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Black Dog

This is my piece for the Bump in the Night portfolio that Kyoht will be putting together for the upcoming Convention.
The Legendary Black Dog.
I'm sure plenty of you know the legends and myths behind this supposed demonic omen of death seen occasionally around the world by unlucky travelors. Similar to the Mothman, the black dog was sure to bring either ill tidings or death itself to those who crossed it's path alone at night.
Some say it is the devil's pet, doing his dirty work on earth.... Others believe it to be the angry soul of some unknown departed human, come back to wreak havoc in the shape of a old black dog. Either way, I gave it both human (front hands and teeth) and canine aspects....
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wait dog is a demon??? no wayy
TheDubstepAddict's avatar
looks sorta like the Strider CreepyPasta Watching You 
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Amazingly scary its now inspired me to try and make my own scary hell dog 😈
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Love it!!! I own a business called black dog and I'd love nothing more than to have your permission to use it as my company logo. It fits so well and its so cool. Please get back to me. Thank you! Very nice work!
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So I saw this portfolio years and years and YEARS ago (Freshman in High school, maybe) and it made an intense impression on me (I don't remember anything else in the 'folio so my guess is that this was far and away the scariest) for SOME REASON, unbidden, the memory of this SPECIFIC illustration came to mind about 3 days ago. Then this morning by sheer coincidence it appeared, uncredited, in a blog post someone had linked to on FB and I just spent half an hour trying to find it.

All of that to say *thumbs up* still scary as hell, and apparently it's haunted my mind for YEARS now. 
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very good art :) this is a nice piece
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no really knose what the black dogs look like, there are many story about them but all of the stories are the same and the black dog is know by alot of names these are some of them,
  • The Gurt Dog ("Great Dog") of Somerset is an example of a benevolent dog, Barguest  is one of them  but there are more, Oude Rode Ogen ("Old Red Eyes") or "The Beast of Flanders" ,"Dog of Darkness", Black Shuck or Shug,  Barguest  you see all are the names the one dog the black dog
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whoa i love it! Kinda looks like my dog Smikey in the winter ^_^
CrimsonThunder90's avatar, eat a snickers. You're not you when you're hungry.
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It's sucking out my souuuulll...
sinister and grotesque and love every hair on it! i love that the front paws are that of a human and the back are that of a dog. Eerie.
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a while ago, my sisters, cousin and i were on the way home from the movies, it was like midnight, we were driving on a road with no houses for quite a long ways and all of a sudden my sister says to my cousin,(who was driving) to slow down because she had a funny feeling... then all of a sudden, there was a freaking black dog standing right in the middle of the road just staring at us!! we almost hit it!my cousin swerved around it and missed it, i then turned around to see it in the same exact position, with its head turned to watch us leave! and we're all animal freaks, when there is a dog in the road we usually stop and see who it belongs to, but we were so creeped out by this dog!! so then after that we see some kid walking like a zombie down a secluded road.. it was a really scary night... absolutely no joke!!
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You sure it wasn't Halloween?
sioSIN's avatar
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That would scare anyone I think... but I like it :D
Its a hell hound they are only seen by damned souls and demons
hopesamoa's avatar
Isn't like the Grim from Harry Potter?
XCrazyHorseX's avatar
i remember hearing this legend at camp o.o;
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Damn dude I just got chills... Awesome job!!! The eyes are super scary... :XD:
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I love this. 'Black Dog' sometime refers to depression, as a sufferer this image certainly reflects what I feel stalks me sometimes.
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