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Xiaolin Showdown - Shipping Meme!
My shipping meme for Xiaolin Showdown, which in general is actually one of my favorite animated shows. I re-watched the entire thing a few years back and love it to death, but I have faint memories of watching it play at a restaurant I used to go to. In general though, I don't have very strong opinions on shippings for this show.....mostly because I'm basically neutral to virtually every single ship and/or okay with them being friends.

Honestly I actually like how technically everyone remains canon single in the show, they just throw some hints/nudges to certain ones without putting the plot on pause for romance drama. It's very refreshing and not done a whole lot and I like it.

That said.......I am neutral  towards/like virtually every pairing from the show because honestly, most of them all have their merits and reasons to be shipped, my favorite tends to shift with my mood so like one day my fave will be one ship but then the next it can be the other really depends on that kinda stuff. Also I suck at coming up with reasons to not ship stuff to be honest, so I just kinda decided to give up on trying and just accept that I like pretty much everything.

I originally put it all as neutral but I was tired af when I was posting this. I forgot Chase/Wuya too. 

So yeah.

Jack and Raimundo also have crossover ships when it comes to me, and Rai & Clay I ship select OCs too.

The only one I dislike outright is Shadow/Chase but that's mostly because it's basically implied incest (Chase created her and they even do a "calling you 'father' hardly seems appropriate) and also she tried to kill Chase's egg at one point......even though he then went on to let her stay in his lair even after that. Honestly that's the one pairing I dislike from this franchise. And go figure it's from Chronicles.

Original Meme by - :iconpurfectprincessgirl:  Xiaolin Showdown Shipping Meme by PurfectPrincessGirl
Around the same time of day that Nigel was speaking with Danika, Jake himself remained 'busy' within the male bathroom - only he was not doing the business that one was supposed to be doing, even though he could faintly smell residue of it around the room. Rather, he was instead pacing around the place in front of the sinks; all the while his ever best friend Spud was looking at him with the usual concern such a close friend has, and with good reason.

"Um, dude" Spud spoke, his tone of voice matching his face, "you've been moving in circles for...wait..." Spud, with a sudden realization, pulled out his wrist to check his watch to make sure of something, "....yep, now it's officially 7 minutes since you've been doing that; I think you should rest-"

"I'm in hot water, Spud!" Jake quickly exclaimed, panic running throughout his body, "Hot water I tell you! Almost boiling! And the worst part is that I'm not the one heating it up, you have any idea how terrifying this whole thing is!? If Rose and Danika find out about this, I'm toast!” the dragon boy couldn’t help but let out a soft growl in response to his ever worsening situation, “Why am I trapped in this mess of a love triangle!? Why did no one develop this situation better?!"

"Well, you know, you could've like, not tried to woo Danika after the whole siren thing?"

"That's not helping me right now!"

"Yeah, to be honest; I don't know if any of my laidback quips can help you this time."

"Gee, thanks" Jack snarked, "That's real helpful."

"It's easy for you say!" Jake yet again exclaimed, "You only had Stacey to worry about and that was it! I had way more than that on my plate, I'm just lucky Jasmine's not involved as number three right now!"

"Oh yeah, I wonder what happened to her?" Spud asked curiously, brow raised in accordance with his mood.

"Let's not worry about right now, Spud!" Jake said as he stopped "How am I gonna do this? How am I gotta get out of this one?"

"Well, you're gonna have to dump one of them. I'm surprised you're not just picking Rose to be honest bro."
"It's because it's not easy, dude." Jake explains "I finally get to see Rose again after all these years and it's supposed to be the happiest day of my life, but I almost feel the same way with Danika."

"Well, I'm here to try to help; why don't you try at least have a time for each of them before a final decision."

"How? I have two dates at the same time, and there's no way I can't be at two places at the same time." And then Jake got an idea, rather quickly; being expressed by a snap on the fingers.

"Yo yo yo yo, I got it! The Dopplegangers!"

"Double what now?" Spud asked Jake, as the two of them started to get out of the bathrooms and went to the school hallways.

"Don't ya remember, those copies of myself I made that one time to help me take a load off, only for one of 'em to go all evil and need to be stopped?"
*asked Spud, not immediately remembering until during Jake's response:

"Oh right, yeah; that could work....but how you'll make sure none of them become evil this time?"

"Cuz now I know what not to do! This time I’ll just make one or two clones and I'll keep myself in touch with the doubles so they tell me how things will go."

