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Grand Moff Tarkin: ReflectionsAn AU one-shot story during the events of Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope.The Battle of Yavin is approaching it's crucial moment and Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin is awaiting the moment of his supreme triumph. As High General Modarium Bast advises an immediate evacuation, Tarkin faces a critical decision which would determined the fate of all those aboard the dreaded Death Star.Yet a sequence of past events will also play a crucial factor in the choice Tarkin will face and whatever it is, the fate of millions of Imperial personnel will hang in his hands.....Main Story occurs around the time leading and during the famed Battle of Yavin......Flashback Scenes Occurs during the Height & Late of The Clone Wars as well as the Imperial Era's Early Phases.........------------------------(Central Command Center - Death Star I....Yavin Star System)Darth Vader, Dark Lord of The Sith and the Emperor's Enforcer, stood alongside Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin as they watched the schematic representation of Yavin Prime glowing in the air. The smaller image of the moon Yavin 4 behind the translucent gas giant moved in small increments toward the outer perimeter."To think that ship had come all the way here of all places," Tarkin noted openly while clasping his hands behind his back before turning one eye towards the Sith Lord next to him. "It seems your gambit had worked after all, Vader."Hours earlier, Tarkin had demonstrated the full power of the battle station by destroying the planet Alderaan while forcing Princess Leia Organa to witness it first hand. On the false pretense of sparing her precious world if she provides with the location of the hidden Rebel base and she does by giving a name.Dantooine.Tarkin had personally dispatched a large task force, under the dual command of Generals Cassio Tagge and Trech Morlock, to head to Dantooine and confirms the location of the main Rebel Alliance Headquarters while dispatching a considerable number of the Death Star's massive defense forces for the task.He remembered the pointless argument he had with Vader about recent events on Tatooine in regards for the still missing Death Star plans when he receives a reponse from Tagge and Morlock...------------------------(Flashback - Main Briefing Room # 12 - Death Star I....Alderaan System)Tarkin was glancing at a holo-vid from his beloved mistress/protege in secret while showing a rare smile.Natsai Daala is quite attractive and under normal circumstances, she would be sidelined by the superiors at the Imperial Military Academy on Carida supposedly because she is a woman. But in reality, she isn't from a high-social status family and thus is sidelined.Fate led her to Tarkin's personal attention and after realizing her hidden potential, he recruited her before they evolved from mentor-protege to lovers. While it was common knowledge that Tarkin's marriage to a member of the Motti family was a political alliance, Tarkin decided on taking a mistress and thus finds Daala to be not only a bright spot in his personal life but her presence enables him to truly relax while they discuss matters without worrying about being spied on.Besides her is another woman whom Daala wished to save from the same prejudice she herself had experienced. Her name is Ellian Zahra and according to Daala, she suffers a stigma brought upon her by those who wished to make her into an escape goat for their own incompetence in simple pacification operations.Tarkin takes Zahra into his confidence and thus has both women as his proteges yet Daala's hidden relationship with Tarkin remains a strictly guarded secret."Tarkin," Said Admiral Natsai Daala while she was showing a smirk of her own while glancing at the recording on a R2 astromech droid. "I hope you're doing well aboard the station since I notice you had been under a lot of stress. I'm happy to inform you that Lord Nobunaga has not only approved the Sun Crusher project but has ordered a mass production of the weapon once the field tests have been completed. In fact, he also approves your suggestions regarding the fate of Director Krennic's Weapons Research Department."'Ah...Most excellent news indeed.' Tarkin thought with a smirk now widening.His rivalry with Director Orson Krennic had been the most stressful and quite lasting feud he had ever since they both became involved in Project Stardust, the very project which saw the Death Star becoming a reality.Tarkin had even orchestrated Krennic's misery by having him becoming a 'guest' to the Saiyan Empress Cassandra Taiga on Earth but was frustrated. The reason is mainly due to Krennic's uncanny ability of gaining access to Nobunaga's Inner Ruling Circle through Shinji Ikari, the feared immortal teen warhero whose victories and super military genius had earned both fear and praise from all who either faced him on the battlefield or met him in person.Krennic is able to secure the patronage of this powerful cabal but Tarkin got even by earning the personal patronage and favor of Emperor Sheev Palpatine as a result when the latter was still the Supreme Chancellor.When the Emperor reforms the corpse of what was once the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Tarkin becomes one of the first Moffs and is given full authority in military affairs at the Emperor's request. He quickly rose to Grand Moff a month later following his role in pacifying the Antares Rangers who refuses to renounce their loyalties to the very Jedi Order which was destroyed.Of course, Tarkin renews his rivalry with Krennic during the initial phases of Project Stardust and while Krennic oversaw the constrcution of the actual battle station, Tarkin takes personal interest in the development of the inner workings of the superweapon such as the massive main reactor to the Superlaser.He originally wanted to established a secret research facility in the Maw cluster of black holes but the Maw was erased from existence during at the onset of the Vengeance Crusades period of Earth Years 2016-2020.Fortunately, Nobunaga's advisers provided Tarkin with Black Nova-15, a world which is deep within the Netherworld and where a rare few would know of it's existence. There the most brilliant minds and numerous scientsts were gathered to work on numerous projects yet Stardust was the most challenging for them.Bevel Lemelisk had done much in designning the interior of the battle station as well as the circular dish for the primary cannon, especially using data of past ship-based particle weapon designs to develop a weapon capable of destroying an entire world. He even resdesigned the original plans of the moon-shaped superweapon by making it bigger while working with other designers on adding the finishing touches to the final designs.Yet harnessing the raw power of Khyber crystals proves much more difficult than anyone had realized. Tarkin had to review all amounts of data he receives from the scientists and all concluded that much more time was needed to perfect the capabilities of achieving such a feat.He used the insurgency of former Republic field operative Berch Teller as a means of driving not only a dagger into Krennic's authority but has made sure that his rival would take the fall for any further failure in the project. He even went as far as to demote Krennic when he failed to prevent Galen Erso from fleeing Coruscant when discovering the truth of Project Stardust.But Tarkin himself had to secure his own survivability when dealing with someone more powerful than Palpatine and that person is Nobunaga himself.The young immortal Dark Lord of the Netherworld is quite clear about Tarkin paying the price for any major failure or thinking of betraying his trust. Tarkin had personally witnessed the fates of General Gentis and Laurita Tohm, a gifted though disfigured Imperial officer whose body was found after falling, according to Vader, from the 890th level of Vader's Castle.Yet Tarkin correctly guessed that Tohm was really eliminated not only because he was seen as a future potential rival to the Sith Lord but as the last surviving member of Gentis's class of would-be future Imperial Moffs, he was seen as a threat for future insurgencies in the Galactic Empire.Ironically enough, this view is given to Vader by Shinji Ikari, who exchange the lives of those who swore allegiance to him while executing all those who were trained by Gentis and who were going to stage planetary coup de'tats on worlds they were assigned to. Tarkin was among the top targets to be eliminated yet his decision to head to Coruscant while organizing loyal Imperial forces further enhance Tarkin's status.Then the rivalry with Krennic takes a dangerous turn: Galen Erso had not only been providing intel to the growing Rebellion on what he know but it was he who leaked about the completion of the Death Star from the facility he was guarded at. And it was Krennic's own arrogance that had allowed this disaster to occur in the first place.Once the Death Star's primary superlaser had been tested on Jedha, Tarkin quickly assumes command of the battle station and eventually uses the weapon to eliminate his rival on Scarif but not before ordering a Directive 14 since he needed to ensure the all secrets from the research facility was transported off the planet.Knowing that Krennic was somewhere in or atop of the Spiral-like Tower, Tarkin soon had a gunner tranfers control of a magnification targeting scope to his personal holopod and can see his rival apparently injured from a shot to the ribcage.The moment he gave the order to fire was when he barely conceals a smirk of personal triumph while seeing the expression of silent horror on Krennic's face moments before he was vaporized along with the tower."The Ruling Circle has agreed to allow the Weapons Research Division to be handed over to Lady NiCO since she is seen more capable than Krennic when it comes to running a more efficient organization." Daala finished reporting before her expression became quite distressed. Tarkin is a bit surprised to see her showing such emotion and soon finds out why. "I heard rumors that you are being accused of allowing your eagerness to kill Krennic to blind you from what the Rebels were up to on Scarif and that some in Palpatine's Court are suggesting to make an official petition to have you held accountable for that fiasco to Palpatine. I'm unsure if any of these rumors are true but you always taught me to be very open minded to possibility of dealing with internal enemies."Tarkin sighed to himself yet beneath his facial expression, he was fuming with righteous anger.It had been no secret that his rise to prominence had made him a host of enemies from his fellow regional governors and those within the Imperial Ruling Council on Coruscant. While Krennic had made enemies, those people were nothing compared to the real threats Tarkin himself faces from the most powerful members of the Ruling Council.Some, like the Humancentrist Janus Greejatus, shows utter contempt for Tarkin mainly because the regional governor is the most favored amongst those who retains the patronage of Palpatine. Even Grand Amidral Ruufan Tigellinus is envious of Tarkin and had openly comments about how the 'senile old man' should tends in his retirement in order to make way for much younger and in Tigellinus's personal views, more ruthless men to assume the position and power Tarkin has.Others such as Mas Amedda and Sate Pestage mostly views him as a major rival in their standing with Emperor Palpatine. They seek nothing more than to remove him from the Inner Cirlce of the Emperor and claim his status for themselves."By the time you receives this message, I assume that the Rebellion will be dealt the killing blow and you'll probably receives an Imperial Triumph ceremony in your personal honor. I hope to you soon, my beloved. With lots of love." Daala finished her recording while blowing a kiss and the transmission ends moments later.Tarkin sighes heavily and rubs the temple between his eyes as the pressures were indeed giving him a lot of migraine headaches more than ever. While he had desmonstrated the full power of the Death Star by destroying the troublesome world of Alderaan, he still awaits the good news of Tagge and Morlock's expedition to Dantooine.Both Army generals had long opposed Project Stardust's final phases on two valid reasons; first, Krennic's inability to prevent Galen Erso's initial desertion once he had learned the full scale of what he had been working on. And the second is the ongoing search for the stolen technical plans on the Death Star.Wulf Yualren's ISB agents had done an extensive internal investigation on the possibility of a security leak to the theft of the plans and so far, their findings alone is reinforcing Tarkin's suspicions.Galen Erso had possible contacts with the infamous Gaw Serrera and through the Partisans, intel on the existence of the Death Star may have been leaked to the Rebellion. The fact the Lothal rebel cell had traveled to Geonosis only reinforces this security leak and Tarkin had personally requested the services of Shinji Ikari's clone brother X-99 to further find out what he needed to know.The