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Dim Carcossa

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"I saw the lake of Hali, thin and blank, without a ripple or wind to stir it, and I saw the towers of Carcosa behind the moon. Aldebaran, the Hyades, Alar, Hastur, glided through the cloud-rifts which fluttered and flapped as they passed like the scalloped tatters of the King in Yellow." ― Robert W. Chambers
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istanbul gibi

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Thanks! I did want a little bit of that feel to come through. Like a place from that general region or culture viewed dimly in a dream or vision, but much more "dead" and foreboding. Glad you like it!

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çok beğendim,açıklama için teşekkür ederim, saygılar gönderiyorum

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kind remeber me background city in mario 64, wet dry world

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Cool. Like the Dark Feel to this one.

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Thank you! It was really tricky to try to evoke the feel of the original description. Glad you like it!

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You did a Fab Job. Ace what you can do with Photoshop once you Master It.

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Yes! Something that would be in my head to. Famous Smileys: Thumbsup (emotee)

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Wow, I can't say anymore ...

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Thank you! The sentiment is much appreciated! :)

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Atmospheric. . .Like another world. . .another Time!!!

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Thanks! It was an interesting exercise to try to do something that even approximates what the original vague yet evocative descriptions brought to mind in a visual way.

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