"Trust Spud, I will make it work; have I ever screwed up with these situations?" Jake said with a cocky grin, but Spud was hesitant to answer,  luckily for him he ultimately didn't have to since Jake had to talk with Danika, though he had to wait a little; meanwhile, Trixie managed to catch up with Spud and Jake, but Spud signaled his friend to keep quiet while Jake talks.

"Hello?" Danika's voice is heard on the phone.

"Oh, S'up, Dani.”

“Jake, I was just about to call you up to see about our date.”

“That’s sweet cuz I was just thinking about doin’ the same! Oh, I mean in a good way, don’t get the wrong idea now, haha!”

“It’s okay Jake, I know what you mean.”

“Heh, welp; what’cha want, Danika? What can I do for you? Something wrong with the date we got set up?”

“I was thinking that maybe a date on Coney Island is a little bit too much; maybe we could do something more..I don’t know, simple or quiet.”

“Oh, simple and quiet huh? Don’t worry, I can definitely manage that! In fact, I think I know just the place!”

“You do?”


“Well, where?”

“Maybe we can go to a restaurant, catch a flick or maybe a walk in the park.”

“Oh Jake, you can be such a romantic sometimes~”

“Heh” Jake chuckled, “Only the best for you, Dani~”

“Well, I’m up for wherever you want to go, Jake.”

“Fantastic!” Jake smiled, “How about a movie, all on me!”

“Okay, which movie?”

“I don’t know, I’m in the mood of anything you like, if you think you can pick.”

“I think I have one or two options, but maybe I should leave it as a surprise, for now~” Jake tried to make it possible to feel the wink he was making as he finished his words.

“Heh heh, I’ll look forward to it, so; see ya at Saturday at your house?”

“It’s a deal!”

“Okie-doke, bye.”


With that all having been said, Jake ended the call only after Danika herself had been the first to do so. After that he confidently turned to Trixie and Spud once again, with a grin plastered on his face and hands on his hips. However, they were not so confident that his problem was over yet - giving him fittingly concerned looks.

“What?” Jake said, oblivious to their worries, “Do I have something on my face?”

“Jakey, you just delayed the unavoidable.” Trixie said, shaking her head, “Did you forget about your other problem?”
“And what might that be?”

“Begins with an R, rhymes with Pose.”

“And used to be the Huntsgirl!” Spud chimed.

“I got it, guys; I got it! I’m not in kindergarten anymore!” Jake remarked, annoyed though with a little bit of snark on his voice “But this will buy me time on telling them about of all of this and not leave open conclusions, besides; I have a plan on Saturday that involves a double date and Chi dopplegangers.”

“Jake…” Trixie said on a scolding voice, “You ‘member the last time you used those things?”

“I promised that I’ll be careful next time, and that time has come!” without so much more of another word, Jake walked away from the two friends of his, though both of them shook their heads with skeptical disbelief, turning to each other as Trixie commented:

“How long you think he’s got before he screws it all up again this time?”

“To be honest, I don’t really know.” Spud shrugged, “I guess whenever Rose actually shows up?”

“Sounds about right.”

Meanwhile, Jake was continuing his show of confidence as he muttered for once happily to himself; feeling that everything was at last under control.

“I got this, I know I got this!” he exclaimed rather quietly to himself, as he put his hands on the pockets and kicked up some of the dust from the ground. “They shouldn’t doubt about me, after all; I know how to get myself out of this, I mean, look at me: they’ll understand me with this pretty face. I just have to do the ‘troubled boy’ act and maybe they’ll understand!”

He couldn’t help but fail to see any flaw in the plan he had in his mind, always being the type to house the utmost confidence in anything he ever came up with. But at that moment, he receives another phone call this time, Jake checks the call ID with a simple word: ‘FU’.

“I wonder what Fu will want now? He doesn’t usually call me at this time of the day unless he wants me to get some food.”

Nevertheless, he wasted no time in answering the call of the dog:

“Yo, Fu?”

“Jake, I managed to get an interesting finding!”

“Oh yeah, about what?”

“The wand stealings, I managed to analyze one of the stolen wands and it was attached to a pretty interesting symbol brooch..” On the other side of the line, Fu was seeing a golden brooch that could fit at his own paw: the symbol got two crossed wands the skull of a gryphon.
“I thought I’d never see their faces again, but there you go!”

“Dang” Jake snarked, “For real? Don’t worry, I’m on it!”

“You don’t understand, Jakey; these guys are no game!”

“....who are you talking about?”

“They’re the Smoke Gryphons: one of the biggest magic counterfeiter rings of the magic world; they managed to get their hands on many of the world’s biggest magical artifacts, but after they got busted and arrested during the 50s; I thought they’ve vanished for good…*woof* guess not!”

