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Embrace Your New Destiny

By Empyu
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:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsaysplz: Great job Twilight! Let's do it again only this time your friends like their new destinies! Ready Go!

:icontwilightnoesplz::iconsaysplz: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

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This took forever... partly because of my work schedule, but mostly because I like building ambitious fortresses in Minecraft strictly in survivor mode (which will apparently allow creepers to spawn inside of them if they aren't well lit >_< ). Anyway...

I just wanted to point out two things:

I decided to call Rarity's version of the Sonic Rainboom a "Spectral Rainbloom." Rather than causing a shockwave, it blooms like a rose and scatters around the sky. It's not as dramatic, but it's still great for weddings.

Fluttershy wasn't upside down in the original sketch. I decided to flip her over because I remembered this. It meant having to redraw a bunch of stuff, but it was totally worth it. Also, didn't anyone think that putting Pinkie's cutie mark on a light-colored pegasus was a reference to Surprise?

All characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
Created by :iconfyre-flye:
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First off, I want to say that I really like how you did this. The ponies seem to have actually changed to fit their new destinies and become better at them. Perhaps if they had had more time and less pressure to become one with their new destinies. they would have been like this. Now, the things I am confused about. The apples have no stems and Angel's carrot has no top -- and how is Rarity making that rainbow into a star without use of her horn? Other than these, I like how you did this, like their manes and tails -- especially Rarity's curly tail! Good job on this one. <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/s…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Thanks! Yeah, this picture was the result of me trying several techniques for the first time so I got a little careless when it came to some details. I did consider going back to fix them, but that sets a bad precedence for me. I'd rather live with my mistakes and learn from them rather than constantly go back to fix them. (There are waaay too many mistakes I'd go back to fix.)

With Rarity's Spectral Rainbloom, I reasoned that she just has to start the burst of color and it spreads out and dissipates on its own.
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PandashthePonyStudent Writer
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

This is really cute! I like the idea that maybe the Mane Six could have learned to accept their destinies and maybe even start to love them. Would there be a top on Angel bunny's carrot, and wouldn't the apples have stems? Would Pinkie's mane still be straight? Those are the only things I noticed that seemed a bit off about this piece of artwork. The texture is fun to look at, I like how you did the light and shadow on these... other than that, there's not a whole lot I can say about this. I think it was really brilliant.
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Thank you for the critique! Yeah a lot of small details were getting to me because I was starting to get impatient towards the end. I was constantly going back to change things right before hitting the submit button. I'll try to make better notes for myself next time... and also have a little more patience.
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You know, I like to think this would be a good plot for the next My Little Pony Deviations, an Alternate Universe story of the Season 3 finale where each pony is enjoying their new destiny but the families and friends of the original ponies aren't enjoying it as much

-Rarity has taken over as manager at the weather factory, but is making the workers work extra hours with barely any breaks
-Rainbow Dash has made her boot camp for pets, but is pushing the animals too hard
-Fluttershy has made Sugarcube Corner into a fairytale themed dance club where she does her own pop/rap version of fairy tales (with the one Twilight saw her do is a rap version of Rapunzel, kind of like that episode of "Chalk Zone"), but the loud stuff going on is disrupting the cake family
-Pinkie Pie has taken over the Apple Farm and is constantly making apple sweets to sell, but production is so massive the rest of the apple family working hard to the bone
-Applejack has turned Rarity's Boutique into an old fashioned Country Store/Dinner (like Cracker Barrel), but Sweetie Belle is missing her sister so much that's it's making her depressed

and Twilight tries to get them back to their old destinies but the rest are enjoying too much that not only they don't want to stop, they don't see the harm they're causing to others, and the rest of the story is Twilight getting them to come back

it can be a good Alternate Universe story from a major event in the show's history (aka: Twilight getting her wings and becoming Princess) and would have a better moral that's faithful to the series (unlike the first Deviations story to My Little Pony)

what do you think, would that be a good idea? 
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I like the concept. I feel like if the show could have devoted more time to this episode, they probably could have introduced some sort of conflict like this. It's not to say I thought it was wrong to have the entirety of the plot sung. But it did make the story of Twilight getting wings feel very truncated.

