cute paper doll made by the Ambassador herself. It has a traditional feel to it, and she says it’s a lucky charm. Just don’t tear it, whatever you do. Inflicts Grudge on the attacker if destroyed.
    3. Rookie Hunter Voucher: “A voucher for one free standard hunter's accessory: Template Hood, Template Scarf, Template Shawl, or Template Armband.”


    :bulletpurple: Family

         ’Adoptive’ Mother: Lisbeth/Banette/Female/Age: ???

         Claire is not sure if she was born a ghost or became a ghost through death. Because of that, she’s unsure of who or where her parents are or even how old she really is (she only ‘appears’ 17 years old)

    :bulletpurple:  She is a very big coffee and tea addict, not being able to go a day without at least a cup

    :bulletpurple:  Claire, like other ghost types, cannot get tired unless she becomes totally exhausted. Thus, she does not need sleep and can go for days staying up all-night

    :bulletpurple: Claire has always had an interest in spooky and macabre subjects, but has stifled these interests to ‘fit-in’ more. Because of this, these fascinations have twisted into bizarre, perverse fetishes that she will never tell another soul about 

Storage</storage> Free Customization Voucher x2

Completed Missions/Errands:
-Mission One: 
   Part 1:…
   Part 2:…
   Part 3:…
-Errand Two:
  Part 1:…
  Part 2:…
-Errand Three:…
-Errand Five:…
-June Task
    Part One:…
    Part Two:

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