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First of all, I would like to make note that I haven't read any of Terry Brooks' works, so if there is some more extensive meaning to s...

First of all, I absolutely love the choice for the background design. The galactic look is vast and intriguing and definitely helps to ...

So before I start critiquing anything, I do want to make note that I am not a fan of bases and will, given the chance to do so, always ...

I like what you tried to attempt with the fire-based creature alongside the water-based creature, and I know that the design of the wat...

It's done.




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One-legged-zombie Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2019  Student General Artist
ProjectWorks18 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, thank you so much for the favorite. I'm so glad you liked the fan art. :D
TheOddArtist123 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2019  New Deviant Student Traditional Artist
Hey, I'm new to DA. How do I open the critique option, so others can give me critiques?
(1 Reply)
YokoNakajima Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2019  Student
I will IF you have time can you please critique my drawing? Thank you
(1 Reply)
MyTwistedPerception Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are far too talented.
(1 Reply)
Mama-Monstrosity Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Student Filmographer
Thank you for the watch! D:
(1 Reply)
DJcat22 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 7, 2019  Student General Artist
Yo Ponder! Just wanted to say that ever since I found you through Doodles and Utubedude (I can't remember which one I found first, I just know I found both collabs with you around the same time,) I have gone through just about all of your videos, including the animated ones, and I have to say. If I wasn't so ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of voicing my opinion bc im babie, I would site you as the one to kickstart my critical thinking when it comes to other people's arguments. Everything you've made has helped shape my understanding of holding a debate and being able to bring up points faster than a freestyle rap, and for that, I have to thank you.
That being said, I was also curious, because, I was wondering if you had a reference of that one shark boy from the po pi po unfinished animation? I loved him to bits and wanted to draw him! He looked interesting too, and I was also wondering if you had more content of him? If you don't that's understandable, but him and the characters around him in that video were all really interesting to me!!
(I may have biases for a little chunk of your characters due to the whole sea creature thing, Fiend is straight up the cutest baby ever)
Monipue Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there Brooke!
I saw you were taking critique, but I didn't really know where, so i thought i'd give it a go here :0
I want to say in advance that I am not skilled enough to give what i believe is amazingly accurate critique, but I had some repeated thoughts about the newer pieces of your work, so i thought it might be of some use, if you weren't already familiar with what I am about to mention :-)

I noticed you have a habit of what i believe is too short arms, or at least the upper arms! Normally the elbow seems to end around the navel? or at least side as far as i am concerned :-)
Let me give some examples, where I felt it was visible:
(it feels the most prominent on the arm pointing out towards the viewer on this one->) Sparrow Sonichu [Commission] by Empty-Brooke Fae Zilla [Commission] by Empty-Brooke Maggie [Commission] by Empty-Brooke (this one i can see is a bit older ->) Snake... Tongue [Commission] by Empty-Brooke  and then i think i was seeing sort of the same issue with your most recent SFW Garnet WIP you posted on Patreon.
I am very aware that on the 1st and 3rd example they are hunched over, however the arms still strikes me as bit too short.
It may also seem too short on the third example, due to the size of the head (, which seems rather big, when compared to the rest of the anatomy). I think the head-size could work as a stylistic choice, however when it is accompanied by the rather small arms and hands (which i will touch on in a minute), it can be a bit distracting from the overall piece.
As i mentioned but a sentence ago, the hands also tends to seem very small, i think it's most prominent in perhaps the 2nd and 4th example. It looks as though if you were to compare the hand size to the head, they would be a bit smaller than the usual hand-size, which isn't too bad in itself, but it does sort of unconsciously underline the slightly short arms and big heads i feel. I am sure this might not actually be the case and that perhaps it is I is a bit out of loop (seeing as  love drawing very, very long arms and bodies in general), but i thought i'd make note of it. I figured in the case that you read this and it helps you see something you didn't before, then it was worth writing UvU)b 

Before i leave i just want to say that I actually find your arm really charming and I really enjoy seeing it pop up in my subscription. I personally really like your color choices and your shading, but i definitely think the anatomy can be the most distracting when i look at pieces of art from you :-) That said, it makes me happy to see you are so open to critique and i sincerely wish you the best in improving :-D!
(1 Reply)
Icewind-Of-Mezaa Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'm here because of the grape lady incident
but i genuinely do love your stuff. while i've never met you before(despite hearing tons about you and your name thrown around a whole bunch by....people.), you seem pretty cool
your quality of work is incredible and im glad to see this whole stories issue put to rest, hopefully forever

can't wait to finally put this all behind me and move on
thanks, man
FROSKII Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
u deserve a big kutos for proviting over 5 hours worth of evidence against pentagrin and stories, u make really good videos aaa 
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