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Hide the Werewolf
By Emryswolf   |   Watch
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Published: September 1, 2009
© 2009 - 2019 Emryswolf
Finished concept Dyre art for CanadianWolfGod.

This was an interesting commission. But I had a good time with it and it's always cool to see characters that are based off of one of your own creations. In this case, of course, the Dyre werewolves. However, this would be a slightly unusual situation in the Dyre world.

The general story line for the drawing is this:
A couple, male and female humans, were out in the back field of his father's ranch style home. He was away, and the two thought it would be a good time for a little romantic getaway...however, the full moon was out that night, and the female, unbeknown to either of them, had been cursed to become a Dyre. After a rather terrifying couple minutes of transforming, climaxed by a loud, haunting howl, the female was now a very large Dyre. The male, deeply in love with her, no matter what, doesn't run in fright, instead helping her up...she was almost on the verge of feinting, all of her energy spent. In the distance, to the male's horror, he could hear his neighbours shouting...they had heard the howling, and would no doubt be heading their way with rifles. Desperate, he hurries her (as best he could, considering her enormous size) to the ranch, reaches into his pocket for the key... and realizes he'd left it behind. Knowing there was no time, he opened the window next to the door, and slowly began to ease his love's head and arms through, the frame being a very snug fit for such a beast. Alas, after so much, the female Dyre passed out halfway through, her large lower half sticking from the window, the frame creaking against the bulky form of the she-beast.

Story is © CanadianWolfGod
Dyre Werewolves @ Jaimé Sidor

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Comments (268)
arcxont's avatar
Interesting concept
Reply  ·  
Yutofan107's avatar
Unfortunately, this is much more booty than this man will ever get.
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NinethEclipse's avatar
NinethEclipse|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's not very "unfortunate" if you ask me ;)
Reply  ·  
neverleavemealone909's avatar
I am so in love with this! Reminds me of me and my fiance xD
Reply  ·  
werelightshine's avatar
Such a cliffhanger, there must be a continuation!
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ChancellorFreakazoid's avatar
Interesting story
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SPACEHELM's avatar
What would do if you found some were-wolf or indeterminate sex hopelessly stuck with it's prosterior exposed like it is.
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werewolf6703's avatar
this is funny in a way x3
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EnderLady66's avatar
EnderLady66|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man:....oh my fffff-what did I do??? What will I??
Werewolf: ....zzzz
Man: ah it's asleep.......I gotta do something!!!
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BanWynn-Oakshadow's avatar
BanWynn-Oakshadow|Professional Writer
I am in the process of trying to accomplish this with two guys (one shifted) in a story in progress ( moon-touched the other not...who has been telling his little brother for years that he is getting too big to keep sneaking back in through the bedroom after window after his moonlit romps.) I hope you don't mind me tacking this up on the wall over my writing desk for giggles when the writing lags and the words are hard to find. I hope the writer who commissioned the piece doesn't either. Your works have so much story in them.
Reply  ·  
Fenny-Kar's avatar
I'm actually the original fella who commissioned this, and while I can't speak for Emryswolf, I can say I'm totally cool with that! I'm curious to see how this story plays out honestly! It sounds cool
Reply  ·  
98RudolphXmas's avatar
she is cute :3
Reply  ·  
Aqua-Woods's avatar
Aqua-Woods|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That werewolf's a fat ass.
Reply  ·  
LastDracon's avatar
late night woofie call huh.. well to each their own
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Deltaseason's avatar
Deltaseason|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude, this awsome illustration looks like a part of my story board!
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AacornSoup's avatar
If the law of Conservation of mass means she's this big as a wolf, just how big was she as a human?
Reply  ·  
springheel's avatar
"Hon, why couldn't you be attacked by a Werechihuahua!?"
Reply  ·  
nekosylveon123's avatar
Well there something call the door nya
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TheShadowhisperer's avatar
TheShadowhisperer|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Goddammit Moon Moon!!! :iconmoonmoonplz:
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WolfofLondon's avatar
WolfofLondon|Hobbyist General Artist
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Chriswill9408's avatar
are you fucking nuts?
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ElwinRansom's avatar
ElwinRansom|Hobbyist Writer
Curse these bodacious hips of mine!Giggle 
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TherianThot's avatar
TherianThot|Hobbyist Writer
Saw this a few years back and it made me grin with all the werewolf shows on now,.., Wish the TV companies would have you do a Saturday Morning show,..., I think it would work well!
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