info X-99 had uncovered is enough for Tarkin to deciding to eliminate Krennic once and for all.X-99 discovers that not only had the Rebellion had been aware of the Death Star's existence due to Starkiller's earlier raid on the then-still constructed station but Galen was still communicating the rebels through Saw and other sympathizers. X-99 openly comments that while his findings aren't fully completed, he did points to a single truth; Krennic's failure to secure such important secrets have enabled the Rebels to begin putting pieces together as to the true purpose of Project Stardust.'If what Lord Shadow said is correct in his detailed anaylsis, the raid on Scarif was part of a much wider operation to secure the other pieces to the Death Star plans. Argh, meaning that Krennic was too consumed by his own arrogance not to see the true threat of the Rebellion until it was far too late.' Tarkin thought angrily before the sound of heavy artificial breathing can be heard in the conference room. He looks up and saw Darth Vader entering the room silently before waiting for him to notice his presence. "Vader?""I apologize for interrupting your personal thoughts, Governor Tarkin." Vader spoke as he approached before standing just two chairs away from Tarkin. "I'm curious if you had received any news from Generals Tagge and Morlock's expedition.""I have send Cass to check on that in the Communications Station," Tarkin said before straightening up in his chair. "We ought to have a report from the pair shortly.""That is good to know." Vader reply."What news from Commander Praji's search party on Tatooine?" Tarkin asks suddenly before folding his fingers in the pose of a certain late hapless scientist whom Shinji Ikari had detested and whose death was satisfaction to the Dark Lord of Eternal Chaos."Praji reports that the droids carrying the stolen plans were picked up by an unknown party, whose identity remains a mystery. His search soon leads him to Mos Eisley spaceport but was unable to prevent the escape of a starship from a nearby hangar." Vader explains while remember the details of that incident as he had been personally informed by Praji himself. "The ship is able to slip past the Blockade Fleet stationed there before any of the Star Destroyers and their support ships would activate their tractor beam.""Meaning that we have failed to secure the stolen plans," Tarkin said while glancing up at the Sith Lord. "The Emperor will be most displeased to here that but it's of little consequence now.""For now," Vader shots back softly as he placed his gloved hands on his hips. "The Emperor isn't the only one whose displeasure will be known to us and he will be more difficult to calm than the former."'Indeed and the events back when Shinji was reborn demonstrates that anger.' Tarkin thought as he muses on the events of the Vengeance period which Nobunaga had not only unleashed his own fury on those who nearly killed his childhood friend but the attempt on his sisters led to him issuing a bloody campaign of retribution.Yet much of the terror was conducted by Shinji Ikari and his immediate family, who were in no mood of taking prisoners. They not only arrested many dissidents but oversaw the mass executions of them and their whole factions as a means of showing to the Multiverse that the Netherworld will not tolerate any form of sedition or even treason.Many had lost their lives as a result and Tarkin had made sure not to provoke such a bloody response from Nobunaga.Before they could continue this conversation, Brigadier General Siward Cass enters the room. The Personal Adjutant of Governor Tarkin strode into the room, his polished boots echoing on the equally polished deck. Tarkin sat on the opposite end of the conference table, and Vader had taken a position near the wall to the left of the door. No one else was there save a pair of Imperial Navy Marine Guards on either side of the doorway.Cass came to attention but his demeanor was sending warning signals to both men, who silently glance at each other through eye contact only.Tarkin looked at his personal adjutant. "Yes?""Our scout ships have reached Dantooine. They found the remains of a Rebel base, but they estimate that it has been deserted for som time. They are now conducting an extensive search of the surrounding sysyem."Vader felt a surge of triumph, even though the news was bad. He had expected this since Princess Leia Organa would never truly betray the Rebellion if it means doing so in order to save Alderaan.She was willing to sacrifice her own homeworld in order to ensure the survival of the very Rebellion she is fanatically loyal to and her world had paid the price for her secret defiance towards Governor Tarkin.But a sense of alarming dread crept on the Sith Lord's very being and while Tarkin may never see it due to the thick-armored helmet and mask he wore, Vader was terrified.Darth Sidious's anger towards the pair is one thing but Nobunaga li Britannia's anger alone is more terrifying since the Dark Lord of the Eternal Empire of the Netherworld is capable of unleashing a world of pain on the pair for not only failing to secure the Death Star plans but have fallen for a lie provided by a snobbish princess.'If Lord Nobunagawere to ever hears of this, then neither myself or Governor Tarkin will survive his fury. No, never mind him. His mother is Worse than him!' Vader thought while shuddering at the thought of Empress Maleficent and what she would do to them."How long do they say the Rebel base on Dantooine was deserted?" Tarkin asked Cass while barely concealing his rage."According to General Morlock, it's believed to have been abandoned about a whole year." Cass said before giving his superior a formal military bow and heads right out of the room.As the Adjutant swiftly turns and proceeded out of the room, Tarkin bolted out his chair and stod on his feet, simmering wit uncontrollable rage. "She lied! She lied to us!"Vader was amused at Tarkin's outrage.Now who was too naive and trsuting? Aloud, he said, "I told you she would never consciously betray the Rebellion.""Then her life is hereby forefit, Vader." Tarkn said coldly as he took a steps toward the Sith Lord. Vader could sense that Governor Tarkin's anger had got the better of him. "Terminate her immediately!""Belay that order, Governor Tarkin." A voice said and the pair turns towards the figure of Lord Shadow, who slipped into the room without alerting the pair of his presence. Calm and very collected, the clone of Shinji Ikari simply tells them. "You both may yet have the chance of destroying the Rebellion while forcing her to witness it first hand before eventually executing her."Tarkin looked confused, his anger going down while regaining control of his emotions. "I suppose you have a suggestion to our current problem, Lord Shadow?""I believe Lord Vader may have similar thoughts as I do but I will speak my mind first." X-99 said while showing a smirk which is that a predatory creature. "Her fanatical devotion to the Rebellion is also her Achilles Heel. Exploit that blind devotion and she will lead you to where the hidden Rebel base is truly located."------------------------(End Flashback)Tarkin sighes mentally and realizes that taking X-99's suggestion was the most workable idea as he remembers that moment. "It's wise of us to adapt to Lord Shadow's suggestion and your own addition of placing a homing beacon on that smuggling starship while it's occupants were running amok.""I told you that placing the transmitter on the ship was our best effort of locating the hidden Rebel base, Governor Tarkin." Vader replies before slightly tilting his helmeted head towards him. "Your methods of forcing the Princess of Alderaan to reveal the exact location of the rebel base had already proven to be a wasteful gesture."Tarkin growls softly but before he could reply sharply to the comment, the nearby Operations Chief announced to all personnel in the command center. "Orbiting the planet at maximum velocity. The moon with the Rebel base wil be in range in thirty to forty minutes."The digital countdown flashed onscreen and all notices that it will take time.It will take 40 minutes to finish recharging the power generators in order to power up the Superlaser as well as finish checking the final calculations for the firing sequence.And it will take 30 minutes to circle around the gas giant of Yavin Prime in order to be in firing position to Yavin 4 and blast it to space dust.Vader had thought long and hard about his final duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi, and had come to a somewhat satisfying conclusion: whatever had happened to his body, his old mentor was no more. That was what mattered to him. Wherever his form had gone, whatever it had become, he would not be seen in this galaxy ever again. That was more important than anything else.To Tarkin, Vader said with a hint of satisfication and confidence. "This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi. It will soon see the end of the Rebellion."Tarkin glanced at Vader. The latter did not need the Force to sense the Grand Moff''s pride - it shone from his face. The culmination of all his decades of work was about to take place. This had been his project from the beginning and it was about to produce the result he had always said it would. How could he not feel proud?Yet at as he reflect on Vader's words, Tarkin's mind goes back to when he first comes up with the Death Star when he first presents the idea to Raskar jen Britannia and his son Nobunaga li Britannia while accompanied by two men whom he had formed both a working relationship with one and a fierce rivalry for supremacy with the other.....------------------------(Flashback - Inner Sanctum Chambers, Geiserburg....Earth Year 2016...)"Impressive," Nobunaga had said, sporting a military uniform - the kind sports by Reinhard von Lohengramm - as he stared at the large hologram of the Death Star that Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin, Commander Orson Krennic, Cassandra Taiga, the brilliant scientist NiCO and the engineer Bevel Lemelisk presented to him. Also with the Emperor is his personal Intelligence spymaster and Minister of the Interior, Grand Admiral Paul von Oberstein.Raskar jen Britannia, the former Netherworld Emperor before handing the title to his own son while assuming the status of Nightmare Emperor, was also impressed by the large holographic image of the battle station yet to be built.While nobody except for the Wild Catz Syndicate's Supreme Council knows all about the existence of the Geonosian designs due to being presented to it by Count Dooku, the upgraded version of those designs have not only impressed the Dark Lord father and son but they were more intereted in the design of the primary weapon...Mostly at the upgrade of weaponry and the harvesting of khyber crystals.Of course, the demonstration and the Republic's deep interest in the Death Star - which it was Raskar who came up with the very name itself - was all planned by Darth Hydra since she has agents within the Republic's Advanced Weapons Research Division yet nobody outside knows of the Netherworld's heavy yet secretive role in having Palpatine issuing them the order to develop a superweapon in order to surpass the one supposedly being developed by the Separatists."Yes, a technological terror of untold power." Tarkin said. Lean and cruel-looking, Tarkin stood beside the Netherworld Emperor, nodding at the image. "Is it worth your interest, Lord Raskar?""Oh but I more impressed by the dedication shown by your Republic's best minds, Admiral Tarkin." Raskar said while glancing at Lemelisk and Krennic, whom both were very nervous since Raskar looked like a demon from Hell.Krennic, Lemelisk and others had designed an upgraded version of the captured CIS superweapon that features a weapon of such apocalyptic-level power in the hands of a single commander. Tarkin had been delighted with the concept and plans that he brought Lemelisk with him to present the idea to the Netherworld Emperor personally."As you can see," Orson Krennic said while pointing key details with his finger. "This is an upgraded and very much redesigned of the plans that was secured from the world of Geonosis by Republic Commandos. The Republic's best minds have studied the original blueprints before we decides to develop this thing before the Separatists would complete theirs first.""Hence why you took the risk of traveling to Earth in order to meet a representative but had experienced complications with that task." Grand Admiral Paul von Oberstein said in his usual monotone voice, his cybernetic eyes glances at Krennic while noticing how Tarkin muses darkly about his potential rival.It is no secret that Tarkin and Krennic have an ongoing rivalry due to both wanting to be as close to Chancellor Sheev Palpatine as possible since it was a means of securing absolute power. Tarkin had gone as far as to arranged for Krennic's abduction by the very Turles Corps who were working for Cassandra Taiga's Wild Catz Syndicate.He had hoped that Krennic would meet an unfortunate accident. But to his displeasure, Krennic is able to secures a private audience with one of Nobunaga's own Dark Councilors - Darth Havron - and through him as well as Shinji Ikari