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Oxen Heavy Logistics Vehicle by EmperorMyric Oxen Heavy Logistics Vehicle by EmperorMyric

Oxen Union of Worlds Heavy Logistics Vehicle:

Overview: The Oxen is a rugged and tested design that has served the Union for sometime in its history and has benefited from a wave of upgrades from its inception. Designed to transport logistical supplies to the frontline and other locations the Oxen is not designed for combat, however is protected if it comes under attack. Able to traverse any terrain with good speed and with a variety of variants and platforms based off the Oxen it is a well used vehicle and is well liked by Union forces for its ruggedness and reliability.


Armament wise the Oxen is typically unarmed however can be mounted with a singular Cascade cannon these heavy gatling guns fire up to 10,000 rounds a minute and thanks to Nano assemblers and void cooling these guns can fire indefinitely to combat infantry, in this case it is purely for self defense.


Defensive measures and armour wise the Oxen is an armoured vehicle despite being used for typically behind the lines operations. With enough armour to protect from small arms and light cannon fire as well as active defenses to stop missiles.

Quantum Lattice plate is an advanced form of Union armour which incorporates a unique two way ERA defence. Using the Unions void cooling systems which link up to the armour the armour can 'absorb' energy weapons or the like and store energy in capacitors, when a kinetic target or even a bolt energy one the capacitors can empty in a 'flashfry' manoeuvre which vaporises or destabilises the incoming projectile and defending the tank. Giving an incredible defence. In worst case scenarios the tanks own fusion reactor can 'overdrive' itself to create power for a flashfry even though no energy weapons are being absorbed. This however causes the tanks reactor to drain fuel quicker than usual. As also a secondary factor the capacitors can also be released to create a form of 'plasma shield' on a limited target area, to intercept and destroy incoming projectiles while the other active armour or defences engage other targets.


Along with the Quantum Lattice plate additional armours are sandwiched between the plates constituting a multi layer defence. Behind the main armour plates lie a layer of Violar Nano Lathe which can harden with impact and disperse kinetic energy effectively, constituting the main defence against kinetic weaponry, this also gives the tank its nano repair capabilities and can passively heal damage in combat.


Frag Launchers: Studded across the hull are reactive frag launchers, working in concert with the flashfry and mainly used in place of to save energy these launchers fire of high velocity flechettes which destroy incoming rounds or missiles, or knocks them off target.


Cascade Cannons: Remotely computer targeted cascade cannons allow the Seraphim to engage enemy munitions before they impact the tank, firing off 50 round bursts the Cascade cannons function as CIWS for the tank and provide it with its primary active defence abilities.


Electronic abilities wise the Oxen carries a AI capable of taking over much of the vehicles systems if an emergency is called for, it also allows rapid lock on full spectrum sensor suite detection and also an enemy lock warning system. It is fully connected to the Union grid to help it get to its destination and typically help find the least dangerous route.


ECM systems: The Oxen also comes with battlefield ECM systems, capable of hacking into enemy guided munitions and stopping them from locking into the vehicle or cutting the link so they go dud. As well as this the ECM system can screw with enemy lock on and sensor systems preventing an accurate target. In addition a laser dazzler system is installed to combat guided munitions either by destroying their guiding equipment or by dazzling their sensors so they cannot effectively target or lock on. 


Speed wise the Oxen is fairly average in speed, thanks to its hover units the Oxen can go anywhere from 50-70mph over any terrain making it the perfect transport for supplies to hard to reach areas.



Mobile Fusion Reactor:
With Union forces typically being powered by fusion reactors of multiple sizes starting such fusion processes requires a large input of energy to kick off the reactors. Portable large reactors are usually kept around allowing them to plug into the smaller reactors of tanks, trooper armour, vehicles or whatever is needed to 'jumpstart' them. These are also used to power temporary bases or hooked up to say Star Lance in batteries to help power the larger weapon systems.

Heavy Shield Generator: With a much more powerful reactor powering the shield array than on the Seraph version the heavy shield generator variant of the Oxen is typically used to cover bases, static emplacements and AA batteries from retaliatory artillery strikes. Able to withstand heavy fire before collapsing and needing recharging typically several of these vehicles are used for overlapping defense and when hooked up to mobile fusion reactors they can absorb even more fire and recharge faster.

Star Lance Heavy AA/ABM:
The Unions primary and most powerful long range anti air platform. Capable of engaging both high altitude long range targets, short range low level fast targets and even Ballistic missiles the Star Lance is typically deployed in batteries of 3 launchers, a Long range Sensor system, a Mobile Fusion reactor, several heavy shield generators and a CIC. Armed with a mix of Bloc 2 and 3 missiles its launcher contains 6 Bloc 2 Javelin missiles capable of engaging low flying and very fast targets out to around 120km for close range defense against aerial threats or cruise missiles it also contains 4 Bloc 3 Lancer missiles capable of performing high altitude aerial intercepts out to around 600km or engaging ballistic missiles at around the same distance. The missiles in the launcher can be changed, able to replace either of the types for 12 Bloc 2s or 8 Bloc 3s per launcher. Both missile types speed are Mach 8 with the Bloc 2 using an additional booster system to give it the speed needed for rapid intercept. The Bloc 3 is a multistage missile with a height ceiling of around 100km capable even engaging targets in low orbit.

Poseiden ASM System: While the Union has a very well developed and equipped Oceanic defense force ground units operating on planets where the enemy forces have Oceanic capability are prey for enemy vessels to engage them both with very long range missile strikes and even direct/indirect naval gunfire. For this reason the Union uses the Poseiden ASM system, deployed into launcher batteries of 5 launchers, Long range sensor systems and a CIC each launcher contains 9 Bloc 2 Sea Dart missiles. These missiles travel at mach 9 around 40ft from the oceans surface, fully capable of making defensive maneuvers and equipped with decoy projectors and other ECM systems to fool enemy CIWS the Sea Darts are kinetic impact missiles. With no explosive inside them they rely on brute force contact to destroy the enemy ship with sheer impact at mach 9. They have a range of around 400km.

Long Range Sensor System: Used in concert typically with Star Lance, Poseiden or other AA systems the Long Range sensor system uses very high powered Radar and other wavelengths to detect incoming targets relaying them to the units AI systems or CIC for the data to be used in tracking enemy targets. Able to track targets at full power OTH up to around 2000km the sensor system often requires a CIC to help process the vast amounts of target data, and the Long range sensor system requires a Mobile fusion reactor to function at full power. Locally without such full power it can detect targets out to around 500km.

Oxen and the Union belong to me :iconemperormyric:

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Soundwave3591 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
Can I just say, your drawing skills have vastly improved in the years since we met? These look awesome.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks man :) The Union ground forces are actually nearly fully done ;D
eltf177 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
Nice addition, vehicles like this tend to get forgotten...
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks glad you like it :)
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