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Pony Doh

I never made anything all that cool with Play-Doh as a kid.
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I Do Play-Doh When I Was 6 Years Old
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MMM! Play doh!
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I remember playing with these! Some were scented too.
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It smells really strong. Nasty.
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Sweetie Belle: Hmm. How I'm supposed to make wings with that?
Apple Bloom: Look! Ah'm uh unicorn!
Scootaloo: Uh, Bloom? How am I supposed to make myself a earth pony with that? Any idea?

Love those three. BEautiful work
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They told us not to eat any... Party Favor (Equal) I DIDN'T LISTEN 
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Applebloom grins, Scootaloo is breaking out in laughter any moment and Sweetie Belle is so caught up in her work that she doesn't even notice what's going on around her, tongue sticking out included.
I love their expressions, they tell a real story. :)
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I thought Applebloom made a dildo... Ugh! I should cleanse my dirty mind sometime!
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Funny that you say that. Cause the way Sweetie Belle works a hole into her clay made me instantly think "Sweetie Belle is making a fleshlight". xD Looks like we have both dirty minds. xD

No, Sweetie Belle, making a fleshlight doesn't work that way. :P But you could make one, in fact, you have everything you need for that. :3
And that's it for today in "How to corrupt cute, innocent pictures"!
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I liked to use it to make armor and disguises for my action figures.
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Scoots making RD and I'm not sure what Sweetie is trying to make, but I know what she is going to make ( Fireball ).
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