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I've been having a few people coming to me or noting me for advice on how to sell adopts for money, or how to get attention on their adopts, whatnot. I've always reiterated the same answers I always have, but I thought I may as well share those "answers" to you all in hopes that it helps out a bit. ;w; 

These are things I try to do when selling things, they might not work for every person, but as long as someone out there find it helpful, my job is done~ 

For adopts

1. Groups

In my personal opinion, groups are imperative to selling things on DA, but so few people end up using them. Groups let you share your work to a much larger audience than you might have, especially if you're just starting out on DA or making adopts. 
I once saw someone recommend that you should share adopts to at LEAST 100 groups to get any attention. That's a bit much in my opinion, but they are correct, that would definitely get them noticed.

Imagine this. If you have 10 watchers, and you post a set of adopts, there's no guarantee that those 10 people will be interested, however, there is a much larger chance that the 1000 or more members of a group would have someone that is.

Now when it comes to sharing to groups, do not share your adopts to that "100 groups" all in one day, it's best to spread out the group sharing over a few days so that they reach more people. If someone mass deletes their messages on a Friday, and that's when you shared your adopts, they'll be lost. But if you share them to some on Friday, some on Saturday and some on Sunday, more people have the chance to see them. 

I've found that Fri-Sat-Sun are the best days to post and advertise adopts, but it's not that much of a difference.

2. Tags

Now unlike groups, I've never found Tags to make a difference in selling adopts, but they should be added in. Tags are what help your images come up in search results. So something titled "Object head adopts" would pop up in the object head searches by the name alone, but adding tags like "OTA", "OTAadopt", "Adoptable", etc will let them show up in those search results as well, so they are good to put in on that alone. 

3. Designs

Whenever I make my designs, my goal is to always give them a "something". "Something" that sets them apart, makes them unique and sets them apart from each other. A clown where the face opens up as a mouth, a TV head with extra smaller tv heads, a generic anime girl who's face has been replaced by a dark black hole.

While all these examples are in the realm of fantasy, it's easy enough to add "somethings" to normal human designs too, it could be a piece of jewellery that they hold dear, a unique scar they have that has a fantastical story behind it, the way they style their hair, their fashion sense, a weapon they have, any of these things can be used to make a simple character a bit more eyecatching and give them some personality. Characters like Dipper and Mable would be a bit more visually boring without their trademark hat and sweater respectively, so give your design something that stands out!

Design traits I've noticed people enjoy
-Multiple eyes/mouths
-Galaxy themes
-Pastel/Grunge/Kidcore/Goth, anything Tumblr aesthetic-y
-Glitched/3D effects

4. Auctions, OTAs, or Set Price?

Set Price - A Price that is fixed, letting you instantly buy the adopt. Cannot offer art.

Auction - An incremental bidding that starts at a lower than normal price, but can be ABed/Autobought for a higher price. Cannot offer art

OTA - Offer to Adopt. Money, Points, Art, Custom designs and other options can be used to purchase the adopt. NYP/Name your Price is like an OTA, but is cash/points only.

Each of these has their advantages to the customer and the seller. Set Price lets the adopt be bought as is, Auctions lets the customer possibly get it at a lower price, but can be instantly snatched at a higher price, and an OTA lets many people place offers of whatever they think the adopt is worth. 

So the question is, which one is the best to go with?
Well, judging by the poll I made, most of you like Set Price and OTAs, only two people voted for Auctions. OTA and Set Price was actually almost tied. Honestly, I can see why. I've had so many friends complain about being outbid on auctions, or having people Autobuy the adopt that they were the highest bidder for days on, Set Price adopts you have a goal you can save towards, and OTAs you don't even have to offer money. As you all know, my go-to choice for adopts is always OTAs, since it's the reason that I have so much art of my characters, but if you have a character that you want sold at a price that you think it's worth, set price is the way to go. If think you've made a really good design and want to see what people will offer on it, OTA. 

