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Where The Wild Things Are

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My sincere apologies for the crappy photography and the title, i'm a little giddy at the thought of the upcoming film.

This, i enjoyed, eventually.

I'd very much like to know what people think about this, as it's a route i think i'm going to be following for the next wee while. Unless my post-Christmas assessment goes horribly wrong!
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Nov 22, 2008, 12:13:17 AM
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i think this is absolutely beautiful :)
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Thank you so much =] :heart:
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I believe this is the best I've seen from all. This is it. The most "strong" and interesting. Not clear, not explaining, not giving answers, just creating questions! I like it. :nod:
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Ever so kind of you. This is the one my tutor's didn't understand, i'm glad you do =]
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I just Love it! oh Yes! I do... :nod:
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This is very cool....
It feels very intense, and that has a lot to do
with how the dark areas overlap the child's
face. Almost suffocating and a bit overwhelming,
as if the child is receding or vanishing....
....the eye's of the child really contradict every
feeling I have though, which is why I like this
piece. You're really screwing with my mind...hahah
...and more so with this piece than you have
with your other works.

oh and by the way, Where the Wild Things Are
is one of my most anticipated films of this year.
I've been following it's development ever since
Spike Jonze was announced to direct....
...and through all the coporate mumbo jumbo
that's been happening.
When they recently showed some preview
images I can honestly say I cried a little....haha
tears of joy... [link]
take safely
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i do enjoy a good mind-screw =] Keep you on your toes! Thank you =]

I will honestly be so upset if it goes wrong. It's an institution! The wild things do look amazing though. The scale is perfect. You'll see it before me. Unfair =[
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Oh the movie won't go wrong...
this is Spike Jonze we're talking about...
I have faith in his decision making skills.
Have you ever read Kaufman's original ending
to Being John Malkovich? Spike Jonze completely
changed it and made it better...

did you ever get a chance to see that
test clip of Where the Wild Things Are that
was leaked on the net over a year ago? I almost
pissed my pants when I saw it last year...
and it's incomplete footage too....and it still
looks amazing...haha
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Okay, i'm not worried anymore, that footage is immense. But now i want to see more! Darn.

Confession: I loathe Being John Malkovich. I found it offensively up itself and not has spectacular as it thinks it is. Saying that. The direction was pretty great.
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you're confession makes me sad.....haha
Seriously, how can you not like "Being
John Malkovich"??
At least tell me you liked "Adaptation"...
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I haven't actually seen Adaptation. I've always meant to but for some reason it's never been top of my list. I shall track down a copy and see how Mister Cage performs. All two of him. I do have a rather large soft spot for old Nic. Raising Arizona. 8MM. Matchstick Men. Genius.
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The shlubby (is that even a word?) Nicholas
Cage in Adaptation is the best. None of his
other performances can even compare...
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I can't possibly believe that. How could he ever top Raising Arizona!
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First, I think I need to say, this work is stellar, I just wish I could see it all. The darkness at the bottom really distracts my attention and detracts from the work. If you have a crappy camera (as I do as well) try taking pictures in natural light, not incandescent spotlight. Or, invest in two white balance photo lightbulbs that you can set up for even, correct lighting.

I think this is a very effective piece that is deceptively simple. It is hard to make such contrasting mark making really work together and not just feel 'applied'. I think you have achieved that in this piece, the delicate soft pencil drawing with the aggressive, dense ink don't fight eachother, but compliment.

Also...what?? Upcoming film?!
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Yes, indeed! Spike Jonze is bringing the magic to the screen. With many problems however, not everybody seems satisfied with his choices but i'm still optimistic because y'know, it's Spike Jonze!

Thank you so much. This is funnily enough the one my tutors called me on and said didn't work very well. Hah. It figures it would be the one i felt the most confident about =] Oh well, to hell with them! I'm glad you enjoy it and i will take a better photo, i got a new camera so that should help. I tend to photograph things late at night in my dimly lit room and i couldn't honestly tell you why as it really is detrimental to the image. Madness.

Thank you again!
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I really this one! I can't make up my mind what expression is on the baby's face though where you've obscured the mouth - that may be deliberate though. Quick question if you dont mind? What university are you studying at?
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I study at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee, lovely place, if the ugliest building to have stumbled out of the 70s =]

Thanks so much! and yes, the obscurity was purposeful
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Okee dokee, I can't say I'm familiar with it. I've got to choose where I study pretty soon...

You're welcome!
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like the visual suspense created between the combination of "realistic" imagery and the abstract shapes...very dynamic...
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very kind of you to say, thanks ever so much =]
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Wow! :)

Incredible sense of suppression
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thanks so much, the wonders of a bit of splodged paint and the ever trusty graphite =]
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i really really like it..
it definitely *works* so to speak
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Thanks so much =] But why do you think it works?

If you can't verbalise why then that's more than okay! I'm crap at telling people why i like their work =/
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