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Caring for your Pony - 45MC

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I went and inked this version of a 45 minute challenge. The original was left very sketchy because inking takes so much time. I think it's clear that I was running out of ideas for ways to care for your pony. I probably could've gone with "brushie" for the last one, but you have to admit that it's important not to explode then explode again.

Edit: the 5th panel cutie mark ;p
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Fact: All anyone had to say was "No!  Bad pony!" and cupcakes would've ended on the spot.
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I think panel 4 may run a little deeper than just a friendship lesson.
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
5th panel is missing the cutie mark! WAAAAAAIIIII?
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Well... I was originally just gonna leave it off since so many people downloaded the one without a cutie mark. But I guess it is kinda important so there it is ;p
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Ballsack100Professional General Artist
Wow. Thanks! I didn't expect you to actually go back and add it!
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Hehe Love it! 
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Nice comic!
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would have done moar that that with a pink party pone in me house !
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StormLanterntheFirstHobbyist Writer
Once is fine.
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Exploding twice? This is not a Michael Bay production... :XD:
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If the internet was a competition, You sir, you have won for the day!
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Thank you. :D
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NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
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GreatTeacherDiCensoHobbyist General Artist
4th Panel

Pinkie:  I was only gonna cut some cake!  Honest!   Oh, the hair?   I ran out of conditioner!"
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Don't ignore Pinkie, or she'll cut you!
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Anybody feel that 'Bad Pony' is a good way of getting killed while you sleep?
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friendship lesson XD
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And that was how Equestria was born... naw just kidding but seriously though what those it mean "not exploding twice"?
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"Feeling Pinkie Keen," 13 minutes in.
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I do like the not exploding twice bit
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Favourited for not exploding twice.
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Can you do that? Can you explode twice?!
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yes, yes you can

explodes into nervousness 
explodes into excitement 
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