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Urban Hunter

By Emryswolf
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Just another teaser upload... not sure when I will complete this one. But I like it enough to do so. I have never drawn a werewolf in a city environment, so this is one of my rare scenes with concrete streets and brick walls.
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Looks like a a werewolf from the Bonegnawer tribe from the White Wolf RPG game. Very beautifully done!
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Oh great and homeless guy with rabid powers, what else can go wrong
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for some reason the unlucky human's shadow reminds me of a vampire.... actually Dracula, and when i first saw this I thought it was about two hunters of the night, after people, accidentally meeting in their ongoing search for prey.
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unusual design what makes it very uniqe. i love it
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makes me think of that chinese red riding hood... lon po po or somehting idk.
the way the wolf tries to trick the kids
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too awesome for words
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excellent work
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I just want to tap into your brian & see what you see. You are mad skillz w/ that pencil. THis is sexy
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Hobo / werewolf ... NICE
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amazing line quality. and i love how that cloth drapes over the wolf. it doesnt just look like its draped over something flat, it really feels like is covering fur and pointy ears. cant wait for the finished version.
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wow talk about freaky! I could have sworn I had a dream about this exact same scene! aside from that it looks brilliant! wish I could see the full one though. kudos for you ^^
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Love it, as I love all of your work. ^^ The top jaw is a little short in this one and the perspective of the street sort of jumps out at me, but not before I'm distracted by the wonderful detailing in the fur and the cloth.

Someone's about to have a really bad day. X3 Unless that guy's a vampire or something.
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I love all the details. I think a werewolf in the city is more frightening than one in the woods.
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Gods, I love your work. It's nice to see some uploads c:
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Wow! Like the expression! It's a very detailed work!
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That guy is so screwed. And the concept of a werewolf in a cloak is totally kick-ass. You'd just be walking around like this guy and out comes a "person" in a cloak. Then before you know it, *GASP* it's a werewolf hiding underneath the cloak. What a sucky and surprising death. :evillaugh:

I'm just stunned by your attention to detail and perspective, as well as adding emotion to your artwork. How long have you been drawing werewolves?

R.I.P. Mom. I :heart: you.
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I love the perspective and the Wolfy too. Nice work on the texture of the wall.

I like the blanket he's wearing, but does it really make him any less noticeable? I guess it worked for the Big Bad Wolf.
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Hi there!
It`s funny but I got an image titled almost the same like yours. Check here: [link]
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yoo amaze meh
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he he nice =3
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hehe, pity the poor sod walking on the street C:

Again, very nice work with the shading. I particularly like the texturing you have applied, especially on the cloth.
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