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Welcome All!

My name is Myric, I'm a 25 year old digital artist from the UK interested in Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, RPing and general art. You will find on my page a trove of uploads for not only my own universe that I am building alongside my friend Swingfire (link to his page below) but also for the various RP groups I run such as Ancerious and Euphorion (Links below) I enjoy chatting and will endeavor to reply to all comments made on my pieces and also answer questions regarding my world building. Don't be afraid to contact me, especially if you wish to join either of my RP groups. I hope you enjoy my work and hope to see you around!


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Funky Update:

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Good lord its been like almost 3 years. Well some stuff to note: >I'm getting married wooo >Currently living with my Fiancé >Moving into a larger and way better house >Rescued a very cute and friendly doggo Its been pretty full on, and given that I am doing stuff in Ancerious most of the time or working its been slipping my mind to put an update here. Truth be told I don't like DA Eclipse and I don't always post up my art here only usually when I remember. However damn, I have so many people watching me and being interested in my work what the hell happened lmao. I have been doing a lot of commissions lately, will be posting my price sheet up on DA, but I also am gauging interest in me opening up a discord server so people can see WIPs, ask me questions, catch up on what I'm doing and generally be in the loop regarding my lore such as Unionverse and the like. I've been debating such for a while, but if you would be interested in this please do let me know. I've also been doing
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Man. 2020 Happened. Well I am alive, that's a start. I got Corona over a month ago as my dads a front line worker, but I got over it pretty quickly. (5 days of symptoms, day 3 was real bad but in the end me and my dad recovered without issue. I wouldn't recommend getting it so please stay indoors.) I'm doing alright as I cant go to work (not good) but otherwise getting on with life and doing art and Ancerious stuff but that leads me to my next point. Eclipse is absolute dog shit. I've tried to wrap my head around it, and while it looks nice it is missing so many basic features. Watch stacks, submitting to group journals, entire group sec
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Well. 2019 happened. And I'm not dead wooo This year has been quite the roller coaster lol, went into it virtually broke although I got to meet a good friend of mine from Ancerious which was epic. Struggled to pay rent and was almost homeless, got a new job working in the kitchen which almost killed me (literally), found myself broke again after they screwed me over and left me out to dry, met a good friend from Israel whos also in Ancerious and then got a new job which while pretty intense is actually pretty nice. Now I have just spent the day with my girlfriend and her family and finding myself with time to reflect. All in all while ther
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Thanks for the fav

Hey, thought I'd give you a holler after our short messaging yesterday.

Ah hello how goes it

Goes alright, just chatting mostly on Discord with friends. Was checking out your ship designs earlier. I wanted to read the description of the superdreadnought but...there was so much to read on it AND the other ships. ^^; It would take me ages to get through them.

Same more or less, and yea I have a lot of lore im afraid

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I appreciate the fave, mate! I hope you enjoy the rest of the gallery and the future Beyond Series artwork/content.