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[BNHA OC ] Sanjana Devi
Sanjana is a long time friend s of Sybil’s they met in college in New York City Sybil was a bridesmaid to Sanjana’s Jewish Indian weeding. 
NAME| Margot Nancy Quinn
HEIGHT5’4” (162 cm)
ORIENTATION| Heterosexual
RESIDENCECrouton Falls, California 
OCCUPATIONStudent, Sidekick
LOVE INTEREST| Jeremy Warwick 


Margo is an odd-looking teenage girl with a pet lizard. Her hair is a bright orange, and it’s often disheveled, but she tries to keep it in a double braid, though strands of her hair remain wispy and free. Tanned skin, and skinny, Margo also has dimples when smiling. Margo's face is very friendly as it’s made up of mostly round shape along with her personality she is often seen as childish. She has, thick eyebrows and an upturned nose. Despite having a slight tan, she has a tendency towards being flushed, mostly in the cheeks, and generally exposed areas.

Margo dresses in pastel colors. She loves sea green, lavender, pink, and pastel blues. She is romantic and her clothes show it. They like to wear soft, delicate, feminine styles.She love whimsical clothing and flirty pieces. flowers, hearts, and stars and lots of color.She often wears sea-green or pastel colored dresses. Margo love wearing open-toed heels with pants, shorts, and dresses. She loves wearing free-flowing blouses and tunics that are less revealing, but still have lots of sex appeal. For an everyday look, she will probably wear dangling earrings, with just a touch of color or a lot of blue. She loves bangles and bracelets. She loves light and vibrant colors like orange, sea green, and blue. So, it’s common for her to seek out colorful jewelry like orange bangles, blue earrings, blue bracelets.

After High-school ,she also went pink for a short while,and then cuts her hair to a pixie cut, she lets her hair to grow out into a bob hairstyle that she often wears it free flowing. Margo normally wears natural colors and sometimes displays dark shades. On occasion she will wear pinks and sometimes wear a more dramatic look to her eyes than before. Later on, she wears a far more natural look with considerably more blush and rarely a nice plum color.

  • When her hair isn't free and messy Margot wears her hair in a french pull through braid.
  • Margot's face is round and very child-like and her ears slightly stick out at the sides.


Margot is a very extremely quirky girl who is a very kind, sweet and compassionate Individual with a serene disposition about herself. She is a complete non-conformist and she is known to be a good judge of character, but she lacks self-awareness and is not afraid to show who she truly is. Margot is good-natured, friendly, and optimistic. She sees the positive side of any issue, and while not naive, she retains a degree of childhood innocence.Margot despite being a homebody and with little to no friends is a likable , and diplomatic person the latter skill she learned early in life when she had to compromise over the date of her birthday. She chose to only celebrate, her leap- year birthdays. She's not the most organized kid and she can be a bit of a scatter brain, but she's a very ambitious and self-assured individual who is great at bringing people together. Her straightforwardness and eccentrics can put off a few people, but she never seems to notice.

  • Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical
  • Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, desire to escape reality


Margot the second daughter of Everett and Antonia Quinn, and she would grow up alongside her older sister Isla, and the family of four is brought up in an unadventurous village in Crouton Falls. Her parents where often bemused by the oddities that Margot displayed, as she perpetually defied expectations. By the time Margot attended East-side academy, she excelled. As Margot and Isla grew up, Margot became distant from her older sister and friends despite being a homebody with few friends, Margo decided it was her time to adventure out and find people who like her for her and not because they were obligated to do it because of her Sister.

Now, Margot is a second-year high schooler at East-side Academy, which she calls a "sorry excuse of a school.” Due to her leap year birthday, she arrived late within the year, and because of her displayed oddities she does not have many friends at school. Her only friend is Rayleigh Austin. Margot met Rayleigh, and she took an immediate liking to her new roommate Rayleigh, though Rayleigh thought Margo was weird and was not particularly interested in knowing her, but they managed to forge a friendship.

As the months went by Rayleigh took on a mentor-ship role that helped stabilize Margo’s flightiness, while Margo in return helped loosen up Rayleigh in regards of her social life and allowed her to relax amongst her peers. Rayleigh and Margo first meet Marcus Dawson as they waited outside the local convenience store when they were waiting for the rain to stop before school. The three of them, used the convenience store as a meeting place ever since. Just before the spring ended Margot begin to develop feelings for the principal's kid Jeremy Warwick . Despite Rayleigh's warning of not to pursue it, she did it on impulse. However, soon after their first meeting they were confronted with strange events that brought the group of friends closer together than ever before.

