Current Year: 40 BC


jaguar stamp by goredoq lion stamp by goredoq tiger stamp by goredoq

backgrounds (Royalty free)
stamps goredoq & bulletblend
cat bullets 8-BitSpider
page codings gunsweat & sighthounds



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Nythero Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2021  Student Digital Artist
what artists made the images being used for backgrounds right now they're so pretty :0
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creepyponylover Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2021  Hobbyist Artist
hey! I'm really sorry to bug you all, I was hoping to join back in January, I got an app done down until about the height when I really badly injured my wrist. I wanted to know when the group may open again? I feel bad having missed it but I'd love to use this boy. ;v; 
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LionCow Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2021  Hobbyist
When is the next opening? My friend is planning on joining when it does.
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Mxtrixrchy Featured By Owner Edited Jan 31, 2021
I might have to wait till next opening but I'm slowly getting a character together! But, I'm having trouble finding the Information tab for the ice, Fire, and Shadow Empire. 
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TiniTou Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2021  Student Digital Artist
Ello there! Been very interest in joining and got an application almost done!! Side Eyes Emoji 
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