Also, it felt a little off that Rarity and Pinkie Pie wouldn't be able to adapt to their new situations. Having Rarity make all the pegasi work extra hours because she insist on every weather pattern looking fabulous would be cute.
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& make sure to include Luna's & Celestia's. XD
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stoopid-kirbehHobbyist Traditional Artist
Celestia Troll in the beginning of the description,LOL
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XCommanderHurricaneXHobbyist General Artist
AJ in this picture reminds me of Mary from Ib. xD
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Ponies forever! 
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Can I please use this as a fic cover? 
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Sure, I don't mind ^_^

Heh... I should probably use this style more often.
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Basically my own view on the episode, and a tiny bit of fridge logic that spawned the entire thing more or less, and my own feelings on the subject.
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"Destiny is what you make it!" 
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Kimberly-AJ-04-02Student General Artist
Looks like Applejack's dress and hat both come from about the 1800s. And of course, that rainbow streak shapes like a star or something.
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if i picked the new destiny for the 6 main characters it would be:
princess twilight sparkle-loyalty
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Wouldn't it be more interesting if a non-unicorn got magic though? I wonder what would happen O_o
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chocolatepony157Hobbyist Writer
was this the work of trolleastia???
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This is really a nice piece of artwork. More importantly, it hits an idea of an alternative version of "a true, true friend" I had a few weeks ago, with this image being the final consequence. In this version, Twilight would use the remembering spell she used at the beginning of season 2 to make her friends regain her memories instead of applying the elements of harmony to reset their character to normal. The cutie marks would continue to be switched, but with their restored memory they could help each other getting experience for their new talents.
That wouldn't even require drastical personality changes. To be over-precise, their switched cutie marks wouldn't even require them to switch their homes and occupations as well but that would destroy the whole story ;-) Earlier this day I read a fanfic about Babs Seed getting a cutie mark on which a pony is bullied by another. In the end, (sorry for the spoilers) it was about the fact, that the cutie mark does not necessarily force you to be what it seems to mean. It may reflect your destiny and the theme of your life, but what you make of it is one's own decision. So Babs realized (in this fanfic) that the cutie mark does not necessarily represent that she is a bully, but that she defends others from being bullied.
Same with our Mane6. Yes, maybe the switched cutie marks also encouraged them to switch their roles as well, for whatever reason. But I think their main problem was not the cutie mark, but the partial loss of memory and personality making them utterly confused. Lets go into detail:

Pinkie Pie loves making people happy, throwing parties and have fun. But that doesn't mean that she wouldn't like hard work. Surely, an apple farm is something else, but working in a bakery and organizing big parties also requires organizational skills, endurance and patience. I think she CAN be focused and dependable when it comes to making other ponies happy while not showing it at the same time. Probably she doesn't even need Applejacks help that much since she can just work for the rest of the Apple family (which just watched her destroying the farm in a couple of hours or what o_O). Once she has a grasp of the farm life, she will just be our cheerful Pinkie Pie all the time. Also, her head is already painted on th Apple's Barn :-D. But maybe they should build a separate barn for her parties ;-)

Rainbow Dash already has a pet and has also shown caretaking skills to Scootaloo in the Episode "Sleepless in Ponyville". Maybe she lacks kindness but as the element of loyalty, she wouldn't let her new animal friends down. Fluttershy would have to teach her what food the animals need and when to show them limits (I imagine Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash performing a "Double Stare" to stop the chaos shown in the episode). After that, Rainbow will probably change Fluttershy's hut to a training base of competitions and adventures ... but also caretaking :-D