Skills & Abilities

Mirror Neurons

Margot has the ability of adoptive muscle memory which allows her to perfectly replicate, without practice, any physical motion that she has witnessed; either in person or by watching it on television. When watching a move performed, she goes into a short trance-like state as she memorizes the movement.Margot's hyper-empathy also gives them a reliable ability to read a person's body language and anticipate their thoughts, though this is not telepathy and therefore not always accurate.

Master Martial Artist:

She learned various different techniques and methods from studying different martial artists in action/martial arts movies such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li.


Margo is able to read, write, and speak foreign languages after seeing them written or spoken one time. As a result, she is fluent in multiple languages.

Concert Level Pianist:

Due to viewing many talented pianists perform, she is an extraordinary pianist.


  • Cannot mimic superpowers; limited to what the body could already achieve.
  • Mimicking might not be instantaneous.
  • Must be able to sense (usually see) what they want to mimic.
  • Margot still has all of the natural limitations and vulnerabilities of an ordinary human. While she can perform great physical and intellectual feats, she is incapable of duplicating an ability or skill that requires superhuman effort or capacity.

Power 2/5 D
Speed3/5 C
Technique3/5 C
Intelligence 4/5 B
Cooperativeness 5/5 A


  • Favorite subjects: Mathematics, and Theater/Drama
  • Favorite Foods: Cheesy potatoes, crepes and Honey
  • Hobbies: Writing Fan-fiction, reading fantasy novels, and Collecting vintage clothing/ jewelry
  • Guilty Pleasures: Singing along to musicals into the mirror, and She likes to dance in the privacy of her home in nothing but her underwear
  • Favorite Movie/Book Genre: romantic comedies/ Fantasy


  • Reading: She reads often, on her way home, before sleeping. She enjoys everything that is fantasy, adventure and even a little romance gets her heart a flutter. Her interest in reading came from her grandfather before his death he would often read to her and tell her stories of his time in Vietnam and he met her grandmother a war time nurse. He would share their letters that they would send to one another, and old pictures.
  • Scenic views: On summer nights just before the sunsets, Margo and her friends would go out to the reservoir, and look out over to the city, they weren’t allowed to visit neon valley, but Margot would make it her duty to see it every night.
  • Background music, poetry: Margo Loves Poetry and When she’s not writing her fan-fiction, she is often writing or reading Poetry. When she is doing her homework or studying she loves having music on in the background to set the mood.


  • Being told to get a grip - Margot doesn’t like being emotionally repressed, she does not handle not being able to express herself well.
  • Being Over Sensitive – Margot is strongly emotional, and very vulnerable to criticism – she can feel like she been backed into a corner, sometimes reacts badly to it.
  • Conflict – Margot sometimes ignore and avoid conflict entirely. She tend to say and do what’s needed to get out of such situations, then move on to something more fun.
  • Being Easily Stressed – Margot lives in the present, and full of emotion. When situations get out of control she can shut down, losing her characteristic charm and creativity in favor of gnashing teeth.

[BNHA] Margot Quinn
I made a separate document for Margot so you all can read it. I will update this regularly  as i develope her more. 
[BNHA OC ] Teacher looks
Because Sybil is a former pro hero she doesn’t wear her costumes often so some cute and comfortable business casual looks are due since she’s in California I wanted to give her something light to wear . I see her wearing cardigans and blazers a lot. She’s likes berries and blues and pops of green.
[BnHa] Sybil Vargas
I went ahead and updated Sybil’s costume again and her overall l appearance  my editing is still crap bear with me.

Personal Description
Birthday : Wednesday,June 1st
Age :  
35-36(first appearance) 49(main)
21(The Americans)
Gender: Female
Height : 5'11"(180 Cm)
Hair Color: Deep brown
Eye Color : black 
Blood Type : A
Quirk: Charm
Status : Alive
Birth-Place: Brooklyn, New York
Marisol Vargas(Mother)
Evan Thompson (Father)
Drusilla Vargas (Sister)
Cora Vargas (Daughter)
Occupation : Social Worker
Affiliation : East-side  Academy


A few years ago, she was slender, even a bit scrawny. Now, Sybil is generally tall and thin she may be a bit on the thick side. when she eats a proper diet and get the right amount of exercise and physical activity. Sybil is physically fit and active. Her figure will often be relatively thin and muscular in nature. Her arms and legs are where she has the most defined muscle as she is only a little toned from the light athletics she does, and she's softer around her stomach.She has a distinctive burn scar on her upper on shoulder she received during an incident on her school's campus by a villain named Gamma.