that Krennic is able to establish the secret negotiations between the Netherworld and the Galactic Republic in developing the superweapon they were presenting."Yes," Krennic said while glancing briefly back at Cassandra and clears his throat. "I owe it to my uncanny luck and fate for opening the negotiations for this joint venture.""Indeed," Cassandra said while scoffing deeply. The Saiyan Empress had wanted to torment Krennic and eventually discards him but was dissuaded to do so by Darth Sidious. The Dark Lord of the Sith has plans for Krennic and while the thought of having him murdered by Cassandra's hands was a tempting thought, he was in need of his services."It will take much time in laying the ground work for bringing this station to life," Tarkin explains further while leaning forward. "But I believe Krennic will be more than capable of securing the necessary workforce from the Geonosians to begin the physical construction. Wouldn't you agree?"'Curse you, Tarkin.' Krennic fumes mentally before he shows a false confident smile and replies. "Indeed and with my talents, I believe Archduke Poggle will be more than cooperative to have his people begin work on the station's construction as soon as I return and secures his agreement.""Very good," Nobunaga said as he glances directly at Lemelisk, pointing a Vampire-like finger at the hologram. "Now explain about the weapon itself if you would."Lemelisk rubbed the perspiration from his palms on to his uniform as he spoke quickly nervous in Nobunaga's presence but even more excited to talk about the weapon he helped in redesigning. "The battle station will be the size of a class IV moon, a hundred kilometers in diameter," he said, "housing a single weapon of mass destruction. It will tax the Republic's construction skills and resources to the very limit but I'm confident that the weapon will be ready by the time of any future offensives deep into the Separatist Alliance's home space. I will personally stake everything to it's success."'Inlcuding your own life.' Krennic thought while seeing how Lemelisk is too naive or simply too exicted to realize how dangerous such words can be when dealing with someone like Lord Nobunaga. He had already witnessed the fates of those who had displeased the Emperor and some were executed by his Shadow Hands or Shinji Ikari."The Death Star will have planetary shielding, surface-to-air turbolasers, three-hundred-sixty degree sensor capability, powerful multidirectional tractor beams, and heavy ion cannons." Lemelisk explains."Sounds all nice," Oberstein said while glaring. "But how do you move this thing?""The Death Star will be eqipped with enormous engines for propulsion in normal space as well as hyperspace. The battle station will go to anywhere we will wish." Krennic explains for Lemelisk while noticing NiCO was scoffing at such a waste of resources. He grim and thought to himself. 'Definitely a tough critic.'Tarkin bowed and cleared his throat. "The Death Star will be a self-contained garrison whose only purpose is to enforce the New Order which the Chancellor envisions as well as putting down any other powers who might join the Separatist movement. Which is why a joint venture is needed to mke this weapon a reality.""The biggest challenge is the development of a means to harness the very energies of Khyber crystals," NiCO said finally before using a remote to enlarge the primary weapon of the Death Star while pointing out."It occurs to me that there is no such technology to harvest the raw energies from such crystals and stabilizing them into the Superlaser is another challenge for developing the Death Star.""She has a point, Lord Nobunaga." Cassandra said. "It will take more time in develping the necessary technology to harvest the Khyber Crystals in order to annhilate an entire planet. Such a task will need the best minds to figure work on such a challenge.""A challenge which I do believe the Republic will rise up and overcome with the same serious commitments as they are showing in defeating Count Dooku and his Separatist Alliance." Raskar stated before glancing at his son. "Wouldn't you agree, Nobunaga?""Noted." Nobunaga said before turning his head up towards Tarkin and announce his decision. "Inform the Chancellor that I will ensure that this joint venture will have support from my empire...Provided that the Jedi are never told of this.""I will personally relay the message to the Chancellor upon my return, Your Excellency." Tarkin replies and Krennic simply nodded his head without uttering a single word of protest since this duel will now commence the minute they returns to the Alpharus galaxy.Nobunaga glances at the hologram of the Death Star and Tarkin notices a predatory smirk as he continues to absently observes the designs without another word being spoken. If he didn't know any better, he would suspect Nobunaga had long anticipate how this meeting was going to end and the smirk only reinforces this suspicion.------------------------(Years Later...Year 3 of The Imprial Era)Grand Moff Tarkin had arrived at the Death Star construction site in a nondescript Lambda-class cargo shuttle. He and Bevel Lemelisk sat in the passenger seats and discussed important matters as Tarkin's alien slave, a Calamarian named Gial Ackbar, piloted them toward the huge mass of girders and construction machinery larger than any space station ever conceived.Two years ealier, Tarkin oversaw the subjugation of Mon Calamari after it's monarch, King Lee-Charr, was harboring a fugitive Jedi. Once Darth Vader and the Inquisitors had completed their task, King Lee-Charr was taken into Imperial Custody and Tarkin oversaw the complete disarmament of the Calamarians while allowing several Quarrens to handle things for the Galactic Empire.Gial Ackbar, a captain of the King's Royal Guard and Military Advisor, is forced to becoming Tarkin's personal slave after being presented as a gift by Lord Tion, an Imperial nobleman who was handling the transfer of Calamarian starship designers to either Kuat or Fondor.The Grand Inquisitor, the Umbaran Dark Jedi, actually jokes to Lord Tion that if Tarkin succeeds in breaking the proud Gial Ackbar, then it won't be a matter of time before they completely break the spirit of the Calamarian race. Obviously, Tarkin had overheard the conversation and decides to make this new acquisition into a personal test to prove if the theory is right.Lemelisk couldn't understand why Tarkin spent so much time with the salmoncolored alien, whose fishy smell and large round eyes made Lemelisk queasy. Tarkin had crushed the world of the Mon Calamari and forced the strange creatures to serve his will. Now he made Ackbar his personal aide as another means of whipping him, tormenting him with the duties he resented so much.Completely broken, Ackbar meekly followed Tarkin's every order. He guided the Lambda-class shuttle with wooden talent, chauffeuring them with as little enthusiasm as possible. Lemelisk noted that, though the alien reacted little, Ackbar seemed to hang on every wordTarkin said, as if storing information for whatever possible use a slave might make of it.Yet Lemelisk had a lot of misgivings about Tarkin's decision of having Ackbar around. He feels that the Clamarian was bidding his time while learning everything he knew from Tarkin in secret. He tried to warn his superior about his misgivings but Tarkin was far too preoccupied with his rivalry with Orson Krennic to care.The Death Star construction hung in orbit around the penal world of Despayre in the Horuz system. The Outer Rim territories were Tarkin's personal stomping grounds-and he stomped as often and as hard as possible. The world below was a deep green, fissured with blue and brown rivers and shallow seas. Despayre looked far too calm to be a hellish prison planet, but Lemelisk knew the prehistoric jungles there writhed with vicious insects and predators, poisonous plants, and carnivorous crustaceans. The convicts huddled within the walls of their fortresses, hoping never to be exiled to the wilds.The penal colony provided a ready pool of willing labor to build the Death Star.The volunteer lists carried five times as many names as the site could possibly support, and thus the workers in the space facility were expendable-but unfortunately they were also uneducated and surly, completely untrained for the type of sophisticated labor the project required.Lemelisk directed the routine operations from his comfortable remote station. As chief engineer, he watched the progress reports to make sure all the components fit together properly. He didn't like to venture out into the hazardous construction area, however. He wasn't a hands-on manager and this is proven by his unwillingness to do inspection tour of the construction site unless forced to by visits from Darth Azard, a Quarren Nether-Sith Lord whose ruthlessness is matched by his impatience with Lemelisk's slacking habit.Now, though, as Ackbar piloted the Lambda shuttle directly into the forest of girders, Lemelisk looked around, seeing bright flashes of laser welders and the girders, Lemelisk looked around, seeing bright flashes of laser welders and the glowing ends of newly smelted durasteel plates that emerged from processing plants. Curls of black smoke and the glow of waste heat spread into open space.Steam glittered in a shower of diamond-ice crystals.When the Death Star is complete, the world of Despayre would be shrouded in an upper-orbital blanket of industrial debris as a side effect of the work. Unfortunately for the convicts, the debris would make passage to the penal colony virtually impossible. Despayre would then be off limits, and the prisoners would have to fend for themselves... until supplies ran out and the ferocious jungles came in.Unfortunately, Tarkin has to contend with the growing power of his rival Krennic, who is making a move of moving the Death Star back towards Geonosis since Despayre was going to be handed over to the Netherworld Military for their own uses.A final decision regarding Despayre's fate hasn't been reached yet but Tarkin is confident in his negotiations with the Netherworld's Ruling Council to turn down Krennic's suggestion in favor of keeping the still under-constructed Death Star where it current orbits."You're making good progress," Tarkin said, looking out the port.Lemelisk cracked his knuckles. "Awe inspiring, isn't it?" He had seen the plans so often, knew the details so intimately-but the actual construction still took his breath away, making him feel that all his years of exile in Black Nova-12 had paid off. The small Death Star prototype had been amazing as well, but that was merely a proof-of-concept model. It functioned, but it wasn't the real thing."I will send my report to the Emperor," Tarkin said. "Keep up the good work,Engineer Lemelisk."The Lambda shuttle proceeded through the gridwork of the Death Star and out the other side, then began a slow orbit of the external construction. The focusing eye for the superlaser gaped at them like a large meteorite crater.In the piloting chair Ackbar remained silent. The alien didn't seem terriblythrilled at the magnificence of this new weapon.Lemelisk smiled as the shuttle turned around and returned to the base.Everything was going so well. He felt better than he had in years, watching hisdreams come to life.------------------------(End Flashback)On that day, the Death Star truly began to physical form and Tarkin remembers how everything falls exactly into his hands. Not just the Material resouces and manpower but the authority over the construction of the Death Star.He had used his connections with Nobunaga to secure enough influence with Emperor Palpatine's advisers in ensuring that he was granting the status as an overseer while keeping a closer eye on Krennic.Despite his rise to a position of inlfuence in the Galactic Empire, Orson Krennic wasn't fully trusted by anyone in the Ruling Circle since they views him as much of an opportunist as the likes of M'Quve, Glemmy Toto, Paptimus Scirocco, Starscream of the Decepticons and even Count Baltar, an aristocrat whose willingness to betrayal of Twelve Colonies of Kabal to the Cylons in order to ensure his world's survival and a place in the New Multiversal Order which Nobunaga envisions.Of course, Tarkin had to reinforce his own Doctrine of Fear in a recent conference he had while the Death Star's final operations check out was being conducted.He can still remember the events of that and much more that occurred.....