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Commission for Krelt by EmpressRising, visual art


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The Roach King by EmpressRising, visual art

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He's Not My Doctor by EmpressRising, visual art


Commission for DashingZebra by EmpressRising, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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Howdy. My name is Empress!

Estoy aprendiendo español!

Mi lernas esperanton!

I'm just a digital artist who draws mostly anthro (especially antelope/deer), but I also draw dragons, humans/humanoids, and more.

I consider myself to be approachable and friendly and I'm not here to take things too seriously; I just want to enjoy cool art, meet new people and have a good time. I'll admit that I am slow to reply to messages due to work, and I often times don't reply to a random message that just says 'hi' as I am contacted by spam a lot, but don't hesitate to reach out to me for anything.

You don't need my 'permission' for these things, but feel free to:

- Take inspiration from my characters, stories, designs, and similar for your self.

- Reference or trace my art for practicing purposes. (Please consider giving credit if you post 100% traced art!)

- Draw art for any of my OCs, no permission needed, and feel free to stylize them. (No NSFW, please)

- Ask to be pinged about literally any of my OCs if I ever choose to sell them. (Just be aware I probably won't be selling most)

- Ask for help on your art, or ask how I did/do something on my art/etc. I'll admit, some things are Patreon-exlusive, but I'll help you if I can.

Thank you for your time!

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I would like to note that my name is inspired from, and taken from, the song 'Empress Rising' by Monolord. The song is great, as is the band. Please give them some of your time.

Empress Rising: https://monolord.bandcamp.com/album/empress-rising

Music: https://monolord.bandcamp.com/music


endless romantic stories

Favourite Visual Artist
Necrolliassis-Sadii | Ivan Aivazovski | My friends
Favourite Movies
Godzilla | Other Kaiju Movies | Rango | Baytown Outlaws | Book of Eli | Ink | Lo
Favourite TV Shows
Twin Peaks | Trailer Park Boys | Twilight Zone | Beastars
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Author and Punisher | Monolord | Ufomammut | Red Vox | Molchat Doma
Favourite Books
Wings of Fire | Guardians of Ga'Hoole | Warriors | Seekers | Westerns | Beastars | Other 'animal' fantasy
Favourite Writers
Louis L'Amour | Ralph Compton
Favourite Games
Kirby | Spyro | Grand Theft Auto | Pokemon | Animal Crossing | Red Dead | Stardew Valley | Detroit: Become Human
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch | PC | Wii | Gamecube | Xbox | N64 | PS1/2
Tools of the Trade
Painttool SAI 2.0 | XP-Pen Pro Medium | GIMP | Krita (learning) | Blender (learning)
Other Interests
Exercising | Gardening | Succulents and cacti | Ocarina | Piano | Writing | Linguistics | Learning languages | Conlangs

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Gracias por tu magnífico trabajo :)

Thank you so much!!

Molchat doma is the best! :)

Been switching between them and the Alyans all month.

Not heard of Alyans but will put the name on my list! Molchat Doma is one of my all time favorites - I have cassettes, vinyl, all of it, so good choice! 8)

Hey there, just popping by to thank you for the llama badge, it means so much knowing such amazing artists like yourself are willing to show my work some love and acknowledgement.

Also, I am positive you get this a TON, but, I thought I'd take this moment to quickly compliment the SHEER TALENT you possess. Your artwork is incredible and so unique. It's very different than what I have seen in the last couple of weeks. Keep up doing whatcha do.<3

Have an amazing day!

Aw, thank you so much. It's always, /always/, a treat, joy and honor to hear anything nice about my art, and I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and tell me that! ;-; I've spent a long time figuring out my art style and it's kind of a joy to hear it stands out.

And never feel like you're lesser than any artist - we're all here doing our own thing, growing at our own pace and hopefully drawing what makes us happy. Your only limit is only ever yourself.

Thank you for the kind words, and please take care! Never stop doing what makes you happy.

You deserve it, truly. It's hard to come by artists like yourself these days, especially ones who have proven themselves unique in a style and the medium of their choice. Aspiring for long-needed practice and figuring out how to be yourself in the art world is vital. You perfectly executed that goal, though, and I applaud you for it.

Those are inspirational words, I shall forever hold those into account. Never stop being yourself and furthering your journey to stay that way.

You are most welcome! Same goes back.<3

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