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2020 / 9 / 14

Perhaps in time, you'll learn to be a better, kinder soul. At least you know how painful this is...

I've been trying to regain some confidence in my art again, and indulge in making vague and gory vent art like I used to. This one's a week-old drawing from a sketchbook I've been slowly trying to fill up. Scanned it up and threw on some color today. I can't help but think this looks too much like my old work, but maybe that's all right for now.

Kinda subtle but I pulled the texture from this gorgeous marble stock by KihOskh714.
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CHeMnICORn's avatar

Nuffin wrong with your old work! Happy Birfday BTW! I remember yours being soon. I hope you get lots of time to draw because I always love your work! I hope to see more on DevinanArt!

I like how this one looks very Gothic to me, as in traditional gothic style, not "Goth." At least your vent art isn't triggered by post-partum anxiety that revolves around death as an all-consuming blackness.

BeingOfNature's avatar

just a little plaster and a lolly pop will fix this up, uh-huh yep totally.

looks neat though!

Drangelu's avatar



So awesome!

I'm speechless. Love the whole composition!

Empyrisan's avatar

Thank you very much! I was hoping the composition looked good!

Nikaleles's avatar

WOW HI. welcome back~

AND a stab dragon? this is good.

Empyrisan's avatar

HI. I'll try my best to stick around longer this time around!

And yea, but they're okay. They're fine!

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