------------------------(Flashback - Conference Room 314 - Death Star I...7 Days Earlier...)A weapon was meant to be fired.Every military man could tell you that. Treat all weapons as charged; never assume a blaster was set simply to stun and not kill.General Cassio Tagge, Chief of Staff of the Imperial Army, knew that. As he walked the corridors of the greatest battle station ever built in this or any galaxy, he was deeply aware that he walked through the heart of a weapon. Power simmered beneath the doonium.He had not been aboard the Death Star when it had gone through its initial test firing on Jedha, but he’d joined soon after and witnessed Scarif. He paused now, a hand on the sleek metal wall, remembering the rumble of power as the Death Star charged and fired. It had been a subtle vibration, something he might not have noticed had he not been looking for it. That was a mark of how big the battle station was—it could kill off half a planet, and most of the people who resided within the station wouldn’t even notice.A credit to Director Orson Krennic, to be sure. Even when the Joint Chiefs - the Military leadership of the Galactic Empire's Supreme High Command - had questioned the validity of such an enormous—and expensive—weapon, Krennic had insisted it was both possible and needed. Tagge had never really liked Krennic. He’d found the man obsessive, but perhaps it took a man obsessed with firepower to make something like the Death Star.And a man such as Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin to take it.It is no secret that Orson Krennic and Wilhuff Tarkin have long loathe each other which goes as far back as the height of the Clone Wars. It is also a very open and well founded knowledgeable fact that Tarkin had orchestrated Krennic's misadventures on Earth while hoping that the Wild Catz Syndicate would do him a favor by executing Krennic.Instead, Krennic gains a small amount of trust from Cassandra Taiga's brother Sebastian and thus the two men had to keep their feud in the shadows while overseeing the development and eventual construction of the Death Star.Tagge paused now, his hand still brushing the metal wall of the corridor. He straightened.Yet her successor in the Imperial Senate, Ca Omonda, had also made a daring escape with the aid of a cloaked figure. Who this rescuer was is unknown since thie individual had defeated three whole squads of both Coruscant Guards and ISB Black Ops Stormtroopers before taking the female Imperial senator and escaped Tagge, two seats down, had both admired the man’s passion for the battle station and been disgusted by the childish way in which he presented it.In the end, Krennic got what he’d wanted. Another test fire, a larger one. Now the seat two chairs down from Tagge’s was empty.A weapon was meant to be fired. You just had to make sure you were on the correct end of it.Tagge continued past the meeting room door with purpose in his strides. He had a private office that branched off the tactical room, and there he brought up the reports and footage of Scarif.Orson Krennic had ever been a man too mercurial for a leadership position. He had guts, true, but he’d relied too heavily on them. Tagge was a man of graphs, of data, of facts and information. They were cold, but they were true.And the truth of the matter was that the Empire had a problem.No, not a problem. A Crisis.The surveillance droids had been able to transmit some of the rebel activity on the surface of Scarif prior to being destroyed, and Tagge had carefully compiled the data. Unlike the little partisan units scattered throughout the galaxy that caused middling annoyance at best, Scarif showed a concentrated effort. It showed communication. Take ten black hive ants and put them in separate jars, and they could do nothing. But put them in the same jar and they vibrated in harmony until the glass shattered. Hive ants weren’t sentient, exactly, but they were destructive.They are a group of teenage heroes who had not only caused a lot of humiliation for Krennic but had also been causing trouble for the Empire in the early years, especialy assisting the Rebel cell on Lothal. And yet they are also part of JUMP Force, an organization whom Tarkin despises more so than Krennic since much of his earlier activities had been hampered by them and their refusal to let the Galactic Empire have a free reign to do as it pleases.Tagge waved his hand, dismissing the Scarif footage. He turned his attention to the list of names in the Imperial Senate that he had compiled. Some were obvious — Mon Mothma had a price on her head for being too blatantly treasonous, and Bail Organa would soon as well, if he did not curb his rebellious tendencies. The man slipped through the political world like oil over water, skimming close to insurgency and relying on legalese and luck. Malicious compliance was still compliance, but it wouldn’t be long before the senator slipped on his own sharp edge. But there were others. Lingering opinions, doubts against the Emperor…they were separated in their little jars now, but Mon Mothma’s dramatic escape from the Senate had opened the lids.Yet her successor in the Imperial Senate, Canna Omonda, had also made a daring escape with the aid of a cloaked figure. Who this rescuer was is unknown since thie individual had defeated three whole squads of both Coruscant Guards and ISB Black Ops Stormtroopers before taking the female Imperial senator and escaped Coruscant.The Senate was abuzz.And then there was Scarif. Tagge kept coming back to it. The transmission that had leaked. The Death Star plans. The stolen data somewhere out there in the galaxy, a threat hidden in the vast emptiness of space.It was hard to think that the very battle station he now stood in, so solid, so powerful, could have any weakness. But Tagge forced himself to look at his data, not the solid walls around him.A restless Senate here, a group of targeted, communicating rebels there, and that damn data tape…it wasn’t hard to connect the pieces.Tagge stared at the data, sorting it in his mind. He debated whether or not he dared ask the Emperor for access to the plans stolen on Scarif. All other copies had been sealed under the highest security—security so high that even he, as Chief of Staff of the Imperial Army, was denied access. He understood the concern but knew if he could examine the data there, he might find something before the rebels did…“General Tagge?” A junior officer’s voice sounded through the intercom.“Yes?” Tagge replied impatiently.“Admiral Motti is here to see you.”Tagge grunted his affirmation, and the door to his office slid open.“Thought I’d find you here,” Admiral Conan Antonio Motti said. His gaze swung over the room. He took in the screens Tagge had been examining and, although he said nothing, the sneer on his face indicated his dismissal of Tagge’s concerns.“Let’s go,” Tagge said gruffly. The two men didn’t talk as they strode down the corridor to the Joint Chiefs’ meeting room. A few of the senior officers were already seated, chatting among themselves. Idle conversations. Meaningless words. Tagge took his seat without speaking, a scowl growing on his face. These men were old. They’d had their war, and they believed they’d ended all war with the finality of it. They leaned in their chairs, comfortable, firm in the safety of the battle station around them.Wulf Yularen was discussing about Scarif with Generals Hurst Romodi and Trech Morlock even before Tagge and Motti shows up but over a bit of their conversation."General Romoda and Admiral Gorin will arrive in order to face their punishments," Yularen said while sighing heavily before leaning back into his seat. "But the fact still remains that the technical plans for this battle station had been stolen.""True and Scarif wasn't the only world that had parts of those plans." General Hurst Romodi commented and stares at both men. "Imperial Intelligence have confirmed of similar yet more covert strikes had already taken place. This only proves that the rebels have been planning this multi-part strike for over a year.""Yes and while I doubt the Emperor isn't aware of the gravity of this situation, Lord Nobunaga has already been informed." General Morlock added.'L-lord Nobunaga is already aware of ths?' Tagge thought and clenched his left hand tightly. Krennic's overconfidence and Tarkin's open arrogance have all contributed to the serious underestimation of the Rebellion and now, with the stolen Death Star plans still haven't been recovered, Palpatine's fury will be the least of their troubles.Nobunaga li Britannia is truly terrifying when provoked and Tagge had witnessed how his older brother, Baron Orman, had lost his eyesight when he mocked the mystical powers the Netherworld is known for and for this open insult, Lord Vader personally blinded him since the man had also insulted the black-armored Enforcer on Coruscant.Tagge swore to himself that he would never make the same mistakes as Orman had made and even went so far as to ensure that he doesn't make the same kind of mistakes Krennic had made, especially becoming so overconfidence that it made him arrogant to the point that his lack of foresight eventually costs him his life.“Is something wrong?” High General Modriam Bast asked at Tagge’s scowl.Before he could answer, Motti burst in. “He’s being paranoid,” he said in a dismissive tone.Tagge swallowed down his anger, but he couldn’t help but insist on the truth. “Until this battle station is fully operational, we are vulnerable.” He caught a glimpse of Motti’s gleam of triumph for having successfully baited him, but he continued anyway. “The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped. They’re more dangerous than you realize!”"Here we go again," Brigadier General Cass mutters to himself while knowing that like his superior's rivalry with the now late Director Orson Krennic, the rivalry between General Tagge and Admiral Motti was just as bad.“Dangerous to your starfleet, Commander. Not to this battle station.” Motti was so quick to respond that Tagge was certain he’d been crafting this comeback since he stopped by the tactical room.Tagge cast a surreptitious look around the room. The senior advisers decides to stay neutral rather than side with Motti on such a statement. They were more worried about the kind of ruthless response from the Netherworld than being comfortable in being on a board a battle station whose superlaser is capable of targeting any world they would like to punish.An image of Director Orson Krennic flashed in Tagge’s mind, and he had to resist the urge to look at the seat the man had once occupied in this very room.He thought of the enraged way the director had insisted the Death Star was ready, that it would revolutionize the Alpharus galaxy and quell even the most fleeting thought of rebellion.'Would it take the veins popping out of my neck, spittle flying from my lips, a crazed look in my eye before these men would listen?' Tagge thought. And then he remembered Krennic’s fate, and thought, 'Was that what happened to men who argued in this room?'Still. He needed them to see. To understand.“The Rebellion will continue to gain support in the Imperial Senate until—”Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin strode into the room, and Tagge’s words died in his throat. “The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I have just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away.”A sliver of ice ran down Tagge’s back. 'No Senate?' he thought. He imagined the hive ants, each in individual jars, and then he imagined the lids on each of them disappearing, and the swarm rising up.Tagge glances at the others and to his surprise, he notices their stunned expressions save for Motti.Trech Morlock and Hurst Romodi were so stunned that they had no idea on how they ought to respond to such an announcement.Wulf Yularen, the Chief Director of the ISB, was so stunned that he wonders if what they all heard is really what Governor Tarkin had just said.With the Imperial Senate dissolved, entire star systems would rebel. In turn, entire sectors and possible whole sections of the Alpharus galaxy, especially the Mid and Outer Rim Territories, would be persuaded by the Rebellion to join their cause.What was Emperor Palpatine thinking into making such a reckless and irrational decision without consulting either the Joint Chiefs or the Ruling Circle?“That’s impossible!” Tagge exclaimed. “How will the Emperor maintain control without the bureaucracy?”He caught a disapproving look from Brig. General Cass, but he disregarded it. It wasn’t weapons that kept people obedient, despite what Motti, what Krennic, and what Tarkin himself believed. Weapons riled people up, reminded them that they could fight. It was bureaucratic mediocrity that made them accept their fate. Show a man a blaster, and he looked for a way to take it for himself and turn it on you. Tell a man he can fight in court, and nine times out of ten he’ll disappear just to avoid the tediousness.