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Don't Drink the Water Page 2

Medium: Ink and colored pens on paper
So the mother drinks from the fountain, and changes start occurring.
Page 3: [link]
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umm is good no pun good...
EmperorNortonII's avatar
Glad you like this :)
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- So Doctor, What happined?

- When your mother drank from the fontain she became sick with all kinds of virus and bacterias... Because there was all kinds of dirt inside the fontain...

- So she will be alrigth?

- No... She will die...

- Because of the fontain?

- No... Because of the bill! Im a expensive doctor, you know...
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ahahahahahahahahahahahaha rotfl
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oh yeah, she did :puke:
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Wow. She's in florida. She's middle aged. And she wants to save a buck. She's Jewish. And if that offends anyone, I'm not sorry I can make that joke.
EmperorNortonII's avatar
Well, I'm Jewish, but I'm not offended! ;)
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Somewhat... But that comic involving your hatred of mustard... Aren't Jews not supposed to eat meat from animals with cloven hoofs like pigs & cows?
EmperorNortonII's avatar
Jews can eat meat from animals that have cloven hooves and chew cud. Cows fall into that category while pigs don't.
ManiacalDude's avatar

You never mentioned anything about being Jewish before. Heck, I don't remember anything about you saying you celebrated Hanukkah either...
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My family used to celebrate it when my sister and I were young, but not so much anymore. My parents say it's more of a holiday for kids.
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With a fountain like that, I'm surprised there aren't more people around.
Nice colors, by the way, i love your colored comics :)
EmperorNortonII's avatar
Thanks. Anyway, it hadn't occurred to me to draw more people in the park, but I guess it worked out anyway.
ManiacalDude's avatar
Man, I wonder if that water is clean... But then again, if it was magical, it would probably be always clean...

And the effects kick in...
EmperorNortonII's avatar
I can't imagine dirty magical water!
ManiacalDude's avatar
Yeah, seriously, bleech!
EarthVStheDerek's avatar
I live in Wisconsin and I'd like to be in Miami right now. I'd also like a sample of that fountain for 20 years from now.
EmperorNortonII's avatar
What part of Wisconsin do you live in? My dad's from Milwaukee.
EarthVStheDerek's avatar
I'm from a small town about an hour south-west of Milwaukee. It's a nice place with kind of an old world/industrial feel.
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