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Whitewashin' and Racebendin'

My feelings. Lemme show you them.

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That's how I feel...
Also, there IS an afro-american Spiderman. As for Idris Elba, Heimdall in Marvel Comics doesn't even HAVE a face under that helm, meaning that he could be literally every ethnicity, especially considering that, in the Thor Comics, multi-ethnic Gods are a thing (Hogunn is Asian, for Odin's sake!).
Also, about people bitching and moaning about a black actor for Johnny Storm: flash news! Being white was never a defining part of his character.
He's not like Luke Cage, who is kept black because his background shows him as a guy from the ghetto, unjustly put into jail because of racism.
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I heard the white girl playing Katara only got that gig because she was the niece of one of the producers.

Certainly not because of her talents :D
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I salute you. And have you ever noticed how the black character always dies first in 99.9% of movies? Or they get eliminated in the first couple of rounds of any competition show? It's fun to count sometimes XP
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*stands up and applauds*
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You make an incredibly good point.
P.S. Have you seen Nostalgia Critic's review on the Last Airbender movie? I think you'd like it.
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I agree with you. Movies don't need a white lead to be successful or to appeal to white people. My favorite movie, Precious, has a black female lead.

The Last Airbender was a trainwreck. The race changes were the worst, but trying to cram an entire season into one movie is well-nigh impossible. The exposition only made it worse. The cartoon was already doing great - they didn't need a movie.
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Thank you so much this is... so much truth!
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This is so true, thanks for doing this everyone needs to see this  :)
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And yet they still say discrimination isn't a problem anymore.
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I agree with all of this!
Great work, by the way :)
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I wanted a Donald Glover Spider-Man so bad! :(
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HELL YESS! Watching Last Airbender made me SO MAD especially after growing up with all the seasons/books as a kid. But Aang aside, all this is true.

PS>I would've liked to see Black Spiderman as well :)
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Oh my gosh yes. Aang would've been the only person they could've gotten away with casting as white. But characters like Toph and Zuko were obviously meant to be Northern Chinese. That pissed me off too.
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I sort of both agree and disagree with you on this.

- Maybe it's because I've been a fan for more than half my life, but it bothers me when characters I know and love are given a/replaced with a minority for the sake of having a minority. For instance, in a movie of Marvel's (non-Ultimate) Spider-Man, I was very much against making him black because to me Peter Parker is a well-developed character and I don't think he'd be the same person if he was black any more than my life would be perfectly the same if I were a different race. Your culture is a part of you, and does have an influence, so I don't like random swapping. I'm also upset with DCs trend of taking well-established characters and just making them minorities in what seems more like a marketing campaign than a well thought out plan. The Question was one of my favorite heroes, but they killed him and replaced him with a Latino-lesbian character, Renee Montoya, who I liked in Batman Beyond, but when you kill a well-established hero and expect me to just be like "yeah, I like the Question, I'll keep following this person who isn't the character I like," it causes resentment. I also don't like that they "rebooted" Alan Scott, who traditionally had a wife and children, to be gay now. If they created new characters, or let new minority versions work alongside the traditional versions (I'd be OK with two Questions), I'd be much happier.

-Likewise, I'm all for creating strong minority characters in their own right. It boggles my mind when Hollywood disregards color (because, as I said, it influences the character tremendously). Bane wasn't Bane in Batman to me because Scottish and South American are *not* the same thing. And though I didn't see Airbender (I heard it was horrible) it boggled my mind that all the characters were white in a show with such strong Asian influence. John Stewart, who is black, is a fine Green Lantern and strong character in his own right, but with all of DC's worries about representing minorities, he's underplayed in the movies and comics (Even though DC seems to be on a binge of killing or rebooting white heroes to replace them with minorities). Likewise, there are a number of strong black characters in G.I. Joe, but they felt a need to make white characters black instead of just using the available (good!) black characters for the movie.... although that movie wasn't so hot, either.... Ah, Hollywood.
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Your first point makes it sound as if Marvel and DC are only killing characters to replace them with ~minorities~. Given that comic book characters die/are rebooted ALL THE DAMN TIME, it's a bit of a fallacy to suggest that the few times they're replaced with PoC/other minorities are just like REPRESENTATIVE of the phenomenon.
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In fairness, I probably sound more bitter about it because I hate pointless deaths and reboots period. I think I complained for three months after the last time they killed Nightcrawler just because they obviously didn't know what to do with him anymore. And I'm still bitter that they brought Jean Grey back the second time, let alone the sixth, etc.

It also seems to me that when they want to create new minority characters, they often overdo it and create too many characters (including caucasians), don't develop any of their personalities well for lack of "screentime" and end up calling the book a failure and canning it. I believe New X-Men (the Academy one) ran for slightly more than three years, had a nice melting pot of characters (Dust, a Muslim, being one of my favorites) then drove itself into the ground by killing probably 12 of the 24 heroes they created and replacing them with 6 more. Around that time, they also did Avengers Academy, with a NEW motley crew of young heroes, and drove that book into the ground with little character development after less than two years.

I'm just saying, if they want to create minority characters with the standing power of, say, Spider-Man, they need to create NEW loveable, complex minority characters, invest TIME in them and develop their characters, and keep them in stories long and often enough to allow readers to know and love them. I mean really, even Wolverine wasn't popular at first. Instead of looking for an overnight sensation or an "easy" fix, like replacing an already-established character with a character that is not them, which creates reader backlash.
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