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Colored pencil tutorial

Here's my first colored pencil tutorial.
Because a lot of people are asking me to do a tutorial of this media.

Here's some of my tips for colored pencil.
1. Always keep your pencil sharp.
2. Find some paper to place your hand on when coloring, This can prevent your hand from smudging colors on your artwork.

Link to the original work.
Catgirl with a Goldfish by emperpep

Here's something I forgot to include in my tutorial. : x

1. I used Faber Castel. Colleen. Staedtler student colored pencil.

2. I used Light Brown [wax based] for drawing original lineart.

3 Copy paper and Printer paper are the same.

4. If you don't have white gel pen, You can use white postercolor or gouache instead.
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Thank you for your tutorial !!!

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Hey @emperpep. I tried out your tutorial and here's my attempt. ^^; Hope you don't mind me posting it. I gave you all the credits for the original artwork and linked your tutorial.

But yeah, I'm like a total amateur, please don't judge too harshly. Hope you like it :w00t:

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Thank you master
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I was wondering, you wouldn't happen to have a lineart of this picture to perhaps practice what you mentioned in the tutorial. Just a thought if not its alright. Its still a great tutorial!
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It was being drawn directly on paper so I don't have the clean outline version ;;
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aww darn, its still a great tutorial so thank you!
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Hey there --

I'm really intrigued by the technique of using print paper on top of a textured sketchbook cover!!! I understand this tutorial was made years ago so I was hoping maybe do you still remember what sketch book you used? 
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It is a square sketchbook with small grain textured black cover
and I think it is exclusively available in my country only.
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May I know the brand? Maybe I can find one similar to it :)
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The girl from tha drawing looks like mavis from fairytail
Digital art tutorial pls TT^TT
simply amazing :)!
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what type of technique do you use when coloring?
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Lovely tutorial and picture. ^w^ Thanks very much for making this!
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U colour the entire skin? But how did u make it soo smooth?
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I placed thin printer paper on textured surface [I used synthetic leather texture of sketchbook cover] and then started coloring, small toothy textured surface will make coloring looks smoother and easier to lay down color.
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Ahh thank you :-D
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this looks amazin man,, jst one question, do u use a scanner or crop a picture and then edit it in photoshop?
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I used scanner to scan my traditional work, if they were done on sketchbook I will take a photo with camera.
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