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-If you don't have any reference image, make sure to provide enough description about your character appearance [such as their local colors, eye type, hair length, hair style, personality, etc]

-I reserve the right to show my commission artwork in any appropriate place.


-Every commission will receive 300ppi large PNG image.
-If you include shipping price in the commission payment, I will ship the original work to your address.[traditional work only]

-If I feel like your picture complexity is exceeding my comfortable rate, I might charge more for those extra details, depends on how much time I had to spend on it.


I'll do...
- original character
- fanart
- nsfw [that matches my preference]

I will not... 
- very detailed picture, such as bird-eye view cityscape, Gothic structure, etc.
- private commission [cannot be showed to public]


[I also accept separated payments [2-3 parts] , like paying the 1st part for sketching, 2nd part for outlining, 3rd for coloring]


***examples and Prices (per 1 character) .... in US dollar ***

High quality traditional colored [with background] [A4]

US$300 for 1st character+BG [+$100 for adding 2nd colored character in the same picture]

For o0Luthien0o by emperpep Tiger Plushie Kingdom by emperpep Random fanart : Mishaela by emperpep Morning Wake up by emperpep TiH: Living Doll by emperpep Mellea and Leo by emperpep  Inspiration Harassment by emperpep
Winged Violet by emperpep For Greensalamander by emperpep Pyrokusajishi's OC family by emperpep For tdi4eva by emperpep
Shiina and Arilyn : Surprise Hug by emperpep FlutterShy And Rainbow Dash by emperpep Shion And Shira by emperpep For Fruitystarburst by emperpep Catgirl Maid for SnowPoring by emperpep Rarity and Applejack by emperpep Pinkie Pie And Twilight Sparkle by emperpep
For Epic-Fox by emperpep  Charle and the fluffy carrots by emperpep  Pinkie Pie and Donut Joe by emperpep Commission : Fabulousmagikarp by emperpep Princess Sylvestra by emperpep   Fairy Oak : Pervinca Periwinkle by emperpep
Commission : Twilight Sparkle by emperpep    Marina and Foxshu by emperpep  Liliorl : Blanca and werewolf by emperpep  Collab commission : Netherseer by emperpep  Shelter by emperpep  Commission: Piggyback-Chan by emperpep 
Commission : Meliran by emperpep  Pineapplelicious Chibi Vampire by emperpep  Witch of the winds by emperpep  Gira-tan OC by emperpep  Watercolor : Girl and Kitties by emperpep  Commission : Wishollipop by emperpep  Wella and Snakes by emperpep   


Traditional colored [with simplified background] [A4]

US$ 200 for 1st character [+$100 for adding 2nd colored character in the same picture]

        Blue Catgirl by emperpep     Aradia and Tamano by emperpep Mirage : Black Shirt by emperpep


4 X 6 Postcard watercolor commission [A6]

US$ 75 for 1st character [+30 for adding 2nd character in the same picture]
But having 1 character per picture is recommended, Because the postcard is small.

   Giftart : kiruka-nya by emperpep


Digital Colored [with background]

$300 for 1st character+BG [+$100 for adding 2nd colored character in the same picture]

[also $200 for commission with simplified background, like traditional art]


***Optional shipping service*** [For traditional work only]

+ $100 to buy the original work +shipping . [Always ship with registered airmail + tracking numbers,  And I ship worldwide]

***I will ship artwork inside padded envelope with thick acrylic sheet inside, to make sure no one can bend it during transportation 😀

If you want to buy the original, make sure you know basic caring and handling for traditional painting

[keep it away from dust/dampness/direct sunlight/do not touch picture surface with bare fingers, or the best way is just frame it]



NOTE me with the title, ''Commission Order from....''[your DA name]
including reference and your commission type.

If You don't have Deviantart account, Please send your order via email to '''' instead 😀


Paypal Stamp by artist4com
Paypal only
My account is ''

I would appreciate if you could pay the paypal transaction fee too.

After I read your order detail, If I'm agree with that, I will send you a confirmation reply, You can pay me at this step.
And I will start doing commission for you 🙂

Do NOT pay me before I agree. If you do, I can't guarantee that I can refund your money if I do not agree with your request.

If you don't receive your commission picture within 30-60 days after sending payment , Please alert me immediately.
Within 6-12 months after sending your alerting message, If you don't receive any reply from me nor notice any of my online activity, please assume that I might be dead already 💀

Note me anytime if you are interested.
© 2009 - 2021 emperpep
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Wow! It's super unfortunate that I can't afford you right now, because high prices or not; your sheerest talent and skills speak for themselves. Well, well worth the considerable investment. I do hope you keep commissions open long enough for me to save some money, but if you should not I'll be more than happy to wait, because I think you're worth it. Thank you so much for listening to me geek out. I'd kill to have even a fraction of your talent for drawing. Have a wonderfullest day, and may God bless you with illimitable good fortune a millinillion times over.

