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Nightmare Rarity (Comic Spoiler)

I don't now how much of the fanbase is reading the MLP comics, but the last page of MLP:FiM issue #6 really surprised me. I figure posting what happens to Rarity on the last page is still a spoiler - even if some people are never gonna read it ;p
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First off, I say beautiful.
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where did you find the comic i fancy a read
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Well, the comic came out a while ago and I just bought it in stores. I'm sure there's a digital version online though. Also, I just did a Google search and found that someone put the comic panels together in a video you can watch. They also put music over it, but unfortunately it has vocals which I find a little distracting. I'd probably mute it and listen to something instrumental while reading.…

Also... it runs for 40 minutes. Mostly likely because the person who put it together wanted to account for time to let everyone read and enjoy the artwork. It's a pretty nice way to take in the story if you can't buy it for some reason.
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"Sorry darling, there is no 'evil spirit' controlling me."
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m5 with spike save her with friendship and restore to normal Rarity
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Haha yeah I guess I can take that "Spoiler" out of the title about now. But then it's a reminder to me that I was able to finish something right after the comic came out ;p
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Good that it's spinoff like a shitty EQG
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If you're trying to keep people from finding out about a spoiler, don't say it's a spoiler in the title. Sorry if I sound rude, but I was just looking through Drawfriend Stuff 787 and BAM!! It was right there in the title. :(

It is really good though.
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That's a fair point. I was thinking in terms of text articles. Like if a movie review was going to contain spoilers, I'd like to know before I start reading it. It's a little different with images - if I hadn't put it in the title then anyone who didn't read the comic wouldn't know one way or the other. I usually don't draw fast enough for anything I do to be a spoiler, but I'll definitely think about it in the future.

Also, thanks! I actually didn't know I was in one of the Drawfriends. I guess I must've missed it O_o
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do you have a link to the comic itself
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I've been buying the physical copies at a comic store. I haven't had any reason to look for it online.
Princess-aurora-shde's avatar
thanks i will look for the elsewere. but i still like the drawing non the less
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Looks lovely! Glad you're reading the comics!
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Could we maybe do this for the others as well?
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I was able to do this one quickly by using the design on the comic. It would take a lot longer to make some up for the others. I'll wait for the current story arc to finish and see if it happens to anyone else.
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How can we free her? well done my friend
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This arc so far is awesome, it's like X-Men's "Dark Phoenix Saga" with Ponies. Anyone who likes the cartoons but isn't reading the comics is missing out on some really good stuff!!!
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The night beauty lives on.
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i love the comics...and nightmare rarity looks badass
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I just got the comic last night on iTunes.
I have to say that I like Nightmare Rarity's design.

Great work on this.
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Man, Rarity's got massive hair! So FLOOFY!
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At first I thought having more hair volume was a side effect of becoming evil in Equestria, but Chrysalis and Pinkie Pie break this rule ;p
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Nice! Will they put this in the show? or is it just for the comics?
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