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Sailor Yarashiel Pinup



Better late then never! (More on this story below. XD) Here is my round 2 entry for OtakuSenshiIdols of Sailor Yarashiel from SailorMyth.

:bulletblue: Likes: Yarashiel is a person who has a lot of things she likes in life -- perhaps too many things! Motorcycles, action movies, monster truck rallies, New York hot dog stands, the impressive variety in smells wafting up from the New York subway, the smell of WD-40 (weird and disgusting smells in general; she's a very olfactory person), three-day-old food that still tastes decent, heavy metal, rock, and rap music, leather clothing, metal spikes, switchblades, knives, and weirdly enough, polka dancing! Food is a major interest of hers (the eating of it, not so much the cooking), and if she's not playing video games or walking around the city, she's probably scouring cheap pawn shops, because who doesn't like a good deal on someone else's stuff?

:bulletyellow: Dislikes: Just as she has many likes, Yarashiel also has many dislikes. For starters, she hates enemy senshi! (Sailor Myth is a senshi versus senshi RPG.) Especially because she despises losing, and so far, Yarashiel hasn't won a single battle. She also dislikes being told what to do, any sort of work she's supposed to do at home in her own free time, rich people, poodles ("what a waste of a dog"), and people with allergies. Allergies are, from her perspective, weakness, and Jack dislikes anything she sees as weakness.

:bulletwhite: Excels at: Jack likes to think she excels at a lot of things, and in some ways, that's true! Unfortunately, none of the things she excels at are particularly useful. She's great at using swear words, finding the tiniest smudge of chocolate left in the candy wrapper, and getting really, really enthusiastic about a new hobby. (She also tends to drop said new hobby after about three weeks, but initially she's full of interest!) Largely because she's such a rebel herself, she's also very good at accepting people who are weird, different, or outcast. She's particularly supportive of immigrants, legal or otherwise, and doesn't judge people for deviant behavior, no matter how bizarre or inappropriate. Everyone, after all, has their "thing."

:bulletblue: Has trouble with: Jack isn't particularly adept at life. She has trouble with authority figures, any sort of work that might infringe upon time she could otherwise spend playing video games (like cleaning her apartment, for example), abiding by posted rules and regulations, and following through with long-term tasks. She doesn't stay on task very easily and is quickly distracted by anything new, shiny, or just different. She isn't very good with technology and has accidentally messed up a dozen computers and about a hundred cell phones (many of them belonging to other people). If it has some sort of processor or cirsuit board in it, Jack can make it go haywire. Her problems in life mostly stem from her rather alarming lack of patience. It's not that she's super-excitable, she just hates waiting, and will take her anger out physically on any objects around her.

:bulletyellow: Favourite animal: If you had asked her a year ago what her favorite animal is, Yarashiel would definitely have answered bulldog. She loves how ugly and vicious they look, and how sweet and slobbery they are! Nowadays, though, she would tell you her favorite animal is a sugar glider. A choice influenced, of course, by her guardian Hezron! Bulldogs are cool and everything, but Jack is enamored with her little perverted, conceited housemate. She thinks he's hysterical! He's pretty inept about technology and he's always on the prowl for boobs or porn videos. Not that there are traits typical of sugar gliders as a species, but Jack just has such a special place for Hezron in her heart that he is hands-down her favorite animal. Of course, if you asked her to pick a pet from a pet store or a shelter, she would walk out with a bulldog. Preferably the ugliest, meanest-looking, most drool-covered animal available.


Ridiculously Long Artist Comments

The entire reason I wanted to do OSI was for this pinup round! So, in a display of 100% pure unadulterated crazy, I put everything into this piece. I know this is especially crazy because we're judged on improvement from one round to the next, and frankly, I do not think I will be able to top this image. I seriously spent about 80-100 hours on it.

I had the idea for this image before the qualification round started. I wanted to create an image with a pose that showcased Yarashiel's flexibility, something that had her back curved, pulling off one of her stockings. I don't feel I quite managed my intent in this regard, but out of the six different pose sketches I did, this one seemed to work the best. I didn't want to use a classic contortionist pose because I wanted a pose that I 100% came up with myself. I also really wanted to do this boob smoosh into the arm because I wanted to showcase boobs as being all soft and stuff. The boob smoosh also didn't end up working 100%, but eh! I tried!

I really love classic pinups and to that end, I wanted to create something as true to classic pinup as possible. The pinups I used for inspiration/reference were as follows:
- And to a small extent, www.flickr.com/photos/47888952…

The other major thing for this image was using it as a chance to showcase some of the design elements of Yarashiel that people don't always pick up on. For example, her sailor collar is part of her bodysuit (not a flappy collar!), and her hair is made of downy feathers. The helmet looks like it might be a bit small, but actually that's just because the feathers are really poofy -- the helmet itself was sketched on her head, so it is totally the correct size for her head. :D And by the way, there are 89 feathers on her head! It also shows the relation between her stockings and the bodysuit.

I did make a few changes. Most noticeably, I gave Yarashiel bigger boobs. Hezron would love that. XD;;; I also took off her front bow to further showcase those boobs. Because boobs.

Process-wise, I ran into some problems. Firstly, I share the art computer with two other people, so I was only able to work on it when they weren't doing art or playing Mass Effect. XD; Secondly, the due date for the round was the same day as my birthday party! So the last week and a half, when I would have been working to finish, I instead had to split my time between working on the art, cleaning the entire apartment so it would be suitable for guests, and buying supplies and party planning. I spent seven hours cleaning bathroom fixtures, and four and a half hours cleaning a stove, and all I really wanted to do was finish the damn artwork. (The party was a great success!)

I spent about forty hours on the linework all told. So much effort trying to make sure the lines were right! It was especially hard trying to figure out the corset at this angle with the way her torso is twisted. (By the way, this pose, while not comfortable, is 100% humanly possible. I did the pose and had my roommate take a photo of it because I needed reference for the stocking-pull aspect and the only way I could think to get it was to assume the position myself. XD; ) After the linework was finished, it was almost time for the deadline. My roommate said to me, "You're done with the lines! Now you can slap on some quick color and turn it in!" And I said, "NO." (100% true, this was our actual conversation.)

I could have done some quick colors to get it on time, but I knew by this point I wasn't going to get it finished because it was late Friday that I finished the lines, and my entire Saturday was going to be birthday party. And anyways, I didn't want to compromise my artistic vision! I wanted to create the image I set out to make back in December when I decided to participate! No shortcuts, no hurrying!

Of course, I immediately got a call for a job that needed to be done, and three days I could have spent working on the image I instead spent making money. XD; Then I had to go house sitting, so I put the file on my laptop, but I forgot my tablet at home! Thus, the 89 feathers on her head? 100% MOUSE-DRAWN. (They weren't even sketched or anything, I drew it from scratch with a mouse.) Of course, in actuality, it's the same feather copied and pasted 89 times, but each feather was then individually tweaked with a bit of painting over (with a mouse) and rotated and flipped and stuff. So I spent six or seven hours doing that. XD;;

All in all, 80-100 hours. And worth every single minute. I know it's late, but as far as I'm concerned, I accomplished what I wanted to do from day one. Survive through to the pinup round, and produce this image. That's all I wanted to do, folks. A classic-inspired pinup. <3


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oh my X//D i feel like putting on another shirt, it's like she wants to eat me up haha