5. How to earn cash

The one you've all be waiting to see I bet- "How do I earn money" is always the first question I get... 
The answer is


DA is a site where most of the users are not above the age of 18, meaning that they literally cannot have a paypal unless they get their parents to buy things for them. So the majority of people on DA CANNOT USE PAYPAL, so by restricting them from being able to buy things on DA, you're cutting out a LARGE part of your audience. 
"But points aren't money!"
Correct, that's why the commission widget exists (You can find the commission widget on your page settings) You can use this widget if you're not a core member, the only benefit you really get from Core, is that DA won't take a 1$ fee out of "processing" the points to cash. I've also found out recently that you can use the premium content widget to do the same effect, but I haven't used it much so I don't have much to say on it.
I have earned over 140$ through points alone, so I can say that this definitely works. 

For Commissions

1. How to price?

This is something I still personally stuggle with, so the best advice I can give is to start your prices off low, and raise them later on. Be sure to get second opinions of other people to make sure your prices are where they should be at the moment. There are also "Commission Timers" out there that will time how long a commissions has taken and therefor how much you should earn for it. I'd reccomend pricing anything you don't particularly like doing as higher, don't underprice things that you don't like doing!

2. How to Advertise?

Really advratising commissions is the same as with Adopts, post them to groups. With commission journals though, you'll have to type in the name of each group, which tends to be a bit of a pain. There is also one extra option with advratising commissions, and that is that you should be putting your commission journal in the description Some people turn off settings for everything except deviations, so it's a way to let them know that if they want something in your style, they can get it!

"Do nots"

1. Complaining to your watchers

This is something I've seen done too many times honestly. "People don't like my adopts", "People won't buy my commissions", "Why won't anyone pay attention to what I'm selling". It's extremely unperfessional to do, and it doesn't make me want to commission you or buy things. It's not their fault for not buying things, nor is it yours for not having interesting enough things. Complaining and begging for commissions doesn't make anything better.

2. Keeping adopts

This is something I am admittably guilty of, and I am trying to get better at it. I'm not really talking about just keeping one adopt from the batch, I'm talking about those who keep entire batches and leave one left, then put up the entire chart. It raises hope for those who might be intersted in any one of those kept adopts and have the same disintrest as you for the one left behind. Recently I've been putting up batches where there may be one or two that I want to keep, and then only keeping them after it seems like intrest in the batch has dropped, and no one else showed intrest but myself.

When it comes to keeping designs, I try to think on a few things
-What would they be used for?
-Would I draw them?
-Do I really need them?

3. Self Deprecation

I'm always one for a good self hatred joke now and again, but when I see someone say on an adopt batch something like "I bet no one will bid on these because I'm a garbage human being" I don't find it that funny. Try and be at least somewhat professional when posting things

General Extra Stuff you Should Do That I Don't Have a Professional Title for

Get outside opinions!

Keep in touch with your watchers! Find out what they want/are interested in. Core is super helpful since it lets you make polls, which usually get more attention since they're anonymous and don't require actual comments- 

If you have any questions or if there's something you thought I forgot, let me know please ;w; I'm always ready to help! 

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Olivia Terumi
Artist | Student | Varied

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Let's start with a basic introduction~

It me? by Emptyproxy

Name: Olivia, as far as you know. I'd prefer to be called as such. :3

Nicknames: Sketchy, Proxy, Prox, Paint, Landofbloodandpaint.

Age: Too old.

Gender: Female

Description of appearance:

And now that that's out of the way... Hello! Welcome to my profile!
I'm a Canadian artist that works in digital and traditional art, more so the former as of late. I've only been doing digital art with a tablet for about two years now, so I've still got a lot to learn!
I'm trying to become an animator, though I can't make much with what I have, I try my best!

I tend to make a LOT of OCs, and I make adoptables sometimes if I need the muns. ;w; I am quite the poor potate, so I take Paypal and Points.

Feel free to note me or comment if you want to talk! Despite the stamps on the other side of the page, I don't bite~ ^^

~Places to find me~

You are not God... (Stamp) by ELLlOTT

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Chatbox commission for S-inshiine!
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OC x OC breedable slot!
Please pay here when using points! (Custom widgits will be made for orders of more than one slot)
Breedable slot!
Please pay here when using points! (Custom widgits will be made for orders of more than one slot)

Thinking about changing my theme again (With the last 3 weeks of Core I have *Wheeze*) Who tho? 

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