“The regional governors now have direct control over their territories,” Tarkin continued, his voice almost idle. “Fear will keep the systems in line.” He shot a quick glance at Tagge. “Fear of this battle station,” he continued, speaking to the rest of the group.Tagge ignored the subtle dig and the way Motti reveled in it. “And what of the Rebellion?” he insisted. “If the rebels have obtained a complete technical readout of this station, it is possible— however unlikely — that they might find a weakness and exploit it.”Tagge had intended Tarkin to answer him. Instead the gravelly, deep voice of Lord Vader filled the room. “The plans you refer to will soon be back in our hands.”"Spoken from a Lord who had failed to prevent a lone saboteur from causing significant damage to this station two years earlier." Motti said openly while everyone in the room, especially the two Naval Troopers who stood at the entrance of the room, were all glancing at the Chief of Staff of the Imperial Navy with the expression that openly read 'Have you lost your mind, Motti?' written on their faces.Motti couldn't contain himself any longer. "Any attack made by the Rebels against this station would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical data they've obtained. This station is now the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it."'Krennic's influence is truly cancerous as Daala warned me about.' Tarkin thought as he learned back into his chair before shooting a glance back towards Vader and can feel that the Dark Lord of the Sith didn't like the accusation that was leveled against him.Tarkin may not had been present when the being known only as Starkiller had assaulted the battle station above the world of Despayre but had witnessed the aftermath of that incident. He couldn't believe that a single person would unleash such devastation yet the evidence was a lot harder to conceal.Krennic was also in sheer disbelief but immediately growls when discovering that an old enemy of his was also involved.The Phantom Thieves.They are a group of teenage heroes who had not only caused a lot of humiliation for Krennic but had also been causing trouble for the Empire in the early years, especially assisting the Rebel cell on Lothal. And yet they are also part of JUMP Force, an organization whom Tarkin despises more so than Krennic since much of his earlier activities had been hampered by them and their refusal to let the Galactic Empire have a free reign to do as it pleases.Darth Vader said while coldly glancing at the arrogant Motti. "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."Motti wanted to laugh. Vader had to be insane! How could he say that, especially with the rubble of Jedha still sweeping past the station?"Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Lord Vader," he said, feeling safe in the presence of witnesses. He was aware that Vader was moving toward him, but Motti was committed. Even knowing what a bad idea it was to bait the man in black, he continued: "Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes or given you clairvoyance enough to find the Rebels' hidden fort-ukk!"Three meters away, Vader leaned forward and made a small motion with his hand, closing it into a fist.Motti felt his throat clench and close up, as if it were being crushed by a steel clamp. He . . . couldn't. . . breathe . . . !He dug his fingers into his collar, trying to remove what felt like an unbreakable band around his neck. It didn't work. The pressure was there, but there was nothing material around his throat to cause it.Tagge was paralyzed with fear while the other senior advisers simply looked on in morbid fascination as they are witnessing Darth Vader Force Choking Motti right in front of them.They are aware of the existence of the Inquisitors and some had personally witnessed how ruthless those who serve Nobunaga are capable of but never imagines Vader to be one of those terrifying beings."I find your lack of faith disturbing," Vader said, maintaining his grip on the arrogant admiral while enjoying this from beneath his mask..Motti felt himself start to gray out. He wanted to scream, but he could not utter so much as a squeak as he slid toward the abyss of unconsciousness and death . . .He barely heard Tarkin speak. "Enough of this. Vader, release him.""As you wish," Vader said. He turned and strode away, and a moment later Motti fell forward onto the conference table, not feeling the impact. He could breathe again, however. The constriction was gone. He sat up, filled with rage, and glared at Vader. If only he had a blaster!But, though he was not a cowardly man, his rage was tinged with fear. How had Vader done that? He had been three meters away.Motti swallowed, his mouth dry, his throat sore.Tarkin said while appreciating Vader's unique talents of reminding the others of the dangers of questioning a Sith Lord. "This bickering is pointless. Lord Vader will provide us with the location of the Rebel fortress by the time this station is operational. We will then crush the Rebellion with one swift stroke!"Motti believed that. But he also knew something else now, too. Vader had power, and it was real. Motti had felt it, and, if Tarkin had not intervened, he believed with every fiber of his being that he would be dead.That was a sobering thought. What did it matter if you commanded a station that could destroy a world if you could be killed yourself by a freak waving a hand in the air?Something would have to be done about Vader. But very, very carefully done.Tagge glanced at the chair two down from his, then his eyes met Motti’s. A thin sheen of sweat dotted Motti’s brow, his eyes still bulging slightly from the choking. But he didn’t say anything further. And neither did Tagge.His data had been wrong, he knew that now. Tagge had looked at the angles incorrectly, surmised the outcomes based on incomplete data. He had assumed the Empire’s greatest weapon was the Death Star.But he was beginning to realize that it might just be Lord Vader himself.Yet before anyone could ask Tarkin if they would call this meeting to a close, a trio of beings enters the room. All turns to see not only Admiral Gorin and General Romoda standing in rigid attention but it was the third being who stands out the most."Lady Talon." Vader spoke and all immediately gasped as they suddenly recognized the figure for who she really is.Standing in front of them is Darth Talon, one of the Wraths of the Netherworld and whose very presence meant that Nobunaga has personally send her to the Death Star in order to deliver his message to them and Vader.A red-skinned female Twi-lek with black-colored Sith Tattoos all over her body, she wore customized Sith Armor which is concealed beneath a long black cloak which made the senior advisers sweating very openly. Her two pairs of lightsabers can be visibly seen on her utility belt yet her glance alone made them all nervous."I have come with a message from my Master, gentlemen." Darth Talon said before pulling out a large Sphere before punching a sequence number into it before letting it go.The sphere hovers at the center of the conference table before it's top opens up and a large hologram comes to life. Minutes later and once the focusing of the lens is adjusted, the image of Princess Cornelia li Britannia appears before the military leaders.Cornelia li Britannia is not only one of Nobunaga's extensive siblings but like Sapphire, she handles all matters for her brother and is as feared as Nobunaga due to how she ruthlessly handles all those who angers Nobunaga."Governor Tarkin," Cornelia began and her eyes alone told Tarkin that this isn't a social call either. Her eyes glowed blood red yet kept herself calm before continuing to speak. "I have been asked by my brother, Emperor Nobunaga, to inform you that while he is pleased that the Death Star's final field test of it's superlaser is quite pleasing, he is more displeased with your handling of the Rebel attack on Scarif."Motti growls to himself but noticing Cornelia glaring at Vader and overheard her stating. "And you, Lord Vader, aren't spared of my brother's displeasure. You had failed to extract any useful intel from the Princess of Alderaan on the location of either the hidden Rebel base or where the stolen plans are.""The plans are still on Tatooine, Lady Cornelia." Vader said while knowing that lying to her isn't such a good idea. "My men have redouble their efforts and all spaceports are currently on strict lockdown. The 14th Support Fleet have secured an orbital blockade which will prevent any attempt by whoever the Princess was supposed to meet from escaping."Nodding and accepting the Sith Lord's explanation, Cornelia turns her attention back towards Tarkin. "These two men and their forces have escaped the destruction of the base on Scarif but it's obvious that you intend on punishing them for the actions of Krennic.""The Scarif Garrison had slackened in their duties, especially no thanks to Krennic's mishandling of his official duties." Tarkin said as he glares at both men in front of them. "And as such, they must be made as a fine example to all who would also fail in their duties."Gorin and Romoda began to sweat and fear can be seen on their faces.Both had been aware of the fates of Lothal's former Garrison commander and his subordinate - Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko and Taskmaster Myles Grint - and for Tarkin to make that suggestion indicates that they too shall share the same fate as well.Cornelia, however, thought differently. "Executing people like those two may have some merits but right now, you can't afford to do so.""And may I ask as to why not?" Tarkin replies."Because do to your own vanity and Krennic's own arrogance, the Rebellion have obtain the entire technical blueprints of the Death Star. True you had made priority in securing all other top secret modules off Scarif, you have faied my brother by preventing the rebels from stealing all data and other material relating to Stardust." Cornelia said sharply. "I wonder if placing our faith in the Death Star may have been misplaced.""I assure you, Lady Cornelia." Tarkin said as he rose to his feet and glances at her. "I will ensure that the Rebellion will be crushed and your brother's trust as well as faith in my abilities haven't been misplaced. For now, I will hold off my judgement on these two men and their troops for now until the plans are recovered.""Agreed." Cornelia said before Darth Talon nodded her head to both Gorin and Romoda to simply leave the chamber. Both men did as they were told and secretly feeling more grateful to escape the worst fate possible for them. Once they left, Cornelia then turns her attention back towards Tarkin. "Are you aware of what you're stating right now?""I hereby declares that I shall stake everything on destroying the Rebellion, including my life." Tarkin openly said and there were gasps from everyone present. Even Vader, who is never known to show any real kind of emotion, looked at Tarkin in sheer shocked while wondering if the regional governor had truly realized the gravity of his own words.Cornelia looked amused but her expression turns darkly and said. "Proceed with using the Death Star in fulfilling this promise you have openly declared, Governor Tarkin. But beware of your own words...If you should fail my brother, then you will experience a fate far worse than what others had already experienced..."------------------------(End Flashback)'Failure..I can't fathom me failing. But I shall succeed and use this battle station to finally delivers the death blow to the Rebellion which is long overdue.' Tarkin thought deeply while continuing to glance at the targeting countdown and tactical display in front of him.By the time he returns his attention back to reality, he remembers nodding his head to Vader, who left the Command Center in order to do some final inspections on a section of the Death Star's Hangar Bay where it was being manned by members of the 501st Legion's Aerial Wing Division's Black Flight Group.He notices how several operators were keeping their focus on their instruments and Admiral Motti was discussing something trivial with a subordinate.This calm is suddenly broken minutes later.Out of sheer insanity on the part of the rebels, a force of 30 starfighters were dispatched to attack the battle station and were joined by an additional force of 40 more.At first, Tarkin dismissed the threat and continues to glance at the countdown. He even refused to order for the deployment of the station's most powerful TIE squadrons to handle these 'pests' as he views the rebel attackers as.However, the reports of key sections and gun towers being struck by the rebel starfighters began pouring through the command center and Tarkin's confidence streak was starting to erode. The more he receives more reports of damage to key sections, the more his confidence began to be replaced with an overwhelming concern."Are you sure the calculations are accurate?" Motti said to a nearby lieutenant while his voice is filled with a mixture of annoyance and growing concern."Admiral, the Battle Calculator doesn't lie and I have rechecked the probabilities of success already when the rebels began their attack." The lieutenant reported before Tarkin suddenly shows up behind the pair."What's the problem?" Tarkin asked/demanded."Sir, the Battle Calculator has made an assessment of our chances in achieving our aims and..." The lieutenant said before hesitated for a couple of moments and simply points at the display monitor. "Please have a look for yourself."Curious, Tarkin glances down and his eyes went wide as he recognizes the Battle Calculator as one which was designed by NiCO and used Shinji's Brainwaves as a pattern as the main AI for it's unique predictability for military operations. The probabilities alone made Tarkin lose the color of his skin.Chances of Success In Current Mission - 34%Chances of Suffering A Worse Defeat In Current Mission - 89%"Governor, these calculations are mistaken." Motti said but Tarkin simply ignores him and walks back to the spot and stood at the tactical display before him."Rebel Base will be within targeting range in 20 minutes."Tarkin remembers hearing similar words as he orders the death sentence of the planet Alderaan and made that miserable Princess of Alderaan watch her beloved world suffers a fate worse than what Jedha experienced.......