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hi ponder!! i rarely go on deviantart nowadays, but i read your latest journal on you burning yourself out and i'm currently relistening to one of your commentaries, and i just wanna say thanks for all that you've provided for 2019! i'm not good with my words at all, but i genuinely appreciate what you do! you definitely deserve the break, and i'd hate to see you even put out a video where you sound like you're actually having the soul sucked out of you. you're one of my favorite commentary channels and even i was a bit worried when you put out the madame video since i knew you must've been working on other projects at the same time, and even someone who's mastered a craft needs a breather every now and then!

sorry if this comment is kinda weird, as i said i'm not good at expressing myself, but i genuinely wish you the best for 2019, and i look forward to your comeback in 2020! take care!
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AngelCourtneyFoxHobbyist Artist
Hey ponder can I recommend a comic on Tapas? I like to know your opinion on it.
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hi Ponder Sprocket so uh.... (dont know if ur gonna look at this but)
you don't know me, but I've definitely seen your videos on my recommended, which i've heard some of them are pretty cool, (and some have helped out some people tons) but i've noticed some are super long.... like 60 mins or more (like the spoctor vid or madame vid)
So you do you! but i dont like videos that are that long... so ye :3 
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AzulaShadowStudent General Artist
Hi so, I love your YouTube content, as well as your artwork! you inspire me to take a critical view on my artwork to make something that I can say I'm decently proud of! Im still working on my skills, but I think I've been improving! thanks so much for helping me look at my art and others work to try to help them improve in the long run! 

Also, heres some fanart of Your character Ponder Sprocket as a witch! hope you like it! (also, sorry for any spam I have caused in your notifications.. i just really wanted you to see the fanart I made for chyu TwT)
Men will be be-witched and hand over their wallets by AzulaShadow
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LavenderLovesCupHeadHobbyist Digital Artist
qwq I hope you like it
Queen of flowers by LavenderLovesCupHead
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NuggetThomsterNew Deviant

Hello there, I really enjoy your videos and your art is really cool! Also if you have time and don't mind ;w; Could you take a look at my gallery? I'd love it if you'd critic my art :D

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Lady-PyriHobbyist General Artist
Hi Ponder after watching your videos, I was wondering if you could take a look at my gallery and give me some feed back to improve upon my skills, thanks :)