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Histirion Quantum Anomaly



The hull of the vessel seemed to zoom explosively outward then and the expanded ad infinitum into a gargantuan, labyrinthine, almost interstellar space, and through every vault poured two monstrous arms that make the tryptamine hyperdimension its home. 
The fleshy extremities of what had once been Shifting Mirrors gathered the axiomatic vessels close to the dreadnought, smashing them into a bundle just as the monstrous, indescribable, multi-colored head of the creature surged from the intersection of both arms, its gaping maw closing around the flotilla of Blinkers in a continent-sized spray of demiorganic blood which became the architectonic scaffolding of their Shifting Mirror's multi-dimensional reality. 

"Dixitque quantum universum, fiat electromagnetismus." Shifting Mirrors said, uttering the last two words that would ever be comprehensible to sentient minds.

At this point the overwhelming patterns surpassed anything that was even vaguely possible in the 3-dimensional mundane, constantly accreting into new and variegated forms, ripping in and out of themselves what might be called hyperspherologies of the divine, and to look anywhere was to be shot clean through with scintillating amazement. The crewmembers were unwillingly swept into reality's tesseractal and meticulous implosion upon itself, trying to find any anchor to reality with little to no avail, having found that even the immutable and eternal black star, Histrion, had morphed into the concentric, tensile mandala-like disc around which was centred a labyrinthine expanse of fibrillating antennae, an ultraviolet aura.

All it could do is sit there in awe just as the incalculable bizarreness of the colossal, Boolean contortionist began swirling back into the flash of light from whence it came, dragging along the fields of debris left over from the Blinker flotilla, disappearing in an infinitely thin vortex into the Capitol dreadnought.
The Events of Shifting Mirrors Ascension

Histirion Quantum Anomaly Axiom Incarnate

Histirion once the black star, is now officially a quantum anomaly zone beyond anything previously seen outside of the Golden Expanse. After the Axiom Symbol Shifting Mirrors was gifted the Sword Sofia, an artefact with ties to the Son Of Man she impaled herself and began her ascension to full Axiomhood. Consuming not only the Capitol super dreadnought and the 8 Axiom Blinkers in system but also the attending EPA and Capitol fleets as well as the star itself and the systems planets. Creating one monumental amalgamation of Quantum superposition. Sentient in nature Histirion is now an Axiom incarnate and is now the complete hub of all Axiom activities... for any who enter the system not affiliated to the Axioms it is a sentence of death.

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