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Vista System Tray for XP

By emprex
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I was looking for an exact Vista-looking System Tray for XP, but i wasn't been able to find one, so i started trying to make 1 myself..

I think i looks perfect, but its not real though;
The space between the Wireless Network and the NOD32 Antivir (Green one) is a icon also..

I used a program called: PSTrayFactory to do this.

I made an invisible icon (It's included in the .zip),
and i changed an icon with the invisible one,
so it looks like an open place, after that i ordered them.

There's a readme File in the Download, there's a step by step install guide in it,
if you have any problems, contact me


* Q = Question
A = Awnser

1: Q: The Remove Hardware Safety icon keeps moving with the Volume icon,
how to fix this?

A: Well it cant be fixed,
its becouse the RHS Icon (Remove Hardware Safety)
has been directed to the Volume icon in the Program,
U can Hide the icon from the Sytem anyway,
Right Click on the Icon, and Press "Hide Icon"

2: Q: I have a Wireless network,
and i want to use the Cable Internet Icon for the invisible icon,
But this won't work, it keeps moving above the Wireless icon,
How to fix this?

A: That's A Problem i had to,
it's becouse windows sets the cable icon above the wireless one
I don't know how to fix this,
so i suggest to use another icon instead and just hide the cable icon
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brilliant, really has a way of doing without the program, but this is simpler and never had problems myself, brilliant idea, thanks for sharing :love:
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your right, fixed it ;)
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WTF? Avast prevented me from install - he think heres a virus
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Just ignore it its clean...
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hello. I downloaded ur pack, but it seems to be missing the actual icons with witch to replace the normal ones :-S can u upload pls ? it looks great
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That's becouse they aren't included..
check: [link]

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10x a LOT man ! awesome :)
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I've started using XP on my laptop again and i tried this out because i have to have this in xp because im used to Vista where the icons are seperated.. I tried out PStray and made the Nvidia icon in my tray the invisible icon.. i must say, holy hell this is awesome :D thanks for the tip.. also just pstray itself is awesome, i've been looking for ways to put my sound and network icon to always be on the rightest side.. and this did it.. yay

thanks again good work!
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nice work, can i know where you got the network system tray icon because i use vtp, and vtp's icon doesnt have the globe in the icon...
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It's the Wireless Internet systray icon, If your using a cable, there will be NO gGlobe
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I hate when people try to make their xp look like Vista.. That is soooo 2005/2006. however i like this idea to seperate network and volume icons from the rest.. but meh i use vista on both my pc's so whatever
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uhm.. thanks i guess..
but im actually not trying to make xp look like vista,
couse i've got an Longhorn skin at the moment,
its just something i thought about, so i started trying it:)
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picassa243 has a brilliant idea about this

see [link]

and it doesnt require PStray :D
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lol that screen is fake, notice the 15 px space which is impossible to do.
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I know you can do this without the program, but this is the easiest way i know so far..
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This tray factory trick, one of my friends told me it months ago, and no, it isn't effective. Running a whole program just for some space between icons? Also that space isn't perfect, in vista it's 12 and here it's 16+2+2...
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Maybe the space isn't perfect, big deal?
It looks almost the same, its just like other things you cant make perfect,
anyway, the program isn't only for the space, you can also use it for other things,
like making the taskbar transparant, making windows transparant,
odering the icons, so its not only for the space!
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Nah, having a extra process which takes RAM and slows down the startup for something so tiny and unnoticeable? Doubt anyone would use this, even you.
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It's the only one i saw so far.. maybe you knew about this..
and yeah guess your right about the start up slow down,
but i use it anyway, becouse i've enough RAM.. :)
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Well I guess it's the only good option to do the space, because editing stuff manually doesn't guarantee that icons will be aligned just like they have to.
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Yeah i guess your right..
XP users should need to do it with this..
it's good enough for me anyway,
and a plus is,
that non-windowblinds users can use it to trans the taskbar to:)
Thx for ya replies fedia:):D
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