------------------------(Flashback - Central Command Center - Death Star I....72 Hours Earlier)Tarkin looked at Vader, the unspoken question in his eyes. General Tagge stood there as well, still recovering, no doubt, from Tarkin's earlier revelations.The earlier revelations was the dissolution of the Imperial Senate and it had been days since confirmation of the Imperial Decree had reached the battle station and so far, Tagge had allowed the shocking turn of events to sink in.The regional governor is aware that his fellow governors, especially Bin Essada, Vilrim Disara and Zsinj, would be redoubling their efforts of maintaining control over their sectors of control until news of victory over the Rebellion will be announced from Coruscant.But right now, however, Tarkin was listening to Darth Vader's report on the current interrogation of the Princess of Alderaan, Leia Organa.X-99 had already confirmed her ties to the Rebellion during his own extensive investigation for Tarkin in regards to the security breach to Project Stardust and so far, she had been able to hide her activities until her ship was identified as the same ship that had escaped Scarif.Vader had tracked her to the desert world of Tatooine and once securing her ship, brought her to the Death Star in order to extract all important secrets from her. Chief among them is the exact location of the current Rebel base which the Scarif Attack was planned.But the results from Lord Vader's report wasn't so reassuring to Tarkin."Her resistance to the mind-probe is considerable. It will be some time before we can extractany information from her." Vader said while pacing back and forth while cluthing his gloved hands so hard that bits of machinery being strained can be heard throughout the room before he finally calms himself down.Tarkin shook his head. Why was it always the small details that seemed to trip up the largest projects?Admiral Motti arrives into the room with one of the technical supervisors. Tarkin regarded the pair before silently nodding his head to the supervisor.The man said, "The final checkout is completed. All systems are operational. What course shall we take?"'Excellent! If the superlaser was now fully functional, they could go anywhere. But they needed the location of that base, and-ah, wait.' Tarkin rubbed at his chin. "Perhaps she would respond to an alternative form of persuasion.""What do you mean?" Vader said."I think it's time we demonstrated the full power of this station." He looked back at Motti. "Set your course for Alderaan."The man mumbled something and left, but Tarkin was already thinking ahead. If Princess Leia Organa was a thorn in the Empire's side, then Alderaan was a forest of thorns.Well, it was time to purge that forest. With fire.Tagge started to say something but apparently thought better of it.Tarkin smiled almost benignly and said, "I understand your concerns, General. Rest assured I've spoken with Emperor Palpatine recently about demonstrating his battle station's range and strength. He has assured me that I have full authority to do so." He looked at Vader. "You disapprove, Lord Vader?""Not at all, Governor." Vader said while placing his hands on his utility belt and stares at him. "If your plan works well and the Princess of Alderaan will provide us with what we want to know, then the ends will justify itself.""The stability of the Empire is at stake, Lord Vader. We must also demonstrate our iron resolve towards any other worlds who may be planning on joining the Rebellion." Tarkin said while clasping his hands behind his back and shows a predatory yet malicious smirk and glances back at the Sith Lord. "And besides, Vader...A planet is a small price to pay in order to restore order to the Empire."------------------------(Hours Later...The Alderaan Star System)The beautiful world of Alderaan appears on the main view screen as Tarkin was standing before it, observing a planet which is now identified as one of the main focal points which the Rebellion was deeply rooted from.A subordinate quietly informs Tarkin that the primary weapon is at 90% fully charged and should be completed in the next five minutes before returning to his station.Motti entered the control room to report to Tarkin. "We've entered the Alderaan system." It had been a quick trip, and all systems had performed flawlessly.The station was as fast as any ship in the Imperial Navy, and faster than most. The jump to lightspeed had been smooth, the hyperspace lanes had been cleared by Imperial order, and it seemed that it had taken no time at all to reach the Alderaan system. The superlaser was charged to full capacity and ready to fire.Tarkin nodded. He seemed about to speak when Vader entered, along with a couple of guards and the fetching Princess Leia Organa. Gorgeous woman, Motti thought. He wouldn't mind getting to know her better. Alas, she wasn't going to be with them much longer. A waste.She was hustled up to Tarkin. It seemed obvious that Vader's tortures had had little or no effect, because her spirit was unbroken. "Governor Tarkin," she said. "I should have expected to find you holding Vader's leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board."Motti suppressed a laugh. 'My, but she was a spitfire. A real shame she had to die.'Tarkin favored her with a smirk. "Charming to the last." He reached out and touched her chin. "You don't know how hard I found it signing the order to terminate your life."She jerked her head back. "I'm surprised you had the courage to take the responsibility yourself."Motti held his smile in check, but not without effort. She might be about to die, but she wasn't going to cringe in fear. You had to respect that in an enemy, even a woman. Maybe especially a woman."Princess Leia, before your execution, I would like you to be the guest at a ceremony that will make this battle station operational." Tarkin took a few steps, raised his hands to take in the vastness of the station, and turned to regard her again. "No star system will dare oppose the Emperor now."She sneered at him. "The more your tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."Tarkin walked back to her, pointing a finger for emphasis. "Not after we demonstrate the power of this station. In a way, you have determined the choice of the planet that will be destroyed first." He loomed over her, face-to-face. "Since you are reluctant to provide us with the location of the Rebel base, I have chosen to test this station's destructive power on your home planet of Alderaan."That wiped the smirk from her face.She said, "No! Alderaan is peaceful. We have no weapons! You can't possibly-""You would prefer another target?" Tarkin asked. "A military target? Then name the system!"Motti watched as Tarkin crowded the Princess, giving her no space, no chance to regain her balance, either figuratively or literally. He leaned over her, nose-to-nose, backing her up. She was stopped by Vader standing behind her."I grow tired of asking this," Tarkin told her, "so it'll be the last time. Where is the Rebel base?"Motti watched as she looked at the viewer. Alderaan was centered there, a beautiful green, white, and blue world, quite unaware of its impending danger."Dantooine," she said. Her voice was soft. Defeated. "They're on Dantooine." She lowered her gaze.Tarkin looked up, pleased. "There, you see, Lord Vader, she can be reasonable." He looked at Motti. "Continue with the operation. You may fire when ready."Leia looked up in shock. "What?"Tarkin turned back to face her. "You're far too trusting. Dantooine is too remote to make an effective demonstration. But don't worry-we will deal with your Rebel friends soon enough.""No!" She struggled, but Vader held her fast.Motti smiled as he prepared to give the order. Tarkin was right. Fear was the key . . .They then heard the Chief Gunnery Commander announcing over the Command Center's PA System. "Commence Primary Ignition."All systems were green.The Superlaser crew once again performed their functions flawlessly, adjusting switches, checking readouts, balancing harmonics. All too soon, everything was in readiness. All systems were go.The superlaser beam lanced from the focusing point above the dish.The image of Alderaan on the screen was struck by the green ray.It took no more than an instant. Tenn knew that the beam's total destructive power was much bigger than matter-energy conversions limited to realspace. At full charge, the hyper-matter reactor provided a superluminal "boost" that caused much of the planet's mass to be shifted immediately into hyperspace. As a result, Alderaan exploded into a fiery ball of eye-smiting light almost instantaneously, and a planar ring of energy reflux-the "shadow" of a hyperspatial ripple-spread rapidly outward.Tarkin smiles in a malicious, almost inhuman manner before checking the timer near his left.The timer read: 00:59:10.So little time. So much damage. It was incredible.As the Princess of Alderaan broke down and cries silently before being escorted by to her detention cell by Vader, Tarkin simply clasped his hands behind his back and is very pleased with himself.Sacrificing Alderaan would not only demonstrate the power of the Death Star but in committing genocide, according to his own calculations, he would have ensures that no star systems will rise up and challenge the might of the Galactic Empire if it meant the risk of sharing the fates of Jedha and Alderaan.------------------------(End Flashback)Tarkin then turns and asks Cass. "Where is Lord Vader right now?""He ought to be near the Hangar area by now." Cass answered and both men then heard the Operations Commander giving them an update."15 minutes to tartgeting position."------------------------(Flight Corrider Seventeen)Darth Vader strode down the hall, where he came upon a pair of his own pilots.So far, the Rebel attack force were being cut to pieces but Black Eight Squadron of the 501st, now joined by three supporting TIE Squadrons, were heavily engaged against the second group of 30 other enemy fighters.This enables several units from the first enemy group to break off and Vader decides to take matters into his own hands. It was bad enough for him to dispatch the entire 501st Legion to Yavin IV in order to confirm the presence of the main Rebel base but prior to coming here, Vader had given Appo the order to commence a Directive 14 as quickly as possible.Yet something was definitely off.It was time for him to take the field. These Rebels were up to something...He could feel it through the Force. To the pilots he said, "Several fighters have broken off from the main group. Come with me."His TIE fighter was fueled and ready-it was always fueled and ready-and he would personally show the Rebels what happened when you went up against Darth Vader. His prototype craft was the Advanced X1-faster, better armed, and equipped with short-range hyperspace capabilities that the older models did not have.Whatever the resistance upstarts had in mind, he was going to stop it.Vader gestured, and the hatch to his fighter slid open as if by itself.He climbed into the ship, fired up the engines, and, with his two wingmates, flewthrough the open bay doors and into the black coldness of space.As soon as he and two wingmen were in space, they immediately follows the Y-wings that broke away from the first attacking group to Polarus Trench Twelve.Vader said to his two wingmates, "Stay in attack formation." There were three Y-wings diving at the station, making for one of the trenches. Were they mad?They couldn't do any real damage even if they deliberately plowed into the hull.But they must have something in mind . . .Vader switched to the Command Channel: "All guns in the D-Quadrant cease fire immediately.""As you command, my lord." Reported the Chief Battery Commander in D-Quadrant and the heavy turbolaser batteries suddenly ceased.Three Y-wings, and they'd obviously chosen some kind of target they deemed vulnerable. To his wingmates he said, "I'll take them myself. Cover me."They acknowledged his order, but he wasn't listening.The trio fell in behind the Y-wings. It was but the work of a few seconds to lock on to the rearmost fighter. Vader thumbed his firing buttons . .A hit.The ship exploded into a fireball. He flew through it.He lined up on the second fighter. He didn't even need to use the Force.There was no room for the fleeing Rebel pilot to maneuver.Vader fired. Another one destroyed.He lined up on the last Y-wing. Shot it. Another explosion.Too easy.Was this all they had?Yet again, his instincts were trying to warn him of an immediate danger and somehow, this particular trench is vital in some form of means.But the question is why and what is the true significance of this particular trench.