Decorations Rules

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Deviation Actions

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This applies to page decorations found in this account, in this folder. Please read.

-You are allowed to use these page decorations on deviantART only and as emoticons. They are not graphic resources. That means you can't use them in art, icons, thumbnails, etc. Don't use them in any other way.

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Not gonna lie, your dividers and emotes have made my post desccriptions so much more beautiful <3

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Your decorations are beautiful! :clap:

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These are good, fair rules! :D :thumbsup:
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If we use the thumb, and we use it in our page codes, do we have to link back anything? Cause when you click on it it sends you to the rightful owner.
EmpressOfRoses's avatar
Using the thumb fulfills the requirement of linking back :D
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Does when you click on the emoticon and it sends you to the deviation count?
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yes, it does :D that's my preferred method of crediting :)
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Thanks for the clear up

I wanted to make sure that I was following everyone's rules
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That's alright, thank you for asking :D
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