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It's done.
My Valentine's Day themed adoptables are here~!
Please be sure to read the rules and terms of purchase before placing bids. 

Valentine Adoptable: Fluffy Batter [CLOSED] by Empty-Brooke
Character Name: Fluffy Batter
Starting Bid: $10
Status: [OPEN] 
Bids: 3 ($15)

Valentine Adoptable: Candelier [CLOSED] by Empty-Brooke
Character Name: Candelier
Starting Bid $10
Status [OPEN]
Bids: 2 ($12)

Valentine Adoptable: Roselynde [CLOSED] by Empty-Brooke
Character Name: Roselynde
Starting Bid: $10
Status: [OPEN] 
Bids: 3 ($17)

Valentine Adoptable: Heartache [CLOSED] by Empty-Brooke
Character Name: Heartache
Starting Bid: $15
Status: [OPEN] 
Bids: 1 (SB)

Valentine Adoptable: Ascham [CLOSED] by Empty-Brooke
Character Name: Ascham
Starting Bid: $10
Status: [OPEN] 
Bids: 2 ($12)

- Paypal only (I will send you an invoice. You must have a paypal e-mail I can send it to.)
- No points
- No refunds after full exchange
- Payment must be in CANADIAN DOLLARS
- Payment is due within 24 hours of invoice. 
- Failure to pay within 24 hours of invoice will result in ownership being defaulted to next highest bidder. 

By purchasing the rights for this character design, you agree to the following terms:
- You have the right to use the character in commercial and non commercial use, but NOT the image of initial purchase, NOR the png image provided upon purchase. These images are ONLY for design reference purposes for sale. 
- You have the right to alter the design in any way you wish moving forward after purchase. You can also change the character's name, add backstory, etc.
- You may not trace or paint over the for-sale design provided upon purchase, nor the display image for the auction. The design can be altered for future iterations of the character, but not the provided artwork of the character drawn by me and provided upon purchase. 
- Credit for the initial design still falls to me.
- I retain rights to display the initial character design on my hosting platform accounts (DeviantArt, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc) and to display my work for portfolio reasons. I will not take credit for alterations made by the purchasing party or ownership of the character design, simply creating the for-sale design. 
- You can resell, re-gift or trade the design as you like. 
- You do not need to inform me if the owner of the adoptable changes (I will only list who purchased it upon final auction sale). 
- Future owners must be aware of these terms of ownership. It falls on the current owner, should they wish to trade, sell or gift the character, to inform future owners of these terms. 
Anyone who's into adoptables, heads up.
Come Valentine's Day I'll be putting up 4-5 themed adoptables for auction. The auction will last until the 20th. 

New video out!
Adventures in Critiquing #3: Wanting the Unwanted!
With guest narrator :iconpublyzled: 

Did a collab video with my bro.
He taught me how to tattoo...
On his face.

The duration of time that I've been awake today (and yesterday) has been full of a bunch of tiring things that I wasn't at all expecting to happen and I need a pick-me-up, so.... New commentary out tonight!
Check out Daddy's Risque Lesson in Making Sense [Supersonicward15] ft.MasterTP10.

Part 2 of my co-op commentary with :iconflairnightz:

Did a co-op commentary with :iconflairnightz: on a guy named Foster who was making claims against a storytime animator named Katzun (:iconkatzun:)
This is only part one.
Foster made two videos and despite them both now having been deleted, Kamen and I already scripted and recorded for part two. That one's going to go on my channel and will hopefully be released before the end of next week. 

For Halloween this year, IcyhazardX recruited me to review one movie in an 8 movie horror collection~
Join, Icyhazard, 88th-Floor, Feghost and myself as we talk about the first four movies in this collection~
Considering we all had.... unique issues with our movies, you're in for some fun X3


The next installment in the false allegations that was known as the Spoctor drama.
Today's video subjects are:
Xzone Wolf
Zulu Zu
Art Flor U 05
Daze Megido
Digital Leo

New Ponder Sprocket commentary out today!!

This time the video is on :iconataricynical:, :iconverymetai: Stories, QuestionedTurkey and :icondevilguts:

Big thanks to :iconobscuredflower: :iconoblivionsgate: and :iconchaos55t: for getting back to me so quickly about the sprites and artwork. 

Many big thanks to the amazing :iconcattymaddie: for doing the thumbnail~!

Brand new "Adventures in Critiquing" video out today!
Give some love to today's guest narrator, :iconthenamesjunkie: 

Message from a dumb butt on e-mail put me in a bleh mood so I'm countering that by releasing a new video a day earlier than intended.
In this video, I talk about what a "character" is and what it means to create and use one based on my own experiences.
Hope you enjoy~

A video that has been a year in the making, and it's finally complete!
While the video we had originally been covering has long since been removed, we'd been working on this commentary since it first came out. There were a lot of instances where the project was scrapped and then revived, and a bunch of animations that I'd been working on for it that were dropped because all the flipping between "we're doing it" and "we're not doing it" didn't leave me with enough of a consistent timeframe to actually get them done XD
Ah well.
Join :iconblazethemoviecat: :iconshadowgirl57: :iconsd-the-doodler: and myself as we talk about artistic nudity, nudity in general and lots of other sexy things. 

