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Starlight's Town

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I was thinking what if the map could summon anypony anywhere. Who would I like to see and where should they go?
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A shame we never got to see Twi and Star go on a Map Mission (and probably never will, what with the school as the show's current gimmick), because your picture here PERFECTLY summarizes what it could have been like.  We did get episodes like Shadow Play, but having Starlight (the first threat the Map ever pointed out) actually go on a Map Mission would have been a fitting way to close the book on this plot device.

In any event, very nice drawing!  Your expressions are perfect.
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Yeah there was a window of time between Starlight's reformation and the season six finale where this could've happened. But now her attitude actually compliments Twilight's quirks. I could still see the current iterations of them go on a map mission, but the dynamic would be totally different. It might be more like what we saw in Rainbow Rocks or the Hooffields and McColts. Twi having to learn again that a structured approach to solving a problem isn't always ideal.
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The very next day after I said "Too bad they don't do Map Missions anymore," they up and do a Map Mission!  Guess you should never count a good person/idea out!

Yeah, the ship for this particular dynamic seems to have sailed, but there's still plenty of room for a Twi-Starlight Map Mission of some sort, now that we know the show hasn't completely ditched them.  You're probably right that the focus will be more on Twilight learning something rather than Starlight being intimidated, but Twilight can easily carry a story on her quirks and misconceptions, and key episodes have shown us that Starlight is the best person to pull the princess out of her own head when she needs it.

Part of me feels like a Starlight-Trixie Map Mission is more likely to happen (To Change a Changeling could have been a Map Mission if they just mentioned the Map at any point and didn't head over of their own volition), but I won't consider this series complete until Twi-Starlight get their own Map Mission.
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Now that you mention it, it would be funny if it turns out the map can just tell any pony to go anywhere. I'm just imagining an episode where it calls someone who doesn't want to go. They mane cast spend most of the time trying to convince them. Then when they finally do, they fix the friendship problem in just a couple minutes.
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Heheheheheheheh!  Just any random person in Equestria can get called in at a moment's notice!  Twilight will need to put Spike in charge of her castle so that he can keep track of who goes in to look at her map while she's away at her school.

That's actually a good idea you have there!  The real bulk/lesson about the episode would be in convincing the unwilling hero and solving the "Map Problem" would just be the epilogue we've seen glossed over in narration in the past.

I also like the idea of the Map summoning a Cutie Mark nobody has ever seen and Twilight has to find someone in Ponyville she's never met before and try to explain how the magic map in her crystal treehouse is telling her to tell him/her that they have to up and go to some country they've never been to before and solve a problem she has absolutely no intel on.  That scenario can only end well.
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FlainfanHobbyist Artisan Crafter
This needs to happen.
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tophxomiHobbyist General Artist
You predicted the future!
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Why would she be nervous about going back? They already forgave her and all she had to do was show up and flash’em the ole puppy eye’s.

The best way for starlight to face the consequences of her actions would be if she came across a pony she brainwashed who still believed her "equality" ideology and was trying to continue her work.
It would be even more awesome if that pony tried to bring her back into the fold by appealing to her first with words and when that doesn’t work, by using her own brainwashing techiques against her.

Cue either a rescue mission by the mane 6 or better yet, starlight having to talk this pony down using everything she’s learned about friendship and herself thanks to Twilight and ending with her apologising for being this ponies leader when all he/she needed was a friend.
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That's a pretty good premise for an episode.

I figured she'd be nervous about going back because she always seems a bit sensitive about stuff she's done in the past. She tries to talk around the subject and doesn't address directly unless she really has to - like when she was talking to Sunburst. She does this with Trixie too. I'd say she was even sheepish about the whole thing. I think putting Starlight in a situation where she has to talk bluntly about what she's done would be really uncomfortable for her - and directly to the ponies who felt betrayed by her no less.

I guess it'd be similar to what Luna went through.
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RuukotoPresentsHobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, this needs to happen. She needs to redeem herself~
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northern-hasteHobbyist Digital Artist
I imagined there would be some drama if this actually happens in the show
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