For her entire childhood and going into her twenties, Sybil sports dark brown hair of a moderate length, Her mother always straightened and Styled it. She lets her hair grow and gets a slightly lighter shade. Sybil continues to grow her hair and gets light brown highlights during her first pregnancy. The highlights wear off and she wears her hair naturally again . Sybil continues to grow her hair out and wears loose curls on occasion. Sybil lets her hair grow long and cuts it occasionally. Her smile is subtle, and she tend to have dimples on her cheeks. She has dreamy,Green. Heavy lidded with thick eyelashes. Large eyebrows. Typically lined with thick eyeliner. When it comes to makeup, Sybil normally wears natural colors and sometimes displays dark shades. On occasion she will wear pinks and sometimes wear a more dramatic look to her eyes than before. Later on, she wears a far more natural look with considerably more blush and rarely a nice plum color.

Her fashion sense changes considerably from her early to late twenties. In her early twenties, her style had a "party girl" look, wearing slightly provocative clothing. She often wore shades of pink, green and red. During her mid twenties her dress style became somewhat more grownup, wearing jeans more often, and wearing slightly less revealing tops. She often wore shades of yellow, blue, and pink. During her mid twenties, Sybil starts to wear more pant suits and clothes with lace and looks more professional then in her early twenties. Also, she favors dark colors when wearing professional clothing.She has a preference for gold jewelry.


Upon meeting Sybil, she is devoted, warm-hearted, lovable and sweet- tempered. Sybil is a very charming woman, and She is very friendly and sociable. As a child, She can be impulsive in her friendships and knows how to take advantage of situations that arise. She also has a strong sense of responsibility while she is not a workaholic, she often finds it difficult to stay focused on other situations when she doesn’t have a task at hand.

She is often modest, and will brush off compliments quickly and, sometimes critically. She refuses to accept any guidance and can be impulsive and sometimes foolish, which can cause problems. She has the potential to be somewhat vindictive when scorned. She likes to solve riddles and puzzles, to study plants and animals. She is fond of geography, history, astronomy and she understands physics, mathematics and chemistry well. She can sing and dance well and often took part in school plays.

She spends a lot of time on practical matters and keeping things in order, she can sometimes nitpick and  become nervous, but secretly thinks that she handles matters better than others. She could care less about what other people have to say about her, and she won’t let their opinions change her character. She will be herself no matter who has a problem with it.

As a Teenager, Sybil is a rebel while she will listen to the instructions of her parents and even agree with them, but she will necessarily do it her own way. She has her own opinion; it is the decisive one. It will take a lot of effort to dissuade her from a rash act. She is typically the first to cry when a sad song is being played or to feel heartbreaking empathy with anyone who needs help, even with her training she does have lapses, and this vulnerability can often surprise those around her as they often expect someone with such a cool and incisive wit to be emotionally stronger.


  • Favorite subjects:
  • Favorite Foods: 
  • Hobbies:
  • Guilty Pleasures: 
  • Favorite Movie/Book Genre: 




Sybil grew up in a working class neighborhood. She was raised by her mother. Her parents separated when she was small, but remained friends and provided a happy, stable home. One day, on holiday, Sybil suddenly became very popular because her power had emerged. Her mother, realizing this (and immune to her pheromones), tried to talk her down gently - but Sybil , who hadn't realized why she'd suddenly become popular, became scared of what she could do and ended up even more withdrawn than before. Sybil was accepted into Mendel Academy an exclusive secondary private school. Most students who attend are quirk users. Sybil Becomes friends with Julia Martin. They get along most of the time, and She also hangs around with Craig Rose and Yasmin Davis.

Sybil was quiet and shy and often hid behind her thick hair, which she often had straighten because her Hispanic mother didn’t like to deal with her whining when it had to comb. Tall and lanky she stood out amongst the girls but got as, much attention. She often wore long sleeves and baggy clothing to keep her pheromones from attracting boys but she still got noticed, which made her even more bothered. She was placed in Karina Parker's home room a pro Hero named Knockout , who had a telepathy quirk. After learning techniques of her powers, Sybil used and used them to excel in all aspects of her life. 