The commentary itself is on :iconliteralnovice: and :iconfriedsoup: and covers a :iconben-the-looney: rant video discussing attitudes towards nudity and nude or nsfw art. 


New commentary video for my cuties on this fine Christmas day~
A commentary on :iconhuchzermeierm:
Aaaaannnd that's it for the year, folks!
Here's the remaining commission list as it currently stands:

:iconlugia61617: :iconxearias: :icondivinedoe: :iconjudedeluca:

+ animated commission for The Nation of Johnny K
+ illustration project for e-mail commissioner

I won't be accepting commissions again until my book is finished and ready to print. 

If you'd like access to a little more from me, you can follow me on TWITTER

Or, if you'd like to see work in progress images of my book, you can support me on PATREON

Last Chance For Commissions This Year!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 7:18 AM

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that as of October 28th I will no longer be accepting new commissions. Of course I'll be finishing up whatever commissions I have, but beyond that date you will not be able to order any further commissions from me. 
    I should preface this with noting that I have a couple medical problems that I'm not going to get into that make it difficult to stay awake sometimes. Over the next couple of months I need to focus predominately on finishing up my first book so that I can publish it, and I would be lying if I said that the limited amount of time I have available to work hasn't been entirely filled with commissions for a while. With Fall upon us and Winter soon approaching, that time is going to get a little more difficult to handle, so I need to make some changes.
    For the next few months I'm going to entirely subsist myself on the money I receive from additional projects (mostly my youtube account). There will be no requests, no commissions, no trades, ultimately no sort of additional work of any kind. This also means that after the videos I have planned for October, there will be a month or two of lax on my youtube account as well. This is all so that I can entirely devote myself to finishing a 48 page, full colour first issue graphic novel. 
   I'm sure many of you are already aware of the project; Mecha and Stem

    I want to give some people the chance to get in their commissions should they really want one this year, which is why I'm giving a couple weeks notice. However, because I'm closing commissions with the intent on working on another large project, I cannot then be spending all of my time in November and December catching up on large commission projects ordered now. This means that there are going to be limitations on what people can get, what sort of commissions I will accept and the scope of the commission itself.

With that explanation out of the way, here's what you need to know:

1.) On October 28th I will officially be closing my commissions for the rest of the year. They will not open again until well into 2018 (probably around May or June). 

2.) I will not be accepting disconnected character commissions. Basically this means that if you want to buy a long commission sheet with a bunch of your original characters as references... you can't. You can buy pieces of characters interacting with one another, but I will no longer be offering a discount for additional characters if they are disconnected from one another in the piece.
For example:
ArticleFan282 and Ms Takamoto [Rion Rhino Mills] by Empty-Brooke                                       Deck the Crayfish [Commission] by Empty-Brooke
Disconnected (not accepting)                                        Connected (Perfectly fine)

3.) There's going to be a limit of 5 characters that you can have in one piece. 

4.) One person CAN get multiple commissions BUT it depends on the complexity. 

5.) If I don't think that I will be able to finish a commission in a relatively speedy amount of time, then I'll probably have to turn the commission down.

6.) Commissions ordered in October must be PAID FOR in October. I will not be accepting commissions on the promise that I will be paid in the coming months. I can't work extensively on a piece until I know that I'm being paid, meaning that waiting on the payment means I'm waiting on when I can work on the piece.

7.) If I accept your commission and you haven't paid by October 28th I will be canceling it. 

8.) I'm not doing promissory future commissions. Meaning you can't request that I do a commission in February for you instead of now. 

9.) No, I will not do a commission in exchange for an art piece, review, critique, video, dedication, shares, credit, commission of equal value, etc. Only money via Paypal or the equal price of DA points, paid for AS a commission. 

10.) and finally...
If you like my prices as they are now then you'll need to get your commission now because they'll be going up when I start offering commissions again. I've been underselling myself for a very long time and it's gotten to the point where my other forms of revenue are vastly outweighing my commissions, not only in how much I make from them but also how efficiently I can finish the projects and even sometimes how much enjoyment I get out of working on them. While currently still undetermined, my new prices will be based more on how long a piece takes to finish and will be based more off of minimum wage. So this is your last chance to get anything from me at these lower prices. 

That's it for now!
Anybody interested in ordering a commission can contact me via PMs. Please remember that I will need an e-mail account connected to Paypal that I can send the commission invoice to. 

Thanks for reading, and happy Spooky Month~!!

- B

Current Accepted Commission List:
:iconlugia61617: :iconmelk-lord: :iconxearias: :iconhiyonofukou: :iconfornogr: :icondivinedoe: :iconjudedeluca: :iconkell95:

+ animated commission for The Nation of Johnny K
+ illustration project for e-mail commissioner

Journal Layout by lockjavv
October is upon us and I'm itching to draw some spooky renditions of cute childhood collectible creatures!
You can vote below for which Pokemon you think I should turn into a creepy contraption for this year's Spooky Month~

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