------------------------(Central Command Center)Tarkin stood watching the planet/moon graphic as the orbit around the world came closer to being complete.Vader had taken out his elite TIE squad and knocked off several of the Rebels, though that hadn't been necessary. They couldn't hurt this station. Nothing could.High General Bast then approached Tarkin, his grim look immediately told him that the Battle Calculator had just given an update and it doesn't look good at all. Tarkin looked at General Bast for a couple of moments, studying him as if he was a portrait.The man was obviously worried. He said, "We've analyzed their attack, sir, and there is adanger. Should I have your ship standing by?"Tarkin stared at the man. "Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances." He turned back to watch the graphic.Cut and run just as they were about to wipe out the head base of the Rebellion?Preposterous!The voice from the speaker said, "Rebel base, 13 minutes and closing."What harm could those last few fighters possibly do in that time? In less than 13 minutes, they would be orphans, easy pickings, and the war would effectively be won.Again, General Bast voiced his concerns. "Sir, please listen to reason. The Battle Calculator has estimated a potential defeat at 99.98% unless steps are taken to ensure the survival of all non-essential personnel immediately."Tarkin was about to snap at Bast until the memories of his own boastful declaration to Cornelia and her warning began to be repeated more louder than ever. Yet it was the latter's words which made Tarkin hesitate and made him realize that he has truly become as overconfident and possibly as arrogant as his now dead rival Krennic."If you should fail my brother, then you will experience a fate far worse than what others had already experienced..."Tarkin realizes at that very moment, in a manner which surprised even him, he was starting to show genuine fear.Fear of what might befall him if he were to show up to Nobunaga and Palpatine defeated or worse, labeled as either a coward for not facing the rebels.Or being condemned as a Traitor of the Empire.He had witnessed the brutal execution of General Gentis at the hands of Emperor Palpatine and it was something which Tarkin had long dreaded to suffer.Yet he was a silent witness to when Shinji Ikari, reborn as the Dark Lord of Eternal Chaos, had incinerated two individuals for disloyalty before producing a third severed head and throws it in front of a stunned audience back in Earth Year 2016, the same time which he had prosecuted Shinji's Harem mate Ashoka Tano for treason.Fear of experiencing a fate so terrible that Krennic's own demise on Scarif will be nothing compared of the horrors that may await him at the hands of Nobunaga's High Lord Executioner.Finally Tarkin turns and spoke to Bast. "General, issue an immediate Directive 14A immediately.""A Directive 14A?!" Bast said in astonishment and surprised."All non-essential personnel are to evacuate this battle station at once and all officers who aren't busy are to evacuate alongside the troops they're commanding. Use all available ships at once and see to the evacuations personally." Tarkin said while turning back to the main view screen. "I shall personally witness this battle to the very end. I have staked everything on this gambit and I would rather face death than face such shame or disgrace if I should fail now.""At once, Governor Tarkin." Bast said and immediately sets to work at once, issuing a Directive 14A while Tarkin glances at the view screen.------------------------(Inside The Cockpit of TIE X1)The instant he had seen many corvettes and Strike-class medium cruisers departing the Death Star, Vader had felt something wrong, a clamor from the dark side. While he ordered the nearest ship, a medical shuttle, back to the battle station, all it took was a moment's probing with the Force for him to recognize a mind that was familiar.There were several aboard, none of them weak-minded, but one . . . a woman . . .where had he felt her before?Ah, he had it. On the station, when he had toured during construction.One of the builders, an architect, had shut him out of her thoughts, as if slamming a door in his face. He'd been impressed by her strength of mind and will.What was an architect doing on a medical rescue ship?And then he knew: deserters!His anger surged. There were so many things about this project that he had not been able to control. Well, he could deal with this! The X-wings could wait a moment or two longer. He would take care of these traitors himself. They would learn that resisting Darth Vader was fatal. . .As he and his wingmates bore in, the medical ship slewed into a tight, high-g turn. Vader felt the fabric of the Force shiver as he adjusted his path to intercept.He opened the channel again. "Return to the station, shuttle, or I will fire on you," he said.Before he could get a response, he overheard someone announcing through the open channel. "Attention! Attention! A Directive 14A has been issued! Repeat! A Directive 14A has been issued!"'A Directive 14A?!' Vader thought in sheer shock.A Directive 14A is an emergency protocol which calls for the immediate evacuation of all non-essential personnel and all additional personnel when conducting a Kamikaze strike on a heavily-defened enemy base or world.The Dark Lord of the Sith had been told about the nature of the protocol durig a meeting between Tarkin and Sapphire, which it was under extreme cases when all other options were exhausted.Memories of Tarkin making an open declaration of staking everything on the power of the Death Star in order to deliver the long-awaited death blow to the Rebellion to Princess Cornelia came flooding back into Vader's mind and realizes why such a directive was issued.Wilhuff Tarkin has decided on securing victory by moving the Death Star closer to Yavin 4 and has made sure nobody else will suffer the possible fate he may receives should he fail.'Sithspawn. Why did he go and give in to his stupid pride of his?!' Vader cursed under his breath before receiving an emergency transmission. He punched the buttons and reponds. "What is it?""Lord Vader," Spoke the Flight Control Operations Officer. "Another trio of X-wing fighters is making a run up the same trench."Vader reached out with the dark side, seeking . . .And immediately sensed a presence in whom the Force was powerful, as powerful as it would be in a Jedi Knight.Vader realized immediately that this was by far the greater problem."Break off," he ordered his wingmates. "Back to the station to intercept the new attackers.""What about the medshuttle?""Let it go. It's not important."Vader led his pilots back toward the station. They arrowed down into the trench, their fighters screaming between the high walls.There were the three X-wings. Vader and his wingmates followed, blasting them one by one. Again, no real effort was necessary. Were they all suicidal?But, he realized, none of them was carrying the pilot with whom the Force had been riding. That one was still out here somewhere. Vader knew he had to find that one. He was a danger-perhaps the only real danger."I need locations on the remaining Rebel fighters," he said."At once, Lord Vader." There was a short pause. "There are only three more, my lord, and they have just entered-""-the same trench," Vader finished. Whatever the target, the Rebels were convinced it was worth every ship they had. He knew he had best finish the last three quickly.------------------------(Central Command Center)"About 69% of all non-essential personnel and support personnel have been safely evacuated, Governor Tarkin." Wulf Yualren reported while standing next to the Grand Moff while they check on the countdown.In less then 12 short minutes and in a miracle-like work on the part of General Bast, the Directive 14A Protocol spread throughout the battle station like wildfire. Entire division-size formations ran aboard the awaiting the Victory-class Star Destroyers before beign launched from the rear of the Death Star's main hangar bays.The Destroyers are followed by fleets of corvettes, shuttles of various types and Strike-class Medium Cruisers while all important data core modules are already transported to at least five Imperial-class Star Destroyers before they departed.Brigadier General Cass then said, "Less than a minute, sir."Tarkin nodded. Seconds away from glory and avoiding the kind of fate if he fails.At last. After the years of scheming, of work, now he would show them, show them all!------------------------(Inside The Cockpit of TIE X1 - Meridian Trench)Darth Vader and his two wingmates flew the trench, the last three X-wings dead ahead.His wingmate fired, hit one of the Rebels. The wounded ship pulled up, out of the fight."Let him go," Vader commanded. "Stay on the leader!"One of the ships hung back, obviously trying to delay Vader and his pilots. He focused on it. Lined up.Fired.The ship exploded.One left. Vader moved to engage him. "I'm on the leader," he announced.The TIE X1 screamed down the length of the trench, hot on the X-wing's tail.Closer . . . almost there ...Vader felt energy coming from the pilot in almost palpable waves. "The Force is strong in this one," he said, more to himself than his wingmates.Strong, but not strong enough to stop Vader. Not strong enough to prevent the man who killed Obi-Wan Kenobi from doing what had to be done.Vader triggered his guns.He hit the fighter's R2 unit, saw the smoke and flames erupt from the hit.Good.'Now,' he thought, 'we finish this.'------------------------(Central Command Center)Tarkin glance at a nearby officer and asked. "What's the status of the evacuation of non-essentials?""Fully completed, Governor Tarkin." The officer reported before they heard the announcement they had waited over 40 minutes for."Rebel base now in targeting range." The voice on the comm announced and all noticed the targeting system was indeed locked on the jungle moon.Elated, Tarkin turned to Admiral Motti while Cass and Yularen stood either side of him. He kept his voice calm. "You may fire when ready."Motti nodded and announced to the Superlaser Gunnery Crew Station. "Commence Primary Ignition."------------------------(Inside The Cockpit of TIE X1 - Meridian Trench)Slowly, Vader crept up on the last X-wing. The Force swirled about the mysterious pilot; eddies, clouds, a vortex of powerful energy. Who could this be?This was no Jedi, of that Vader was certain, but he was steeped in the Force likeone.The target danced back and forth across his screen. Then, finally, a lock!"I have you now," Vader murmured. He moved to thumb the firing buttons.Then, suddenly-His starboard wingmate's TIE exploded."What?" Vader twisted about, trying to see through the cockpit's transparisteel while simultaneously reaching out with the Force. Enemy fire was coming in from a totally unexpected direction. But how? There weren't any more enemy fighters in the vicinity!Then he felt the attacker-approaching from above, to the port side. Vader couldn't see it, but his remaining wingmate could. He screamed. "Look out!'"The port wingmate's TIE collided with Vader's ship and was knocked spinning, out of control.The X1 ricocheted off the wingmate, sending the latter to a fiery doom against a trench wall.Vader's ship was hurled out of the trench and sent, pitching and yawing, into an uncontrollable series of flips.At one point, he caught a blurred glimpse of the unexpected attacker. He couldn't be sure, but it looked like the battered old Corellian freighter he'd investigated earlier, which had escaped just after his duel with Obi-Wan.No time to wonder about that now. Vader fought to stabilize his craft, but the control surfaces were damaged. He had to use his drive pulses.His TIE continued to spin, however, and he realized he was an easy target. He managed to get the spin under control and then ready the little ship for the jump to lightspeed. A second or two would be enough.A couple of light-seconds would put him more than half a million kilometers away and give him a chance to get the TIE under control.But, he realized grimly, whatever that pilot who was one with the Force planned to shoot, he was now going to have a chance to hit it.------------------------(Central Command Center)Tarkin continues to glance at the targeted Yavin 4 while awaiting for the same moment of satisfaction he had felt when he had first eliminated Krennic on Scarif and then erase Alderaan from existence."Stand By." Announced the Chief Gunnery Officer at the Superlaser Control Chamber, his voice seems off.Tarkin slowly rubs his chin and thought about what Daala had told him while almost breaking a smile.An Imperial Triumph is a rare ceremony for those who have proven themselves victorious and many in the Netherworld have received such a reward for their merits. From Shinji Ikari and his immediate family to even the likes of Azonia and Siegfried Kircheis all receives an Imperial Triumph Parade.Tarkin is already imagines himself riding through such an event and receiving possibly the highest award from Nobunaga while receiving similar praises from Palpatine.Then those thoughts immediately evaporate.Admiral Motti yelled in the background, fear can be heard from his voice as he shocks everyone in the command center with the following announcement. "They've fired proton torpedoes down an auxiliary heat shaft! Incoming! Incoming! The reactor will blow!"Tarkin blinked.No. No, it wouldn't.He was calm.All would be well.This station was invulnerable.It was unbeatable.It was unthinkable that it could be beaten.Unthinkable.And yet as time froze and everyone were about to react in panic, Tarkin suddenly made a final thought about something he had once heard from someone in Nobunaga's court and asks openly in thought.'Lord Nobunaga...W-what was I..To you?'Then everything went blank in a single flash of bright light and this would be the last thing Wilhuff Tarkin would ever see.