FS Appaneesty and Newest FS Sefeesta 3
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Hello, I was thinking about getting a "High quality traditional colored [with background] [A4]" commission but I was wondering if I could do a payment plan of sorts. Is there a way that I could pay in installments? 
emperpep's avatar
Hi, I also accept separated payment, splitting it into 3 parts, like sketching/outlining/coloring :)

Feel free to contact me using dA note or email at
T3-Mith's avatar
~,~ while people say your art costs allot, i say, you get what you pay for, your work is amazing, and totally worth it, personally im saving to be able to afford to request a commission hell i may even be saving to afford to by the original
hyuugalanna's avatar
I love your art!
Rinapon's avatar
Hello there! >v<

I've been following your artwork for a while now, and I must say you're one of my favorite artists! ♥
Your artworks include so much detail and composition, I'm still surprised you can find different concepts or themes on each drawing you do! And even if you draw something out of your comfort zone, you still manage to make it look perfect! <3

You're really skilled at so many things-- anatomy, perspective, backgrounds, lining, shading, even the expressions you give to the characters! ♥
I can see that you've practised for a very long time, but it was worth the effort since you create wonderful artworks~

I've honestly never seen any part of your drawing that I would critique negatively, because everything looks just so matching with each other, and turns the entire drawing into a gorgeous piece ♥
And most important, you can show all your talent and practise in both digital & traditional, with keeping your own style! <3

I've seen people calling them "expensive".
But art is not a need. It is a desire. Nobody is forced to buy a commission, nor in need of it.
It is rude to call someone's commissions expensive.
Just because you can't afford it doesn't mean it is priced unfairly.

I honestly don't think your commissions are expensive. No, not at all.
Maybe you used to sell them cheaper in the past, but even if people don't notice, there are still things they improve on in time.
Raising the prices according to the effort & time you put on them are fair.

Right now, I'm in a tight budget as well.
But one day I definitely want to commission you for sure ♥
I love your artworks and I would love to have one~

I'm sorry for the long text, I hope you have a nice day! <3
Nebelstern's avatar
their art costs as much as a brand new PS4... =w= ehehe.... hehe... but has a bit less cutting edge technology in it..
but i will admit, looks nice. =w=
RENNR's avatar
Well said, OvOb
Rinapon's avatar
I see a stalker ;3
RENNR's avatar
OMG wtff xD

i just wondering around dA and stumbled upon this journal Dx
i have no intention to harm anyone!
Rinapon's avatar
You're under arrest sir! ;D
RENNR's avatar
MY GODDD :iconohgodwhy-plz: Dx
Angel-Horn's avatar
Important statement which is often forgotten - thumbs up for making people remember that. =)
Rinapon's avatar
Aww, I'm glad if you agree with my wall of text! >v< ♥

I've seen so many complaining about the prices of commissions, not only on Emperpep's ;w;
My friend used to receive similar negative comments too, and they made her really demotivated and sad >.<
Because they make people think "my work is not worth it" ;w;
Angel-Horn's avatar
Pricing is a dangerous factor to take into consideration how much some art is worth. Take for example Picasso or Van Gogh, whose art were highly appraised - but long after they have been declared worthless at first. The good thing is, and that you can probably tell your friend from me, the worth of art is equal to the worth of symbols. It gets the worth and value people giving it. And even if the art makes just a single person happy, would it not be equal to priceless for that very person? How much is it worth to make someone happy? How much is it worth to make someone cry? Art is nothing but emotions made materia - regardless if its on board, as sculptur, as song or whatsoever. Feel free - that is art.
Rinapon's avatar
I'm sorry for the super late reply, but that's super well said!

Right not it's mostly priced according to the hours spent on it for most artists. For example, let's say one hour is 7$. If one chibi commission takes about 3 hours, it would roughly be around 20$. Which is a pretty fair price if you ask me. Of course, there are even cheaper or more expensive ones as well, depending on the style and the detail put into it. There are also other factors like which media they use (copics, for example, isn't very cheap). So if an artist decides to price their commissions higher, then I think their decision should be respected. Commenting negative stuff about it won't bring anything positive.
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Oh gosh I really want a traditional commission from you and get the original work shipped ... but 450$ are so expensive for me ... also I'm from germany and I think shipping will be very expensive aaaa it kills me /// sorry for bothering ehe
MariaLuver's avatar
is there any way i could get something for under 100? Ireally admire your stuff but my budget just can't do it :/
emperpep's avatar
you can send me a note [or email] with your character detail, we will discuss there :)
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I've been thinking about a commission for my APB character for a long long time, but I guess I'm just not willing to pay 300 dollars for a drawing :)
It's too bad because my character is one of the most well known and iconic characters on APB.
Since I quit the game due to it's poor development and terrible community I really wanted to get my character done in a good drawing.
Well, artists need to make money too :p
Monmonne's avatar
wow $300, you are so amazing and talanted and this is a very reasonable price but I would charge just a tiny bit mkre, charge whatever you want though, I really have no say in what you do :P keep up the incredible work! :3
emperpep's avatar
Other artists ask for $1000 ,$5000 ,$8000+ for their art
I think mine is still fairly priced, for everyone :)
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