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Feelin Friskay

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I imagine you would never forget your first change... such special moments... *sigh*.. Those teenage years are so interesting... I'de say puberty would deffinitly cause a shift in an un-suspecting werewolf....eeeehh.. After all, they are always so angry.... I miss highschool... =)

It was "cool" to be angsty... now, at 22 years old, its just "immature".. lol.
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I like what you've done with the hands.
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You draw the best transformation scenes. Hands. DOWN.
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XD this is awesome
and sexy!!!!
great work
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Holy crap, a werewolf on DA that's not wearing any tribal feathers and tattoos. God, this is amazing, it looks so pissed. I must see more of your sketches now :D
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You know, you've actually done a good job doing this. It reminds me of that transformation technique that was founded in Universal's action-horror movie, "Van Helsing."
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very good mid-shift scene
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This has really inspired me to make a piece of my own like this. I've always wanted to do a sketch or two with this type of pose. Incredible pencil work. ;) Your lines really give the sense of hidden power... :wow: :+fav:
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wow! its very good!
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beautiful work. It catches the essence of the first change. I would have to agree with you emrys. While the first change would hurt like a mother, it would also be very pleasurable and erotic because you would be able to truly release your inner beast.
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Ain't it the truth. Damned responsibilities... getting in the way of being cool...
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That'd be cool if you can draw a comic of a werewolf tf
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indeed. I'm in highschool now XD. i like the way the van helsing movie depicted the change peeling off the skin showing the wolf with in >3 awesome pic
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Haha, do I detect a pun in that description? =P
Love this :]
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Teehee! I don't miss highschool....Wow great action pose.
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Impressive anatomical work - clearly not a comfortable or pleasant shift. In fact, it I like the way that the ear is depicted in its "in between" state.

Shifting as erotic, yet miserably painful? Yep, sounds just like puberty to me.
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well if hollywood has taught us anything is that changing for the first time seems o hurt like a bitch, and is far more excruciating as you normally aren't expecting the amount of alterations that occure XD

on another notion would it be painful or horribly erotic? lol a very interesting thought :D

great pencil work :)
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Honestly, In my strange brain... I imagine that it would be both... painful, because of the physical alterations for the first time... but erotic and pleasurable because of the passion the werewolf has within itself that causes the change in the first place.... interesting thought!
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yes, very XD
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heheheh! Do we get a birfday cake after our first change? I mean...Us wolves, we like cake too...>.>

^^ great drawing! Love the teeth...~still struggles at drawing canid mouths~
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