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Well, here's some shit. Sassy commentary welcomed and encouraged.

Random from Stuff for Me

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Some things that were drawn for me. Give these people a look-see.


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Jack MacLennan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm an atheist, Irish American, officially licensed dickhead who draws comics and shit about horrible things happening to people who are probably crazy.
I'm also likely one of the most outwardly cynical people you will ever meet.
Have a nice day. Or have a shitty day if you feel like it, don't let me tell you what to do.

Find me other places!

Stuff I Like.

Video Games that aren't shitty.
Music that isn't shitty.
Anime that isn't shitty.
Rick and Morty, but not in a weird way.
Monster Hunter.

Stuff I hate.

Shitty stuff.
Shitty people.

Tools: Tursion Tablet
Photoshop CS6
Paint Tool SAI
Corel Painter X3
Clip Studio Paint EX whatever version.
Good old Pen, paper and procrastination.

I'm like, 90% self taught. I've taken one art class, ever. Like two years ago. When I still sucked.

On that note, welcome to my page. The gallery is over to the left, for the viewing pleasure of your eye-holes. Feel free to leave a comment while you're there if you see anything you like, and I'll try my best to come up with a snarky response. Any and all unconstructive negative feedback will be ignored with the most burning apathy my shriveled soul can conjure.

Also, don't thank me for faves by sending me notes. My notes are for friends and/or people who want to make requests/trades/conversation,etc. only. Just leave a comment or give a llama or something.


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In the over 4 years I've been using Manga Studio, it was not until just now, well after upgrading to Clip Studio Paint that I figured out how to change the default resolution for comic pages. Now I don't have to pointlessly upscale a page from 72 dpi to a workable 300-600, because they start that way now. Hooray.
Which I will use mostly for NSFW stuff that I deem too dirty for DA, despite the enormous quantity of horrifying fetish art that for some reason is okay, because the community guidelines of this fucking site make no earthly sense.

Anyway, find me here.…
In addition to some Chrobin stuff, I'm just gonna draw a whole bunch of Fire Emblem stuff, mainly Awakening and Fates, because all the characters are heckin' cute. Expect Olivia.
And there's nothing you can do to stop me.


Exorcist - Mira (shade)

A teenage girl from Sheosu, under the protection of Alessandra, who possesses power over reality as experienced by others, as well as a seemingly unrelated ability to read minds and erase memories. Mira does not remember the faces or names of her family, having no memories of her life before meeting Alessandra Lindburg, the niece of a smuggler who took her in and has sworn to protect her at all costs. Her amnesia is most likely self-inflicted, but one can only wonder why she'd have done this to herself. Whatever the case, despite the loss of any recollection of her life prior to a few years ago, her instincts have not been dulled, and her muscle memory remains intact.
While her background has most likely been lost to her own power, it is clear by her reflexes and instinctual behavior in combat that, whoever Mira was prior to joining the Exorcists, she was and remains a skilled martial artist. Everything Mira knows about herself, including her own name, has either been told to her by Alessandra, or inferred from the few moments of familiarity she experiences from time to time, perhaps a sign her amnesia is slipping at last.

Unusual amongst her peers, though Mira has psychic powers, as the rest of the Exorcists do, which is necessary to fight Shades, hers are not contained within a Phantom Arm of any discernible form. While it is possible hers, if she has one at all, is a True Phantom Arm, like Lana's (which replaces both of her eyes) or Jonas' (which replaces the bones in his left arm), which would, like theirs, take the form a part of her body rather than manifest as a weapon, garment, or piece of jewelry. If this is the case, however, its name, as well as the body part it replaces, have been lost along with the rest of her memories.
Sex - Female
Age - Around 15, doesn't remember exactly.
Status - Alive, Legally a missing person
Ethnicity - Sheong
Orientation - Unsure. Possibly Bisexual, but is mostly attracted to men.
Phantom Arm - None discernible, the source of her powers being unknown.
Signature Abilities - Barrier - uses her power to create a hallucinatory barrier that prevents anything from getting through it, not by virtue of any actual physical impediment, but simply because everyone experiencing it believes that it presents one. Healing - Mira uses her twin powers in tandem, erasing the memory of an injury being inflicted on the person she chooses to heal, and exerting her power over reality over them, causing the injured to forget being wounded in the first place, and thus causing the wound in question to disappear from reality.
Talents - Martial Arts, Picking Pockets, Cooking, Being Cute.
Notable Traits - Innocence. A bit of a crybaby. Surprisingly hot-blooded.
Likes - Kain, who she thinks is cool. Rice. Noodles. Rice noodles. Alessandra.
Dislikes - Her allies getting hurt. Not being able to remember her family, who she misses dearly.
Exorcist - Mira (shade) Sketch
The Exorcists' resident healer Mira, who wields power over reality as experienced by others, as well as a seemingly unrelated power to read minds and erase memories, which used in tandem, allow her to cure what would almost certainly be fatal wounds by causing her target to forget they were wounded at all, and the universe right along with them.
Has likely self-inflicted amnesia that has erased all recollection of her experiences prior to meeting Alessandra, with the exception of muscle memory. While her background remains a mystery, it is clear from her instinctual behavior in combat that she was a skilled martial artist, in addition to her possession of the psychic powers emblematic of her compatriots. Her abilities, unlike those of the other Exorcists, do not manifest as a Phantom Arm of any discernible nature. Although it is possible hers is a True Phantom Arm like Lana's or Jonas', which replaces a body part rather than taking on the form of an object, if this is the case, the part of her it replaces is unknown, and its name has been forgotten.
Taught by Alessandra to be wary of others, and as such is rather meek. Has taken a liking to Kain, because she thinks he's cool.
Empress Lana
Lana at age 16, as she appears towards the end of the story. Finally at peace with herself, steeled and ready to face the horrors ahead.
Eldrin Royal Family Circa 1793
Lana Xerxes at age 7, along with her grandfather and parents, around two years before the tragedy that would claim the latter.




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