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I've been out of it for a little bit.  Mainly because of the medication for a psychological issue that I've only been aware of since last August.  The meds change in dosage every once in a while and kinda disrupt my life.  Anyway, boo hoo, I don't like sad, I like glad!  Here's to progress!

Here are a couple of things I've been working on.

1) My new Shadowrun 5e character:  PsychoEyes, the Psychotic Adept Infiltrator.

2) A new DnD character that I'm readying for the new Waterdeep adventures later this year.  Most likely a Fire Genasi celestial warlock.

3) A request made by a friend in my DnD group.  A Tiefling bard.

4) Updated art of my previous DnD characters.  For example: Mirofaelor N'shani the Fiend Warlock, Osyrus the Iron Druid, and Bartolome de la Santisima of Multiple Personalities!

5) Still coming up with stuff for Darling vs. the Wasteland.  First adventure will be a reference to a Fallout 2 location.  It will come out within this decade, I promise....  Every time I begin to write anything I get distracted by some other thing.  Also, I haven't forgotten about the encounter between Emira and Darling, Backer269 

6) Rikugō Sentai Guardian V art and story I've wanted to write for ages now.  I really want to make my own unique sentai team (Ironically in Destiny's universe and revolving over the main plot points of Destiny 2) and have robos and action packed fights and stuff.

7) Conquering the universe in the name of Nyarlethotep!

8) Doing a stupid fan art thing for the movie "Turbo."  Yeah, the one about fast snails!  Yeah....

9) Devouring :iconrigiroony: 's soul in the glorious name of Nyarlethotep, the Elder God of Chaos and Spook the One-eyed Cat!  We aught to do art stuff more even though you're leagues better than me.

10) Trying to maintain motivation to do 1-9.  Especially #9, souls aren't cheap!

Thanks to everyone on DeviantArt who comments and critics my art.  It really makes this hobby of mine feel wonderful.

A special thanks to my friends :iconbacker269: and :iconwhitenoize: for making me love Fallout OC stuff way more than I should.

An extra special thanks for putting up with my bullsh**. 

Finally, I've got 80+ watchers now!  What even?!  I've gained like 55 watchers in the last 3 months!

Finally finally, thanks for putting up with my bullsh**.
  • Listening to: 80's cartoon intros
  • Reading: Webtoons
  • Watching: Beast Wars
  • Playing: Fallout 4
  • Eating: Takoyaki
  • Drinking: Water, because it's 105 degrees Fahrenheit outside


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Paul, I worship Nyarlethotep, the Crawling Chaos. One day, they will bestow upon me the knowledge and power to dominate this dimension and lead it in to a new era of eternal darkness. On that day, I shall be proclaimed, Paul, Destroyer of Worlds. All praise Nyarlethotep!!!

I praise him by creating Dank OCs for his amusement.


Sunflower the Duchess of Vallaki
So, the last time you saw Sunflower was when I stated that she was my character in Curse of Strahd.  Well, funny story...  As we entered the town of Vallaki after helping the locals with minor issues and quests, we noticed a festival going on.  Curious as to what exactly the locals were celebrating, we traveled to the center of town.  We saw the Burgomaster and his personal guards stride through the streets and attempt to light a fire and fail, which was followed by a subtle laugh from a local.  Rage filled the Burgomasters eyes and he ordered that the man be executed on the spot.

My group wasn't/isn't the most morally sound group of individuals, but one person, our barbarian Galvyn disagreed with his sentence.  He walked up to the man about to be executed and cut his chains and set him free.  He pulled his sunlight sword he named "Kirin" and ignited it in the direction of the Burgomaster and said, "You call yourself leader, but you kill them so easily.  This is inexcusable!"

Galvyns words infuriated him and he set the full force of the town guards upon us.  They didn't stand a chance.  Our group consists of the previously mentioned Galvyn the Aasimar Totem Barbarian, Kerri the Aasimar Shepherd Druid of Noble descent, Edwin the Tiefling Arcane Trickster Rogue, Eobard the human Gloomstalker Ranger, Thoran "Cleric McBibleface" the Tempest Cleric of Zeus, and Sunflower the Tiefling Hexblade Warlock.

We managed to defeat every single one of them with minimal casualties on their side and cornered the Burgomaster in his mansion.  His son came to his rescue, but he was quickly driven off and his spellbook was claimed.  We knew the people of Vallaki disliked this man and his family greatly, so we took things into our own hands.

I felt that Sunflower, an artist who was out of her element, was ready to retire from adventuring for the time being and she took over the town as current Duchess.  The people didn't mind because we did plenty of favors for the town that put us in their good graces.

When we declared our plan, the Baroness tried to pull a power play but failed and fled.  Most likely to Strahd, but we didn't have a clue.  As Sunflower started helping the town folks get things back to normal, a strange Lizardfolk man walked into the tavern where the party used as a base of operations.  He intervened in a tussle between Galvyn and a noble who disagreed with our actions.  He introduced himself as Xarxes.  He was a student of the arcane and claimed to be a Diviner, a far seer.  He claimed to be searching for a man named Mordenkainen, whom was shown in his visions right before he left Mount Talath and his recently deceased mentor.

Xarxes joined the party and he's my current character in Curse of Strahd.  We're level 10 and my god I love wizards!!!

Hope you enjoy the fun adventure I had with a character I loved so much.

This is again in a lower resolution.  Please let me know if they're actually better looking than using obscenely large resolutions!  Also, is this pixel art now or is it still just "Digital?"
On Fire!
I think I found out how to draw on command now.  Of course, now that I said that, I won't be able to draw for the next 30,000 years.....  I don't know what this is btw.  Super tanned person wearing U.S.A. bikini with fire powers and a tribal pattern tattoo going down the left side of her body.  Maybe this popped into my head because of my love of Fire Genasi from the Forgotten Realms.  I think I'm gonna redraw my old Hexblade Warlock, Sunflower.

Also, this was a weird resolution conversion and I think the quality dipped.  Please forgive me.  I've been trying out thinner lines and I'm really liking it so far!

EDIT: Changed the horrid resolution so something maybe less so.
I have a strong urge to recreate my Fallout New Vegas OC in the Red Dead Redemption universe (essentially the wild west).  I'm so hyped for RDR2!!!!
Curare - Batman Beyond
Recently started watching Batman Beyond again and I just had to do this.  Curare was one of the coolest adversaries Batman had to go up against.  One fight specifically was in an museum where they leap from hanging plane to plane.  The action and animation were so amazing!!!

Also, I think the sword is backwards, but who cares.




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