PMD-Unity Mission 1: A Gigantic Problem Part 1

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          To its citizens, it seemed that Andalusst had twisted into the stuff of nightmares: Beams of energy were fired into the air with reckless abandon, striking buildings and making them burst into pieces. Fire and brimstone flew about from the resulting explosions, smashing into homes and engulfing them into flames. The perpetrator was Regigigas, the guardian statue that had awakened from its slumber and began bounding throughout the city, its tremendous steps shaking the earth more and more. Various Pokemon buzzed around it, luring it away from residential areas and firing attacks in a vain attempt to get the titan to stop its rampage.

          If they wish to throw their lives away, why stop them? If this was truly the end, then it is as good as a time as any to grab what you can, take what has been denied to you; anything you can lay your hands on can be yours. This is what some citizens certainly believed, this one Croagunk in particular. His face was covered from ear to ear by a wicked grin as he stared down at his victim; a Drowzee, huddled against a wall and clutching a wound at his side. He playfully tossed the wounded Pokemon’s slightly hefty wallet up and down with one hand; as if holding this much money, more than he’s ever collected, was a mere trifle.

          At a time like this, it certainly was! He could take whatever amount cash he collected, and maybe if he brought in the most, Boss, will give him a promotion… He turned to walk away from his victim, more delusions of grandeur filling his head, only stop at the sight of a figure standing right before him. He let out a yelp in surprise, nearly dropping his loot clumsily.

          “I would’ve let that drop and ran off if I were you,” the figure proclaimed, which the Croagunk could now make out as a Combusken. “Would’ve made things easier for both of us.”

          The Croagunk clutched the wallet to his chest defensively. “W-What’s it to ya’?!” he demanded, his voice shaking heavily. “I don’t got any time for cops!”

          The Combusken shook his head at the thief’s cries. “No, I’m no cop. Just a good Samaritan, so good I’m willing to give you another chance to walk away from this.”

          The Croagunk gritted his teeth as the Combusken stared him down, his mind racing to find an idea to get out of this situation. The Combusken was seemingly losing patience quite quickly, inching closer and closer to him with an unflinching expression. With a loud gulp, the Croagunk unsteadily lowered himself to his knees and held the wallet out in front of him. “Listen, jus’ take it,” he pleaded. “I don’t want any trouble…”

          The Combusken held his glare for a little longer, only to let out a little sigh of relief. Geez, if everything is going to be this troublesome, he thought while stepping forward to retrieve the wallet. Everything afterwards happened in one swift motion: the Croagunk, with a smile filled to brim with all the malice he could muster, tossed the wallet aside and lunged forward with a Feint Attack. The Combusken deflected his blow with great ease and, as though his body were a leaf in the wind, swiftly threw a kick to side of the Croagunk’s head. The rest of this day is gonna be a pain, he finished his thought, as though knocking the Croagunk to the ground, unconscious, was a mere afterthought.

          “Desmond, I’m going to need a bit of help here!” asked a voice from where the Drowzee had laid. Picking up the wallet, the Combusken turned in that direction to see a Misdreavus giving an Oran Berry to the Drowzee while hefting him up to his feet with multiple ghostly claws sprouting from his shadow. His partner had already stopped whatever bleeding came from the wound the Drowzee had. “Can you stand, sir?” she asked with a worried expression on her face.

          The Drowzee tore and struggled against the ghostly claws in a deep panic, his portly body about to trip over. “I’m quite fine; just take these wretched things off of me!” As the Misdreavus removed her Shadow Sneak from the Drowzee’s body, Desmond glared angrily at the ungrateful victim. “Don’t you think you owe my partner a ‘thank you’?” he glowered. “You do realize that we could’ve just kept walking and let you suffer, right?”

          “You’re welcome,” the Drowzee responded roughly. “And you should count your blessings that you didn’t. I could have the two of you locked up along with that ruffian like that!” he punctuated with a snap of his fingers.

          “I-I’m, sorry,” the Misdreavus apologized, looking away.

          “You don’t need to apologize for anything, Claire,” Desmond interrupted, shooting daggers at the Drowzee. “C’mon, we’re wasting our time here.”

          As the two turned to leave, the Drowzee snorted aggressively, his snout quivering and twitching in rage, and shouted, “Just who do you brats think you are? I’ll be sure to teach you some manners you-”

          “Don’tcha think that you’re the one that needs to learn some manners, huh tubby?” interrupted a rough but feminine voice. All three turned to face the owner of the voice: a Pancham woman who examined them with narrow eyes, taking steady huffs out of her cigarette fashioned out of leaves. “If you have enough energy to bitch out the ones who saved your fat ass, then you can hustle outta here before I take care of you myself.”

          The Drowzee stepped back in fright, starting to quiver from her threat and her vicious glare. Without another word, he scurried hurriedly around a corner, almost tripping over himself multiple times. Desmond and Claire slowly turned to the stranger, giving each other a slight glance. “Um, er…thanks I guess?” Desmond stated, a tad uneasily.

          “Definitely!” Claire exclaimed. “It’s a shame that he wasn’t very considerate; we wouldn’t have even asked for anything.”

          “Welcome to the world, missy,” the Pancham responded, tossing away her cigarette and replacing it with another. “Lotta people around here wouldn’t give you the time of day even if you dragged them from a burning building. Luckily for you two saps, I can pay ya’ handsomely for your work. But only if you do the work I ask for, got it?”