Rarity, on the other side, would have the hardest time, alongside with Fluttershy. None of her former experiences or personal interests would help her being a weather pony. But that would just mean that she has the highest learning curve, not that it is impossible or that she couldn't be herself in her new profession. I heard (but don't know if it's canon), that a unicorn's magic skills are usually limited to some basic magic like levitation and spells that have to do with their special talent represented by their cutie mark. The spectral rainbloom is nice, but this time, Twilight would have to help her out with some weather spells (when playing a unicorn in the game "Welcome to Ponyville" you are asked by a pegasus to help them out on weather work with some spells). Since it's more effective and related to her cutie mark, Rarity could also be able to learn Twilight's wing spell to cast it on herself. Then, Rainbow Dash could teach her all the weather and flying facts (not too high!). After getting some experience, Rarity would begin to form clouds into sculptures (as long as clouds are generally allowed to be there) and even coloring them with her magic, making even thunder clouds flash in different colors. Needless to say, that she will enjoy flying around with her wings (which appearance she can also adjust to the current fashion ;-))

Fluttershy, as mentioned previously, would have also much to learn to fill Pinkies role anyhow because most Ponies seem to be resistant to her sheer adorableness. To be honest, I still had to think on a way how she could probably cheer the ponies up in the episode, even with Pinkie Pie's help/advice. I'm sure that she will have to develop her very own kind of cheering and partying. Some acrobatics like your mid-air back flip seem to be a way to go. But even with her memories, Fluttershy is an unsure and socially limited pony. There is maybe just one key experience missing that resolves Fluttershy's fear of other ponies so that she can have fun with them together, in her own kind way.

Applejack, well... I just do not believe she would really perform so bad when it comes to sewing. Granny Smith can obviously do sewing and most probably all the other stuff related to clothes and quickly adopted using a sewing machine in the episode "Apple Family Reunion". It's regular on the countryside that daughters learn these things from their ancestors and Applejack is surely not that clumsy since successful farm life is more than bucking trees and carrying things around. Surely she needs a helping HOOF (not hand) from Rarity to become a professional, especially since she is not a unicorn. That dress you drew would surely be the line of work she favors since it is very pretty and "apple" ;-)

Twilight Sparkle, at last, gets her new destiny in every case. Her new destiny as an alicorn princess. I don't think bad of her changing her friends back because it was obviously an accident. But if it would have not been revertible, it would still have provided a special bonding experience for their friendship. Besides, having their cutie mark changed as a pony is a blessing that is only inferior to become an alicorn if the pony can handle it. It reveals who you really are, independent from what you are good at, what not and what you usually do.

It's too bad that I can neither draw nor sing nor animate an alternate version of "My true, true friend" but I feel happy that some people share the same idea without being ranted at. ;-)
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Brilliant. I think the problem was that they were trying to do these things the way their friends would have (most of them). 
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Come to think of it, wasn't Pinkie Pie's very first party in a barn? She might even feel nostalgic about the whole thing. I wish I thought to give Rarity those wings though. That would've been a nice touch :) Rainbow definitely has an innate knack for talking to animals, even if she won't admit it. She held a whole contest with them and everything was orderly.

Fluttershy's scenes were the hardest for me to watch in the episode because it made it seem like her idea of humor was just silly sounds and goofy faces. She just squeezes a whoopie cushion in front of Twilight with no context... which was cute, but totally shows her lack of comedic timing. She can't make people laugh, but she could probably have some nice tea parties. She has them with her animal friends and held a special one with Discord. She can dance fairly well too, like in the early scenes of the Party of One episode.

I think even if Applejack could be a seamstress, she might have a hard time balancing style with practicality. She can probably come up with something you can work in, but when it also has to be fashionable, she gets a bit confused. Rarity would never consider doing chores in one of her dresses let alone farm work. But she could definitely help AJ add some flair to her designs.

I originally came up with this drawing thinking it was ironic to see them doing so well with different destinies, but now it's starting to seem like it's not so far fetched. ;p
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