“Fu, don’t worry’ bout it, I’m the American Dragon! I can take ‘em no problem!”

“Well, that’s the thing about the Smoke Gryphons…” Fu continued, “...they’re extremely stealthy about their own operations and they’re hardly seen, luckily for us, just so happens I know an informant that can help us out to find them, all I have to do is reach out to him.”

“A’ight fine, who is it?”

But before Fu could respond, a sound interrupts the call; the sound of a ringing bell.

“Oh, sorry Fu; gotta call later, I have literature right now! Gotta go!” Jake quickly hung up the phone, not allowing Fu to even attempt in stopping him. Fu could only let a sigh before saying:

“Maybe it’s for the best, he wasn’t going to like who was gonna help him, now about that spaghetti I ordered…”

Needless to say, the weekend arrived surprisingly quickly - perhaps given the fact Jake ought to have been preparing for it.
Jake was on his room, trying to go over his plans one last time:

“A’ight Jake, you got this, you got this.” Jake whispered to himself as he was slightly jumping in place, kicking his heels together even, “Got this one in the bag, yo!”

As one would expect from him, Jake was trying to psyche himself up for his first of two dates:

“Hair, check; breath, fresh; red jacket, fly; moves, swingin’! Yep, everythin’s right as it should be!” Then, after a good moment he managed to take deep breaths and closes his eyes; on that moment, Jake started to surround himself into a blue aura light: his chi separating from him without much of a sensation in order to craft in his exact image what appeared to be a complete perfect clone of himself.

“Now, you know what you need to do?” The real Jake said to his clone, as he put on a cyan blue bracelet around his doppleganger left wrist, “You gotta help me out with my two girls, a’ight?”

“Alright, who I’m gonna get and what do I do?”

“You’ll go with Danika and all you have to do is take her on a movie and entertain her enough after I finish my date with Rose! You got that?”

“OK then...but don’t you think we’re two timing or something?”

“Aw c’mon, no we ain’t!” Jake said frustrated “It’s just a date, besides; this could help me decide between Rose and Danika!”

“You sure about this?”

“Positive, trust me! This will be a good tag team plan.” and on that moment, Jake’s phone rang again, making him just slightly annoyed as he answered it, saying to his copy “Hang on.”

As for the person on the other end:

“Sup, it’s the AmDrag.”

“About time I managed to get you on the phone.” It was a familiar voice with a British accent that made Jake’s spine chill.


“Yes, Mr. Long, it’s me.”

“Why the heck are you callin’ me?”

“Didn’t Fu already tell you?”

“Tell me what, exactly?”

“About the Smoke Gryphons, that’s why?”

“Wait….you’re the informant!?”

“I believe that is what I just told you, yes.”

“Oh brother.” Jake groaned as he held his forehead, “You are the last person that I wanted as my help!”

“Well I’m sorry if I’m the only one that’s able or willing to help you with this situation.”

“OK, what do you want?”

“Team up with you, since I have a lead to get the people behind the magic wand smugglings, and it’s a good one if I might say so myself.”

“Say what now?”

“We’ve teamed up before, what is the problem now?”

“Well, it’s just…” then, something hit Jake. It was a rather strong moment of hesitation, as suddenly he was struggling to think of a proper response to the red-headed wizard. How he was still gonna explain that he had the feeling of Nigel’s lips on his? And why he can’t think on something else?

“Still here, Long?” Nigel asked, interrupting Jake’s thoughts, “I’m waiting for a response, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, I-uh, eh, heheh...I guess I have no choice, right? OK,…” Jake replied nervously, “How can I be of your service?”

“That’s much better.”

“Yeah yeah, just tell me what you need me to do.”

“Very well, I got a lead that there is gonna be a Smoke Gryphons reunions on the pier area of the city, and I want you to help me infiltrate it”

“A’ight, I can do that no problem!”

“Yeah, but we have to move on tonight.”

“Tonight? You mean, this night?”

“Well, that’s what ‘tonight’ means. Is there a problem with that?”

“Well, um…” Jake then looks at his chi clone, who was tapping his foot rather impatiently - complete with a pouting expression, “I dunno, man.”

“Jake, this job is why the American Dragon is here, you’re not gonna turn your back on a possible catastrophe, are you?”

“Say wha? O’ course not!”

“Well then, what’s stopping you?”

