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Pinkie CMC Babysitting - 45MC

By Empyu
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The challenge was supposed to be what happens when Pinkie Pie spends time with the CMC. This actually doesn't make any sense, but it was cute to me ^_^

This version is cleaned up extensively.  As you can imagine, drawing 7 characters in 45 minutes left the original submission looking very messy.
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And this is why you don’t trust Pinkie with foals.
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Look on Pinkie Pies face, PRICELESS.
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Pinkie...what have you unleashed on the world? :o
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Think of it this way: Now she can afford to lose a few.
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Now pinkie knows how it is being with herself.
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Cutie marks...cutie marks...cutie marks...
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I just have to chime in. The art work here is mind blowing, and the comments are to damn funny.
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The look on Pinkie's face is just too priceless lol XD
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Too Many Cutie Mark Crusaders.
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:iconapplejackplz:How do we tell the real ones from the fake.
:iconapplebloomplz: Hey, I just got my cutie mark!
:icontwilightsparkleplz: Well, that was easy enough. The real Apple Bloom would never get her cutie mark that quickly.
:iconlikelystoryplz: .....................................................
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HAHA! The CMC has been doubled!
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I think it does make sense. Pinkie just wanted to show them how funny the mirror pond is - now she helplessly sits here and the things are out of control.
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I can even see the logic that drove them to do it. Too much crusading to do, too little time -

But hey! One of the clones is sure to get their cutie marks, so then they'll know what it is and then gonna do the same thing and get it themselves!

Foal-proof! Nothing about this plan could possibly go awry! :D

:icontwilighthey1plz: "Hiii, giiiirls! Wanna get your cutie-marks?"

:iconsweetiebelleyayplz: "CUTIE MARKS! YAY!"
:iconapplebloomderpplz: "CUTIE MARKS! CUTIE MARKS! CUTIE MARKS!"
:iconscootplz: "RAINBOW DASH?"

:icontwilightscaryderpplz: "Yes..... I have all your cutie-marks and Rainbow Dash riiiight here in the town hall....."

:iconapplebloomapplesplz: "CUTIE MARKS! CUTIE MARKS! CUTIE MARKS!"
:iconreallylikehermaneplz: "CUTIE MARKS!"

:iconcreepytwilightplz: "Just let me power up this spell to ... ...  give you your cutie marks."

:iconsweetieblinkplz: "Cutie marks?"
:iconlikelystoryplz: "Cutie marks?"
:iconrainbowscootplz: "Rainbow Dash?"

:iconapplebloomwtf-plz: "..."
:iconsweetiebellohmyplz: "..."

:iconapplebloomsadplz: "...No cutie marks?"

:iconcrazysparkleshrugplz: "...There, problem solved!"

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Too Many Cutie Mark Crusaders
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Ha! I love that ending
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The episode would've ended quite differently, had it been "Too Many Cutie Mark Crusaders". =P

Blasting three dozen clones of one of your best friends is one thing, but blasting what looks like a little filly? Err...

The entire "Mirror Pool incident" gave me bad vibes. :no:

Here's a more realistic ending: [link]
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I guess a much kinder ending would've been to have the mirror clones return or their own free will or something. It seems odd that there was even a risk that Twilight could potentially banish the real Pinkie to the pond. Doesn't that mean she technically knows a spell that could banish any pony there?
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"Doesn't that mean she technically knows a spell that could banish any pony there?"

Eh. I'm guessing that "by using the mirror-pool, Pinkie became tainted with its magic" would suffice as an explanation. :shrug:

I remember watching the episode for the first time, sitting at the edge of my seat, thinking to myself:

"Yeah, yeah, Pinkie Pie learned a valuable lesson about friendship, that's nice and all, but what the hay happened to all those other Pinkies?!"

I expected to see some 10 second clip showing us the Pinkies frolicking merrily in some kind of Mirror-World or something. Heck, they could've even been building their own "Pinkieville" there. It'd have been perfect for some cute comedy fanart too.

But... nothing?! That was just dark.

An episode that's all about Pinkie Pie to the Max is happy all throughout and then has the darkest ending of them all. Go figure.
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Cutie Mark Crusaders Clone Testers!
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Scootaloo....Pinkie is not cotton candy. And you are scaring Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo..stahp.
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