While 16 years old, Sybil lost the reins on her emotions due to a break down and a violent riot broke out throughout the school’s campus forcing other students to use their quirks recklessly killing one student in the process. A first year girl named Reina Woods, the younger sister of Sybil’s Boyfriend Quentin, because of his radioactive Quirk he was removed off campus because of his threats. Sybil hid in a broom closet in her Homeroom class trying to calm herself , when her teacher found her she was in a disheveled state. Knock out evacuated her and other students from the area, and the chaos soon died down realizing what happened Karina , decided to train Sybil for the next 6 months, in a grueling emotional driven training regiment. Sybil never spoke to Quentin again. Quentin transferred, an students made an Memorial for Reina soon after. But Sybil always felt that she was being watched and never visited the memorial once.


Empathy:Sybil has the ability to feel and understand other people's feelings, emotions, and desires.She can feel exactly what another person is feeling, without direct contact with them. She was able to alter the emotional states of others to match her own personal emotions by tapping into her own emotional state of being and releasing it outwards to affect others either automatically or by focusing on them. The former usually occurs when she encounters strong emotions.She can also understand and interpret the reason or truth behind certain emotions, often instantly, thereby gaining some insight into what others are thinking, physical sensations (touch, pain, medical effects, sexual arousal etc)or their desires. However, this is not always the case. Occasionally,she may find it difficult or even impossible to determine the cause of certain emotions without being told or directly seeing what prompted it.


  • Psychic Reflection:Reflects emotions and/or memories back on the victim to the point of death or incapacitate.


Drawbacks: The more pain transferred, the more energy will be used, and the more tired and drained the user will be

Strengths: Useful for both long-range and close-range combat. Can be used to bring enemies down quickly- but at the cost of the user’s health. Not advised for endurance battles (can be used, but at the cost of user’s energy and health).
Tagged by @YagiMatsu
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creator’s names.

1. During her time at Eureka High, Sybil, Constance and David Shield where known as the golden trio of Support, the three where highly regarded and studious students despite the limitations of their quirks . Though Sybil often fought the title and disliked being praised for her study habits calling it redundant, and basic human responsibilities. She thought with her quirk's manipulation abilities she should've being enrolled into the Hero course despite not being a physical fighter she didn't see her quirk as useless as David's bendy fingers or Constance flash light hands. 

2. Sybil is moody. Sometimes she's upbeat and laughing , but other times she's not very friendly and be annoyed quite quickly. 

3.Sybil is known to being extremely intelligent and hard-working, coming out on top in most of her classes.Throughout her entire school career, Sybil was insistent on order and steadfastly devoted to the rules, at the expense of her popularity. Her sense of humor was limited, Because of her opinionated  interfering nature, Sybil had the reputation for being a bossy know-it-all. Her sometimes abrasive attitude masked deep insecurities and fear of failure. 

4. After the trio's graduation, Toshi remained in the states where he worked with David about designing his costumes, Toshi loved all of Davids ideas , David was thrilled that he would be able to see his designs on someone who can actually fill them out. David often pestered Sybil about working with them as she was the only person he knew with relatively good Japanese and he would be able to help Toshi a lot more with her help. It only took two weeks of his pestering for to agree, As she taught Toshi English she began to grow feelings for him as awkward as they where once she found out that her quirk didn't affect him. 

5. Sybil has a Younger sister named Hazel who like most of their family has a mental quirk, at being only 15 Hazel is in the Hero course which made Sybil jealous. Hazel is a big fan of All might and unknown to her Sybil is with him nearly everyday which Sybil sees as an advantage to once again one up her sister. David sees the situation as petty, much to Sybil's haughtiness.  

6. Toshi and Sybil has a long distance relationship, they often communicated through emails letters, and phone calls, Sybil loved hearing Toshi's voice the most and they could talk for hours Sybil would often fall asleep and only wake up in the Morning hearing Toshi on the other end. 

7. Sybil was often annoyed at David , as his rapid speech made it hard to understand him at all and it often gave her a headache. 

8. Yagi's daughter river is definitely her father's daughter she's spunky and care free, often jumping from trees to active her quirk despite Sybil's warnings of not too, Mari will not have a quirk much to her dislike and disappointment , but she would continue to struggle with that fact and push herself to limits.
I tag 
1. Miss-Mary-Grace | Chihiro Shuuzenji
2. Starizai | Yumi yagi and Vidal 
3. NoVaNoah| Mira Kawasaki Avdol 


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