Once again, Jake lacked the know-how of what to say as his response. He swallowed just a bit before he finally came to yet another mental solution to his great woe:

“Where can we see each other?” that proved to be the only thing he could say, surprisingly enough, “I’m in.”

“I’ll send you a message, so stay alert.” and Nigel hangs up, letting Jake sigh.

Minutes later, there was another doppleganger in the room as Jake was giving him a pink bracelet.

“So, what am I gonna do?” the Jake clone with the pink bracelet asked to the original one, “You got a plan, right?”

“All right!” Jake finished to put the bracelet, as he was clearly frustrated right now, “I’m gonna say this one last time just once: me with the cyan bracelet is gonna go with Danika at her house so the two can watch a movie while me with the pink bracelet will take a bus to meet up with Rose at Coney Island while I go to the docks with Nigel, any questions?”

Jake with the cyan bracelet raised his hand, with Jake signaling to him to say what his question was.

“Should I do the ‘yawn-and-reach’ trick?” that got some groans of the other two Jakes.

“Of course you do!” The real Jake replied, “Do it a million times if you need to!”

“Yeah, dude; it’s like ‘Dating 101’.” The Jake with the pink bracelet added as he nudged the other clone’s arm, “Come on now!”

“Hey, I’m no stupid, stupid!”

“You’re the stupid one, I’m not!”

“Yo, dudes, stop it!” the real Jake yelled out to stop them both in their tracks, “Both of y’all be actin’ stupid!”

“He started it!” the two clones pointed at each other in a manner which couldn’t help but make their originator groan and rub at his temple - already this was not going the way he had hoped for it to go.

“Aw maaaan, this is gonna take forever.” Jake groaned to himself, then he directed to the clones. “All right, mes; listen up!” Jake exclaimed, clapping his hands to ensure he had his copies complete and undivided attention - though he still wasn’t sure he actually had that, “Now, I hope all you guys remember what I told you, because we seriously ain’t got time for me to be repeating myself!”

“Sorry, Jake.”

“Just listen up, alright? This day should be flawless, this could be the deciding day were we finally can get this love triangle mess over and done with before it gets ugly, ya heard?”

“Sir, yes sir!”

“Alright, now that’s what I like to here! Now let’s get out there and gave the ladies a date they’ll never forget!”

“On it, sir!”

“That’s more like it!”

And so, the sun starts to set on the NY skyline; with a taxi cab parking near the entrance of one of the houses of the place, and the Jake with the cyan bracelet steps off and with a smile as he checks himself before he can smoothly walk towards the enter and knocked on the door three times.

From the other side, he received an answer, a simple, common:


That particularly Jake put upon himself a victorious smile when it was Danika who opened the door, dressed in a lovely dress and decorated with the finest of jewlery that a girl her age would be allowed to wear. Complete with makeup, it was clear she was more than prepared for a lovely night out with what she believed to be ‘her man’.

“What up, boo?” Jake asked with his usual ‘swagger’, “You’ ready for your date with the mackdaddy or what? Cuz from where I’m lookin’, girl, you fiiiiiiiine for it.”

Danika giggles in responds and replies with: “I did try to look my best.”

“And you succeeded.”

“Oh you!”

“So...ready to go, m’lady?” Jake asked, acting like a gentleman in a rather convincing upper class accent, though still decidedly false, though he did top it off with gesturing for Danika to grab and hold onto his arm with a charming smile plastered on his face. Jake smiled back to Danika as the two continue their conversation.

“Are you sure you wanna go to the movies, Danika?” Jake asked, “Last chance to change your mind~”

“I’m 100% sure.” Danika said with conviction, “I just saw a movie that maybe you’ll like.”

“Oh yeah? Do let me know~”

“It’s the latest ‘Capella Camp’ movie.”

“Capella Camp, huh?”

“Remember that you told me that those were some of your favorite movies because of the soundtrack?”

“Huh, oh, oh yeah! I remember now!”

“Heh heh, with that said; Capella Camp 4: The Riff-Off is out, are you in?”

“Oh, I’m in!”

Meanwhile, on another part of the city: Rose was already dressed for the occasion and waiting on a bus stop, checking her watch when Jake with the pink bracelet just managed to make his appearance, the blonde girl went straight towards him and gave him not only a hug, but also placed her lips tightly upon his own - yet again giving him the feeling of something that once upon a time he only would have dreamed of. However, it was a rather short kiss - a perfect one, simply a short burst of a dream that now became reality, before they had to part away and converse with each other - albeit with Jake currently being in a trance like state after such a greeting.

“I missed you too, Rose.” Jake replied with a wink, “A lot.”

