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Current Year: 43 BC

Currently in the Empires:

Air Empire: :bulletred:
Fire Empire: :bulletgreen:
Ice Empire: :bulletgreen:
Lightning Empire: :bulletyellow:
Shadow Empire: :bulletyellow:
Stone Empire: :bulletgreen:
Bounty Hunters: :bulletorange:
City Faction: :bulletgreen:


Air Empire: Busy; Secluded; Vulnerable.
After enduring a devastating wildfire and harsh winter; Air Empire is presently occupied on controlling a sudden plague. All Training has been halted, and daily patrols are nonexistent -- save for resource hunts by appointed felines. Any interaction with other Empires are seldom and brief.

Lightning Empire: Currently searching for their new camp!

Where the raindrops as they're falling: they tell a story. In my field of paper flowers.

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AnimalArtist2 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Is the group still open?  what do you think of this character I made up just now?:  Leopard character by AnimalArtist2
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Where should I look for the assignments?
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Is there a specific way or reason North American Cats got in Europe? 
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I have an application done and wish to join?…
suited-wolf Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018  New Deviant
I am wanting to join and am designing a stone empire Gladiator.
but, I wont be able to upload it until 2/3 August. will it still be allowed?
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