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Just keep swimming...

Sorry for the lame title, I have Finding Nemo on the brain.. =D

Just a male water dragon floating about under the ocean's surface.

Just wanted to upload this little gem that got finished today. I love experimenting with dragons, and everytime I draw one of my Siirexians, I'm improving them. These series of ink drawings I've been making are obviously much more realistic designs than the first sketchy concept drawings.

This will be colored eventually, as I really need to get some designs for colors down, not just with water but with all my dragons.

Ack! I'm really starting to fall in love with dragons again! ^_^
I still love my Dyre werewolves, but the possibilities with the Siirexian world seem more vast and expansive.

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...Please hold while I attempt to overcome speachlessness.
...Words can scarcely describe how much I love this piece! The motion is so fluid and real! I swear it's swimming off of my screen and into the air! And those scales are so perfect!
:worship: Teach me, oh Master, the ways of the pencil and pen!
My pen-lines end up messy looking because of all the eraser marks... Any tips?
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And now it's stuck in my head. [Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.]

Anyway, love the details; scales drive me nuts. I like the design of the tail. It's different. His face seems very expressive as well.
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0.0 i love the scale patterns and the fins!!!! this is soooooooo much better than the dragons i draw0.0.....
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may i color some of your work and display it on my gallery as well i need the practice.specialy my colors they need some work im way out of practice havent done it in a while at least not like i use to plus im using a new program thats free and works as well if not better than photoshop.
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This is a beautiful water dragon concept! The detail is simply amazing, all those scales! Love the fading on the tail. I adore his face <3 ^^

He's so peaceful looking
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this is really amazing! :)
what kind of ink pens do you use?
my ink usually bleeds a bit.. D:
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Woah, that's beyond awesome.
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I love this! I know what it's like to re-discover the awesome of dragons, as I just did that same recently :XD:

Dragons have so many possibilities <333

This one here has beautiful scales ;u; It'll be awesome to see it coloured and ...maybe it would have very aquatic seaweed colours with a tint of chrome-like blue even.

But it's your choice anyway, and I do so love your art <33

Can't wait to see it finished *u*
You really should become a comic book artist.
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I love your inking, the lines are always so crisp and clean.
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Coooooooooooollllllll!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it in color! :3
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fantastic and tight!
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wow. that is just amazing. instant :+fav:
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Wooo! this one is wonderful. I love all the detail with the scales very impressive. Reminds me of my early dragon art. Very inspiring.
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How are you so good? :l

I love the way the tail fades into the background. It's a really nice touch. I just love your lineart.

The interlocking scales are quite beautiful, too. No. Not quite, extremely. Well done!
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