------------------------(Command Bridge - ISD Tormentor)High General Modarium Bast was about to contact Governor Tarkin when an aide informs him that the ship's scanners have located Lord Vader's TIE Advanced X1 starfighter.The Star Destroyer suddenly leapt forward as if kicked by a giant's boot. The inertial dampeners kept them from being whiplashed, but they could see the starfield shift crazily about them."What the-" Bast began. He stopped as he, and the rest of them, stared.The rear viewer was focused on the Death Star, which had exploded in a silent, horrendous flare of red and orange and yellow. A hyperspa-tial reflux ring expanded outward."What. . . ?" A female, light dark-skinned, sensor operator said as shaking her head in disbelief."It blew up," A junior officer said. He sounded stunned. "The Death Star just. . .blew up.""Everybody, hang on," The Executive Officer of the Tormentor said. "The edge of the shock wave will hit us pretty fast-"The ship jumped, shook suddenly, then began to tumble, a leaf in a gale.Everyone were hurled all over the bridge like they were caught in a massive hurricane before Bast is the first to get up to his feet."Status report!" Barked the commander of the Tormentor."Shields throughout the fleet is holding but we have major structural damage to the Fortitude on the Portside." The same female sensor operator reported from her terminal.The commander turns to Bast and asks. "What are your orders, sir?"Bast glance at the now debris that was once the Death Star and realizes that the predictions made by the Battle Calculator had indeed proved accurate.This will ensure spread like a raging torrent across the Alpharus galaxy and will emboldened the Rebellion to the point of inspiring worlds to rise up in open revolt against the Empire.Bast is a hunter at heart and his hunter's instincts are telling him that there is no point in continuing a lost battle, especially witnessing the destruction of the most powerful weapon the galaxy has ever seen.He turns to the commander of the Tormentor and said. "Order the other Star Destroyers to the jungle moon of Yavin 4 and begin retrieval operations for the assault force that are now stranded there. Inform Admiral Trommer of the situation and that he is to conduct a retaliatory strike but is rendezvous with us as soon as the recovery operation is complete. And makes it clear that he is, under no circumstances, to engage the rebels head on. Understood?""Yes sir." The commander said and turns to his XO. "Relay the orders.""Also," Bast said while remembering something important. "Retrieve Lord Vader's fighter at once."------------------------(Inside The Cockpit of TIE X1 - Interplanetary Orbit...Yavin Star System)Darth Vader had been safely out of danger when the Death Star had blown up.His ship was damaged, but still spaceworthy enough that, with a couple of careful jumps, he could reach a hidden Imperial naval base a few light-years away.Yet he then feels the ship being caught in a tractor beam and checks his scanners to confirm his suspcicions.The approaching Imperial-class Star Destroyer Tormentor, which was part of Tarkin's personal Star Destroyer fleet, was using it's tractor beam to bring him on board while other Imperial Star Destroyers, Steel Claw and Imperator's Judgement, were guiding the makeshift fleet to where he is.He can see another Star Destroyer, the Fortitude, trailing smoke in it's wake as it was badly damaged from the Death Star's destruction and is being attended by four Strike-class Medium Crusiers.Despite the direness of the situation, he couldn't help another painful smile.The Death Star, with all its troops and weapons, the superlaser that could by itself destroy entire planets, trillions of credits' worth of labor and material-all of it was gone to incandescent dust in an instant.He didn't know exactly how it had happened, but he knew it had something to do with the pilot of that tiny, insignificant X-wing. Somehow, he alone had taken out the battle station. Vader didn't need the dark side to tell him that, or that the pilot had survived the explosion.One man had done what a fleet could not have managed.The Force was indeed strong in this one.Who was he? Not a Jedi-Vader was certain. He had felt no sense of the control that a Jedi would possess. In the final analysis, however, it really didn't matter.Be the mysterious stranger a Jedi or not, Vader knew that he and this other who was so permeated with the Force would meet again.It was inevitable.He checked his position and readied his small ship to land aboard the Tormentor and the Yavin 4 assault force is retrieved, the makeshift fleet will jump into hyperspace.He knew he would have to make his report to the Emperor immediately, even though he was certain that the Dark Lord of the Sith was already aware of what had happened to his pet project. He was not looking forward to the meeting.But there a more serious issue he may have to deal with other than Lord Sidious: Nobunaga li Britannia.The Dark Lord of the Netherworld would be furious when he learns of the destruction of the very superweapon he had played a role in it's eventual construction. Whatever was going to transpire in a meeting between Nobunaga and Sidious remains unknown.'But I doubt Lemelisk is going to escape the punishment that awaited him.' Vader thought while muses to himself.Bevel Lemelisk had assured both Emperors that there are no serious weak points in the Death Star, even exclaiming that his designs are flawed-prove. The man's overconfidence has been seen as bad as Orson Krennic's but while the latter is dead, Lemelisk still lives.His initial assurances of no weaknesses has been proven wrong and knowing Lord Sidious, the Chief Engineer was about to be brought to him by the Imperial Royal Guards. And knowing his Sith Master all these years, Vader is aware that Lemlisk will not survive the upcoming meeting.He can feel it through his connection to the Dark Side of the Force.Others who are also involved in the construction of the Death Star will also be brutally punished by either Sidious or Nobunaga but something is bothering Vader greatly.He had discovered from Krennic's subordinate Ronan that the Netherworld hadn't really contributed the funds as it promised into Project Stardust. The Eternal Empire simply use worlds subjugated by the Galactic Empire to fill the coffers to the project and would eliminate any potential threats.The Geonosians are a prime example of this.Because the entire insectoid race remains staunchly loyal to the ideology of the Separatist cause, the Netherworld views them as a seed for future rebellion and it's Totenkoff Security Services have confirmed that former Republic Intel Agent Tenner had been provided with accurate information from the Imperial Naval Intelligence chief but who was in league with the Geonosians since they had one thing on their mind since the Clone Wars.Their goal: reclaiming the very superweapon which the Empire had stolen and with it, reignite the flames of the Confederacy of Independent Systems's lost cause across the Outer Rim Territories.Vader had been given all of this detailed info by Totenkoff Colonel Beatrix Brehme, a woman whom he sees too much of Asajj Ventress and General Grievous's traits combined in her. When present for the very meeting on Despayre, Tarkin was given the orders by Nobunaga to eliminate the Geonosian race since Starkiller's raid had demonstrated that the Death Star's existence can no longer be guaranteed.A thought then occurs and something about all of this began place together in Vader's mind.Krennic's overconfidence....The raids at the Imperial facility where Galen Erso was held and then the blueprints for the Superlaser on Scarif...Tarkin's declaration of putting his life and career on the line when threatened with a fate far worse by Cornelia...And now the rebel attack which ultimately results in the Death Star being reduced to space dust and debris.Could all of these moments and events have been orchestrated by the Netherworld Empire?What purpose would Nobunaga gain from orchestrating such a devious yet complex master plan while playing on both Krennic and Tarkin's very rivalry and ambitions?So far, this is mainly speculation since Vader is well aware that Nobunaga doesn't take kindly of being accused of betrayal by an ally yet it is the nature of the Netherworld Dark Lords to exploit others for their own ends.As soon as he thought of this, Vader quickly discards such a notion.He now suspects that the Princess of Alderaan must have used her charm and connections in the Imperial Senate to weasel her way into the confidence of key Imperial nobles and officials just long enough for the Rebellion to learn much about Project Stardust.Starkiller's raid at Despayre was the missing link and Vader, for all his powers in the Dark Side of the Force, had failed to connect all these pieces together.As his starfighter is brought on board the Tormentor, Darth Vader was certain of one thing:His Sith Master would not be pleased.The End
Coruscant Guard Relaxing by randomgirl1298
Gone For  A Rebellion by Aste17
Baby Rebel by Aste17
Fights, Cross overs, Couples
Battle of Arkanis [Commission] by LittleSnaketail
Sketch 110 by LittleSnaketail
Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill by jc-starstorm
Lordtrigonstar's OC Meet Maelora69 Star Wars OC by lordtrigonstar
OLD Summer Contest 2010
dragon by ahsoka25861
Fun in the suns by Wirrer
Imperial zombies contest
Clone Wars: The Sickness Strikes by XDemonic-AngelX
Star Wars: Destroy BlackWing by XDemonic-AngelX
Star Wars: Shattered Empire Blank Cover Vader by Pencilbags
Zombie Stormtrooper Helmet by PlasticSurgen

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Hello! If you are a fan of the awesome Galactic Empire, this is totally the club for you! This club is all about Siths, Stormtroopers, Star Destroyers, TIES, our favorite Imperial Officers and other Empire stuff!
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Lieutenant Eleisa Reytal - Imperial Intelligence by thegreatshaggy
Mature content
Lieutenant Eleisa Reytal - Imperial Intelligence :iconthegreatshaggy:thegreatshaggy 84 3
Anakin's Dream
It’s not often that I dream anymore. Nights often pass sleepless for me, but when I do find rest, nightmares plague me.
Except tonight.
Tonight I found myself on a great metal platform, high above what appeared to be a landscape of fire.
Windblown ash teases the edge of my cloak, whispering promises already broken.
Silently I watch the cascades of molten sorrows ebb and flow around me, the heat not affecting me in the least, that is, until a voice breaks the silence.
“You ruined everything.”
Finding myself not alone in this smoldering world, I turn. Before me I see a pale figure, like a specter risen from the cinders of my heart. Though of humble stature, his blue eyes burn, moreso than any ember from below.
Unable to escape that soul-searing gaze, I swallow thickly, before the figure comes near, his hair flickering with the amber light of the flames that surround us.
The young one now questions, now merely feet away. Now I am able to see beyond the
:icontalicor:Talicor 4 4
Star Wars:  In the Shadows - Child of Wrath by silverelfshadows Star Wars: In the Shadows - Child of Wrath :iconsilverelfshadows:silverelfshadows 12 43 We need YOU to crush the Rebel Alliance!! by beanzomatic We need YOU to crush the Rebel Alliance!! :iconbeanzomatic:beanzomatic 16 1 These are not the prints you are looking for... by beanzomatic These are not the prints you are looking for... :iconbeanzomatic:beanzomatic 9 0 Darth Maul by The-Standard Darth Maul :iconthe-standard:The-Standard 13 6 Star Wars Major League Series: C-3PO by MaxMVP Star Wars Major League Series: C-3PO :iconmaxmvp:MaxMVP 18 0 Star Wars Major League Series: Battle Droid by MaxMVP Star Wars Major League Series: Battle Droid :iconmaxmvp:MaxMVP 31 1 Star Wars Major League Series: AT-AT by MaxMVP Star Wars Major League Series: AT-AT :iconmaxmvp:MaxMVP 32 4 Star Wars Major League Series: Probe Droid by MaxMVP Star Wars Major League Series: Probe Droid :iconmaxmvp:MaxMVP 21 0 Star Wars Major League Series: Boba Fett by MaxMVP Star Wars Major League Series: Boba Fett :iconmaxmvp:MaxMVP 39 0 Star Wars Major League Series: General Grievous by MaxMVP Star Wars Major League Series: General Grievous :iconmaxmvp:MaxMVP 40 11 Star Wars Major League Series: Chewbacca by MaxMVP Star Wars Major League Series: Chewbacca :iconmaxmvp:MaxMVP 17 2 Star Wars Major League Series: Princess Leia by MaxMVP Star Wars Major League Series: Princess Leia :iconmaxmvp:MaxMVP 21 0 Star Wars Major League Series: Yoda by MaxMVP Star Wars Major League Series: Yoda :iconmaxmvp:MaxMVP 23 0



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Well, soon its time to watch the new SW film, Rogue One. By another name, Rebel propaganda.
Do you look forward to it?……

I am interested if they will bring order in the rank insignia plaques of the Imperial Navy and the other branches. I always had troubles with those writing ff.

Have a good Halloween!

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