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Cages open... part two
The Black Wing, a small dark club, reeking of second hand smoke, alcohol, and God knows what else. People of all social groups littered the old black painted concrete floor. A group of what looked to be prostitutes was in one corner, offering their services to anyone who talked to them. In another section, there was a group wearing nothing but dark red and black, looking as somber as if they were discussing the death of a loved one. A group of males and females wearing multiple colored clothing, their roles seeming reversed as the males acted feministic and the females acted masculine. A multitude of other small groups rested at tables, talking about whatever issues they were concerned with. It was the type of location that most parents would refuse their children to even get within a five block radius.
Nathaniel loved it there.
The young calico rested his face on the table of a booth in the corner opposing the "Goth" group, sobbing quietly. His life had been destroyed, and all by the
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Open cages...
Nathaniel sighed heavily as he sat curled up on the bed. He felt the warmth of his lover, Lee, at his back as the large coyote held his smaller charge. As the young calico cat whimpered timidly, the harsh nature of the situation he had fallen into dawned upon him. His parents had found out about Lee, and what they had been doing for the last couple of months. His heart thudded loudly in his chest, the dull rhythm his own metronome, counting down the seconds before the shouting downstairs would finish, and his father would stomp in.
His world jolted back to reality as he felt the warmth move from his small, trim figure, and Lee stood up. The older creature, a twenty five year old male coyote dressed in a slightly tight green t-shirt and baggy gym shorts that barely hung past the knees of his digitigrade legs. As the fading sunlight shone on his muscular body, making his tan and black fur glisten in the delicate ambience of serenity by the natural beauty pouring through the blinds, Natha
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*cough* Anyway... this is just a post to 1) explain a couple things about myself, and 2) why I never post anything nowadays.

First off, I generally add people as my friends because I see everyone as a good person (cept those that I added because they're psychos and they fascinate me *points to Styx*) and unless they say they want me to go away or they don't like me, I don't see a reason not to view them as a friend. I never really ask anything from any of them besides tips, all I really want is them tolerating my existence. Everyone I've met on DA is great and their art is amazing, and I just watch every pic come in with a grin on my face. Thank you, everyone who's added me back as a friend! And to those who respond to my deviations/comments/whatever, thanks a ton! I love you all!!!! :heart:

And second, the reason why I don't update often. Well, basically, that comes into three problems. First, lack of material. I'm a very lazy person and when I get frustrated with pics I generally am a quitter. I know I should just press through, but I can't. Sorry, but hey, at least you guys don't hafta suffer my shitty art!
Second, no scanner. I had one once, but lucky me, I'm the guy who got the scanner with a factory flaw. After about a month, it said to flick a switch that the company normally has installed on it so that it would work, but mine had no such switch, just the message and it wouldn't work. Blargh. And me and my family is frickin poor, so I can't just go buy a new 50 dollar one. Saving money up for it as I type.
And finally, no other resources. I don't have a tablet, so can't do that. Don't have a scanner, as said. No skill WHATSOEVER with a mouse, not at all. And the one thing I can doodle with, pencil, involves a scanner. And the only scanner I was able to use (the school scanner) I've lost my privledges to. Basically last year, I was in a computer programming class, and it had privledges to scan pictures and I abused those for my crappy art. Well, summer came, all the computer stuff was reset, no privledges for that yet.
So until I either get a new scanner or learn to computer draw, no art from me. That sucks too. I've been making a list of people I wanted to doodle piccies for/of because they're so kind and respectful to me, even if I don't deserve their attention. :cry: I'm so sorry!!!!

Oh yeah, and might as well make a brief summary of the summer. School got out around May, went to California and hung out with my bestest buddy in the whole wide world Goth Vee, bugged the hell out of him while I was there (even though he'd deny it) went home and sat around till school started. School started, and now my current classes and my opinions of them are listed below (yes, I know nobody cares, but this is my first post in about 4 months, gotta do something)

Foods/Fashion: Interesting class, and a nice teacher. Couple okay guys and girls in there too (as in nice, ya pervs :3 )
English: Okay, so far. The teacher, who is also my school principle, is an interesting fellow, and terrified to death of mice. I know a couple DA artists I really aughta introduce him to... *devilish grin*
Government and Law: The subject itself is boring as hell, but the teacher makes it all worthwhile. The teacher has very few people call him by his last name, as most kids do, but everyone knows him as Russ. Great guy, fun to talk to, always ready to laugh with everyone but knows when the joke's just gotten too stupid.  He's also tolerant of all types of people, and I bet he suspects that I'm odd (I'm a bisexual transgender) but we get along great. Though the class is a bit homocidal and half of them have made death threats on my life.
AutoCAD: In a word, dull. The teacher is the quiet, always smiling type that seems to be thinking "humor the retarded kids, their questions are all due to ignorance" because if you ask him a simple question he gives a long speech only vaguely connected to the question as an answer. Eh.
House Construction: HOT HEAVY MANUAL LABOR. ARRRRRGH!!! Got transferred into that class a couple days ago (my previous class, Broadcasting, had a teacher who seems to take every oppurtunity to send me to the school counsaler. I hand him a DVD he's about to reach for anyway, trying to be helpful, and he sends me to the counselar to find a different class. Construction was my only choice) and my only experience has been with shoveling dirt around a house. In sandals. Growf.
Lunch!: Not a subject, but the best time of the day. Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy!
Teacher's Aid: Ah yes, a job I'm suited for. Organizing books in the elementary school library. I love little kids (most of the time) and I love books, the librarian is the same one who was there when I was a kid (over ten years ago... :eyepopping: ) and I get to look at books with info of different animals! Squeal!
And finally, Drama and Debate: Ironically my fave class. Half because it's taught by the same teacher as my Government and Law class (see above) and half because I just like to act a bit. I'm more of a story writer than a drawer (just too shy to post most of my writings) so I can invision dialouge and actions enjoyably. And while I'm generally very subserviant, and break under pressure like sticks of cotton candy, I can debate about joining a debate team for an hour when I want to. The only problem is that my class is full of perverts. How many times to I need to see men pantomiming humping an animal? (Welcome to my town, full of homophobic redneck goat molesters. There's even a guy who was spotted mounting a sheep in his feilds and when someone teases him about it, he says *in southern accent* "Don't knock it till ya try it!" .......... I need to get out of here)

That pretty much sums it up. Sorry if everyone fell asleep half way through (or even at the beginning) of this. But thanks for glancing at it if ya did! I'll do another post in a few months!


Emrys Amatsu
United States
Current Residence: Hellhole in Utah
Favourite genre of music: Anything but country
Favourite style of art: Manga and anime style, definately.
Operating System: Windows XP home edition
MP3 player of choice: Uh... windows media player?
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever is dark colored and is cool
Personal Quote: "Never turn down the oppurtunity to preform an act of kindness. It may be rewarded one day.&amp


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