“I bet you do, I missed you and I missed New York...although, you have to admit that Hong Kong has its own charm.”

“Eh, yeah I guess it does but it ain’t no N.Y.C.”

“OK, I’ll give you that.” Rose replied with a giggle, as she sat herself down next to Jake - smiling at him happily the whole while.

“You know it’s always good to see ya again.” then Jake tries to do the ‘yawn and shoulder hug’ maneuver. Rose just smiled, lowering her head for it to be placed comfortably on her Jake’s shoulder.

“The bus is gonna come here any second now, anything you like to tell me before it comes?” Jake asked his ‘girlfriend’:

“Well, this isn’t gonna be anything you haven’t heard before” she admitted, “But…maybe my family might not be as complete as I thought it was.”

“What’cha mean?”

“Well, you remember that dream we saw? I had a twin, and, I haven’t found them yet. Not even sure if it’s a brother or a sister. I was hoping you would help me find them.”

“ a twin? And why you didn’t told me any of this stuff before!”

“I thought you already knew.”

“I...I did? You told me that before?” Jake was acting confused, “I’m sorry, I think I must’ve forget or somethin’!”

“Well, you were there, weren’t you? I’m sorry, my memories still only came back to me so recently.”

“Yeah….I know that a lot of stuff seems confusing to you right now - I mean, it sure does confuse the heck outta me!”

Seeing Rose starting to get a bit stressed, Jake puts a hand on her shoulder and tried his best to think of something worthwhile of saying to her, knowing very well from the look on her face that she needed him now more than ever - or perhaps needed the actual Jake, rather than his doppleganger. Nevertheless, he still was at least ‘a’ Jake, and was not going to let Rose of all people be alone in such a time of crisis.

“Hey, you don’t need to think on it too much.” Jake said with a comforting tone. “It won’t do you any good.”

“You think so?”

“Eeyup, besides; this date will help you relax and let it all flow, you wanted to hang out with me like the good ol’ days, right?”

“I, I guess so.”

On that moment, the sound of the bus managed to caught the attention of both teenagers as the blue bus starts to stop on the station.

“Welp, ready to get in the clouds with yours truly?” Jake asked, “Cuz I know I’m sure ready!”

“If you wanted to get me in the clouds, you could just spread your  wings.”

“I could, but not with everyone here watching~”

“Ha, that’s very true.”

With that, the two teenagers managed to get into the bus that’ll take them to Coney Island and after paying their fare, both Jake and Rose sit on a couple of chairs and decided to enjoy the road together, although Jake let a thankfully unnoticed sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, at the docks: the night was beginning to fall and grace the air with cool breezes assisted by the moon rather than by the sun in order to achieve what was perhaps the illusion of a greater coldness than there was. Though Nigel Thrall was not precisely cold enough to see his own breathes, he was irritated enough to tap his foot as he impatiently paced the edge of one dock in particular - ignoring the smell of fish and salt as all that was on his mind was where his soon to be ‘partner’ was. Wherever it was, it was not there. At least, it didn’t appear to be.

“Sorry for the delay.” the real Jake arrived on the scene on his skateboard, earning a groan from the British wizard:

“Delay? That’s what you call a delay?”

“Hey, I got to take care of some things before I can meet up with you.” Jake said as he put his skateboard on a backpack he’s carrying “Traffic being horrid didn’t helped either.”

“You could easily fly off to get here, but it seems like you purposely chose to walk here instead. Just to irritate me, I presume?”

“Come on, am I really THAT bad of a person?”

“I don’t know, you tell me.”

“Maybe we could figure it out after we take care of those magic wand smugglers, come on!”

“Oh very well” Nigel sighed, “Lead the way.”

“Gladly.” and Jake went on to get more depth inside the docks area, but as the two get more into the place; Nigel couldn’t help but think:

“I just know this isn’t going to exactly as planned.” but as he kept looking over Jake, he couldn’t help but feel a certain degree of attraction, though it was something he did not want to admit. He wanted to write it off as just normal things to feel after what transpired at the parade - though as he looked at Jake from behind he was not so sure.

“Nigel?” Jake asked to Nigel, turning around with a brow raised as he noticed how far and slowly Nigel was actually trailing behind him.

“What, Jake?”

“Just makin’ sure you ain’t bailin’ on me.”

“Who do you think I am, Mr. Long?”

“Ha” Jake laughed, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I….n-nevermind, let’s get to it.”

The two boys kept going on their way, little did they know that one of the new enemies they would have to face was already watching them on the shadows - completely out of both their sight and their knowledge.


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