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Well, here's some shit. Sassy commentary welcomed and encouraged.

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Some things that were drawn for me. Give these people a look-see.


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90,000+ pieces of actually good art from other people who deserve your attention.


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Jack MacLennan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm an atheist, Irish American, officially licensed dickhead who draws comics and shit about horrible things happening to people who are probably crazy.
I'm also likely one of the most outwardly cynical people you will ever meet.
Have a nice day. Or have a shitty day if you feel like it, don't let me tell you what to do.

Find me other places!

Stuff I Like.

Video Games that aren't shitty.
Music that isn't shitty.
Anime that isn't shitty.
Rick and Morty, but not in a weird way.
Monster Hunter.

Stuff I hate.

Shitty stuff.
Shitty people.

Tools: Tursion Tablet
Photoshop CS6
Paint Tool SAI
Corel Painter X3
Clip Studio Paint EX whatever version.
Good old Pen, paper and procrastination.

I'm like, 90% self taught. I've taken one art class, ever. Like two years ago. When I still sucked.

On that note, welcome to my page. The gallery is over to the left, for the viewing pleasure of your eye-holes. Feel free to leave a comment while you're there if you see anything you like, and I'll try my best to come up with a snarky response. Any and all unconstructive negative feedback will be ignored with the most burning apathy my shriveled soul can conjure.

Also, don't thank me for faves by sending me notes. My notes are for friends and/or people who want to make requests/trades/conversation,etc. only. Just leave a comment or give a llama or something.


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Upgraded my PC with a new graphics card, and for whatever baffling reason, doing that fucked with my hard drives, and my computer wouldn't boot. After no small amount of trial and error, plugging stuff in and out, everything seems to be in working order again, which is great, because the drive that the computer wasn't picking up was the one most of my games and all of my art stuff is on.
It looks like my whole gallery, save a few pieces, has been shrunken down to the 'default' resolution, so everything looks really small and compressed unless I change them back manually. It looks like this is happening to new submissions too, because without fail, I have to change the resolution on everything I submit recently, no matter what I had set it to while uploading it. Anyone know what the hell is going on with that?
Set one up finally, will also put some nsfw stuff up there from time to time, ever since tumblr shit the bed. Will also be putting most of the sort of things I'd put here on there tho. I will not be using tumblr anymore for the foreseeable future. Though my page was not directly affected by the content-ban, I simply will not abide such a blatant non-solution, pointlessly fucking with people's livelihoods in the place of any actual intelligent oversight. Fuck that.

Find me here
In the over 4 years I've been using Manga Studio, it was not until just now, well after upgrading to Clip Studio Paint that I figured out how to change the default resolution for comic pages. Now I don't have to pointlessly upscale a page from 72 dpi to a workable 300-600, because they start that way now. Hooray.


Old one was what I believe to be a knock-off? Entirely functional but cheaply made, and after a few years it was literally held together with tape, as the drawing surface was a thin sheet of shitty plastic on which a little bit of glue had what could best be described as a tenuous grip. New one's a Huion Inspiroy H950P. Quite a bit better and has tilt support, so neat.
Necrophage Choir Boy and Penitent Father

Two Necrophages most often seen together whenever the cult surfaces. The cricket-like "Choir Boy", known to most outside The Faith as a 'Locust' is a lowly and plentiful caste in a Necrophage hive that obediently and fearlessly carry out any task that is asked of them by their betters. It is believed that the Locust caste is an intermediate stage taken on by petitioners whose devotion to The Faith has yet to be shown in its fullest, and that they still have both room and potential, for growth. At least one Locust accompanies most Necrophages of higher standing, acting as assistants and performing tasks they consider beneath their superiors in their stead.

Locusts often ride atop a "Penitent Father", Necrophage Ascetics whose role is to gather corpses from battlefields and graveyards in large volume. Penitent Fathers possess a sickly necrotic bile that accelerates the decomposition of flesh and causes it to become leathery and black, which they use to fuse collected bodies into a single festering mass, which are then carried off to ritual sites to be devoured by their kin.

Sometimes, a Penitent Father will be selected for a greater calling by a Prophet of Decay, who will implant the heavy ball of bodies upon their backs with the spores of their god, allowing them to grow rampant into a massive fungal spire. The Penitent Father carries this mass with pride even when it grows too heavy for them to lift any longer, and they are crushed beneath its weight. To them, no death could be more worthy, no task more honorable.

Necrophage Innocent Lamb

Among the multifarious castes within the Necrophage hierarchy, none are as mysterious or grotesque as the maggot-like "Innocent Lamb". While they resemble what one would expect a larval Necrophage to look like, of what little is known about the nature of these insectiod aberrations, it is well understood that they are incapable of breeding naturally, instead reproducing by the unspeakable process of transforming converts into Mori. (Nymphal Necrophages that, in time, molt into 'adult' members of The Faith.) Owing to this fact, it is unknown to those outside The Faith from whence Innocent Lambs originate, and into what, if anything, they grow.

Attempts by those brave or foolish enough to glean these creatures' origins, in an effort to better understand the nature of The Faith and its horrific adherents, are most often met with deadly resistance. Innocent Lambs are fervently defended by all castes of Necrophage, and raised by the Prophets of Decay with a surprising degree of care and compassion.

If one is pressed to attack, an Innocent Lamb defends itself with flaying claws and necrotic bile, but harming one presents the far more dire threat of drawing the ire of their guardians. Prophets of Decay proclaim these creatures to be the true children of God, and forgive no attempt to slay one.

Necrophage Mori

Posted originally to my Newgrounds, where this somehow got front-paged. That's pretty dope.
When new converts are won by the reclusive and dangerous cult of insect-men known as the Necrophages, supplicants from among their ranks who have proven their devotion to the faith are brought to the fly-headed Prophets of Decay, who transform them, by a process best left unspoken by sane folk, from their original race into pupal Necrophages known as Mori.

Eventually, their chitinous hide peels away and they molt into a new Necrophage proper. It is unknown what factors contribute to which type they become, but the members of the faith hold that their caste is determined by their god. This is unproven, but attempts to study the cult are few and far between, which is most likely for the best.

This particular Mori is transforming into one of the dreaded prophets, as indicated by its bloated head and second thumb on each hand.





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