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Client: Gavina
Errand: #7
Date Issued: July 26, 2014
Date Due: July 30, 2014

Hello everybody, Gavina of the Explorers Guild here. As many of you may have noticed, recently us Explorers have taken initiative in preparing for our next big expedition by building a small outpost near Subseed Forest. Since the forest itself is protected, we used wood from our stockpile to put the outpost together, but it looks like whoever was in charge of monitoring resources in my absence didn't really bother to keep it topped. As a result, we're running low on lumber.

I'd really hate to have to push for any foresting in the area. Andalusst's woods and forests are fine the way they are right now, and Teresa wouldn't let me live that down. We're going to plant some trees to help with the long term and anyone who's interested in helping is very welcome to join us. You'll be rewarded for your assistance.

Pokemon with grass- or earth-related talents are especially encouraged to take part. With a little specialist help we'll be able to make these trees grow in a matter of weeks without leaving too much of an imprint. It's not just trees we need, but plants for fiber creation and rations too. If you have a favorite plant you would like to see more of in the area, come and see me and I'll talk to Luke about getting some ordered... but please, no tobacco or illegal berries. We don't want any trouble from the Hunters.

As an incentive to help keep our city beautiful, teams who assist will receive a 1 Star Coin. Hope to see you there!
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