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No Thanksgiving in Ponyville

By Empyu
The 30 minute challenge had a special 24 hour challenge for Thanksgiving. This was one of my submissions which I'm posting separately cuz of the holiday. I also had to wait because I didn't want to upload it before it was presented on the challenge blog.

The background is super rushed, but I'm a little interested in whether the difference in coloring the characters is noticeable. I took a very different approach to color this in a hurry and I'm curious as to whether it's obviously different.

Edit:Thanks to whoever submitted this to Equestria Daily! It managed to get into their 1000th Drawfriend. Congrats to them on that. :)
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ThunderFists1988's avatar
I think Fluttershy must be vegan.
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Ah, Fluttershy, it's delicious. ;)
Toonwatcher's avatar
And anyway, it's turkey you want, so you should put down Elizabeak and go after Sir Gobblington.
DeadlockAt's avatar
I thought fluttershy feeds her carnivorous friends meat. Im just surprised they haven't eaten her since shes a horse.
CupcakesForLife's avatar
They haven't eaten her because she has tamed them with "The Stare".
DeadlockAt's avatar
More like Overcome them with the mysterious power of her staring eyes.
sailingauora's avatar
Well she did feed otters fish. 
DeadlockAt's avatar
Forget the meat and fluttershy part, I never thought some one would actually reply on a 7 month old comment.
BrutalityInc's avatar
I always imagine as part of their evolutionary transition to a sentient species the ponies became omnivores. After all, that's how it went for our ancestors.
blackwolfanime's avatar
weill in the episode bird in the hoof you can see when applejack cant decide what to eat there is a ham sandwich as MrMysteriousEnter point in his review…
lovelttrs's avatar
:iconapplebloomplz: You think I'm having fun? I have to hold this chicken down while it screams and begs to be free... I'm gonna be having nightmares for weeks!

:iconapplejackplz: MMMM CHICKEN.
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
:iconmlpdiscordplz:-Should I have not told Fluttershy about this tradition?Oopsie!
GJTProductions's avatar
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
:iconcreepyfluttershyplz:-HAVE YOU MONSTER NEVER HEARD OF TOFURKY?
RhythmicEssence's avatar
No! Don't kill Scootaloo!
TheYaoiLover24's avatar
Put the chicken down! Now!
SFaccountant's avatar

Fluttershy, why do you always have to be such a killjoy?

It's a holiday! Have fun!

That chicken barely even knows what's going on, anyway.

FlameKitties's avatar
neither will it know after that.......
DarthWill3's avatar
Poor Fluttershy...
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Fluttershy is right, screw tradition, that poor chicken deserves to live!
SoulveiWinterfall's avatar
"Not Mrs. Cluckerbotttom!"
QuantumBranching's avatar
"Well of course we're not going to _eat it_, Fluttershy! We're going to present it as a bloody sacrifice to the Cthonic Gods of the Everfree, giving thanks that another year has gone by without any of us being devoured by forest monsters!"
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