          “Unless you’re going to pay us for said ‘work’ with a bunker to hide in, I don’t see what you could offer us.” Desmond said sarcastically. “As you just saw, money isn’t worth a lot when it comes to saving your own hide.”

          “Listen, chickie, if you wanna run and hide then go bury yer’self in the ground.” The Pancham responded harshly. “This offer is only gonna end if I decide you ain’t worth joining us, and I’m getting pretty close.”

          Claire had stayed silent while her partner and the woman were arguing, only to gasp as something suddenly came to her. “Wait, now I recognize you!” she exclaimed, a ghostly claw conjured from her shadow to point at her. “You’re one of the hunter leaders, Kara!” She then gave sheepish bow before continuing, “We were actually planning on looking for you; I guess we had a lucky break, hehe…”

          “Oh yeah?” Desmond commented, his eyes carefully examining Kara in the same manner she examined them. Had he only viewed her superficially, Desmond would find a lot about her image laughable; such a small and furry creature trying her best to appear threatening. But he knew better than to underestimate her based on looks alone, knowing she could easily best him if she wished.

          “Yes yeah, chickie,” Kara replied, blowing out a deep puff of smoke. “Might as well get to the point; us Hunters decided to start a little giveaway for this special event, free entry into the guild if you can do a few little jobs for us. Sound fair?”

          The two nodded and she continued. “Right. One job involves that giant white turd. If either one of ya’ got a good look at it, you might’ve seen the leafy stuff on its shoulders. We’re gonna need some of that, and a weird, orb, thingy that should be there, too.” Desmond and Claire glanced at each other, put off by Kara’s lack of certainty over the object of her request. “Don’t ask me anything about it,” Kara snapped defensively. “Jus’ get it and bring it back here to me, alright? There are a bunch of Explorers and Researchers going toe-to-toe with that thing. All the chaos that’s causing should give ya’ enough cover to not get caught.” She stated with intense emphasis at the end.” “Last thing we need is anyone suspecting us of anything.”

          “I would think they would have more to worry about than the Hunters scurrying about.” Desmond remarked.

          “You’d be surprised,” Kara responded. “The other guilds have got their crosshairs on us for a while, just waiting for us to slip. Let’s hope you’re not the ones to put eggs on our face.” Desmond turned and looked away, slightly nervous as Kara shot him an unforgiving glare.  

          “Maybe you should tell us what other jobs we can do?” Claire asked, wanting to break up the tension.

          “Whatever,” Kara responded with a roll of her eyes. “Anyway, it’s obvious there’s bunch of looters going around, but I need you to make sure they don’t get to two certain people.” She took a moment to take two photos from the sash around her waist. One depicted a Ludicolo, whose advanced age could be seen through the dull green color of the leaf on his head and his fur coat. The other was a rather young looking Lotad, a chipper gleam easily visible in his eyes even though it was a photo. “Gramps here is named Edward L. Marx, and his grandson is Heinrich,” she said, referring to the Ludicolo and Lotad respectively. “Gramps is old money in the Hunters guild, and a lot of crooks have been looking for a chance to get at us. The last thing we need is for them to use him against us, so I want one of you to head to his place north of town, and bring him and the kid back to me. Whatever looters are in your way, wipe them out; we don’t need ‘em causing any more trouble.”

          Desmond and Claire turned to each other, nodding in understanding. “So, the question is which one of us does what?” Desmond thought aloud.

          “However you two want decide, just hurry up.” Kara hissed. “I ain’t got all day.”      

          Desmond gave a scowl in return, become more and more irritated with the Pancham’s attitude. “I think it would be best if I went to retrieve the orb,” Claire chimed in. “I should be able to scale the statue’s body without getting. I promise I’ll be done in a flash.” She punctuated with a victory sign made with one of her ghostly claws.

          Desmond could not help but give a smile back to his partner. “Perfect. I suppose I’ll have to look for Gramps, huh? How hard can it be, if all I’m going to face are a bunch of guys like that Croagunk?” Desmond remarked, stretching and yawning, as if getting ready for a fight.

          “Hmph, looks like you’ve decided already,” Kara stated with a huff of her cigarette. “Alright, fine. I’m gonna rendezvous with my partner at the west side of time, where we’re leading all the civilians for safety. Once you’re done, meet me there. Also, my partner might have gotten a lot of other scrubs to help us out. If ya’ don’t screw up, then maybe us Hunters will consider the lot of you.” With that, Kara then took off, only the stench of her cigarette still lingering in the air.

          “Looks like we’ll have to split up from here,” Desmond began, turning to his partner. “You sure you’ll be alright?”

          Claire nodded, trying to reassure her partner. “Don’t worry; I’m sure I can take care of this, so long as I get there before the Explorers and Researchers finish it off. Plus, I should meet other people trying to become Hunters, so I’ll have extra help!” She finished with a pleasant grin.

          Her partner sighed, wishing that she would not always be so trusting. “Okay, then. You know me; I can handle myself just fine, especially since all I’m doing is just babysitting and old man and a little kid.” Desmond turned to leave, but not before flashing a smile of his own.

          Watching her partner leave, worry began to wash over Claire’s face. It might be more dangerous than he expects, Claire thought. But, I know Desmond; he’s not going to let anything catch him off guard so easily. With a nod, she rushed off towards to sounds of the destruction caused by the white titan, still as loud and ferocious as when it began.        

Noo~! Another rush job! *sigh*, I'm never able to finish mission entries in a timely manner. Hopefully I can enter the completed story before time is up. For :iconpmdunity:
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