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A Different Rock

By Empyu
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My first attempt at a comic. An alternate future where Rarity has a slightly different destiny.
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i like the Dresses
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Aw, true love.
A little too well. I'm pretty sure Tom is having an affair with Boulder.

He didn't even tell you he was bi, did he. You've got problems in your relationship, darling. You've got big problems.
BB-K's avatar
Lol, imagine when Rarity studies rocks too rather than as a fashion designer. Well, sadly in the end, her school performance just stick with the regular costumes without jewels. :(
Helsaabi's avatar
0w0 I love it! 
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Rarity-The Element Of Minerology
When two rocks have sex it's called a rock slide XD
FinalSage's avatar
FralLeman's avatar
:o (Eek) Thank Celestia for that Sonic Rainboom.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Like I said, she likes it hard and big apparently. Maud I think is saying size doesn't matter.
hammer42's avatar
templar127's avatar
The fates aligned!!
TroopCaptain97's avatar
How It Should Have Ended!
I love the last panel. The drawings are just so cute and pleasant to look at! Rarity's especially adorable.
Treforce's avatar
not sure is Boulder is chubby chaser.
or Tom a pebble pedophile.
QuantumBranching's avatar
With rocks, it's not size, but what strata you're from. :)
Centaur71's avatar
A ROCK-y relationship, we can't be IGNEOUS of the ramifications that are be-STONE-d upon us...
LordKane666's avatar
I see were this is going nice one 
Dragon-Mordak's avatar
Tom x Boulder ship nao!
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, well that would be an interesting outcome if the rock didn't split open like it did in canon.
Lunaisbest14's avatar
Everyone's making sexual joke about rocks......wat.
AJR001's avatar
Well, that was a rocky start of her alternate career... :XD:
Sturmlion1's avatar
Well, I could make jokes about how she likes them hard....
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