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So, I've just completed my second professional cosplay shoot with Don't Blink Studios and I couldn't be happier with the result. This time, I am cosplaying Richard Conway from the hit indie game 'Gunpoint' by Tom Francis. I have been a massive fan of the indie game Gunpoint since it first came out and must have played it through over a dozen times by now (Steam shows 51 hours and counting). I love the characters, the art style, the way it handles both snarky humour and dark tragedy, and the overall cyber-noir feel of the world itself. The world is amazing, the gameplay is fantastic, and the soundtrack is just perfect. It is easily one of my favourite games I've played to date. And I just couldn't resist doing a cosplay!

This costume was interesting to make. The hat, coat, gloves, etc, were all purchased in store or online. I couldn't find a trench coat that matched that same brown colour, not without going over about $400, so I settled on one that looked close enough. The Resolver is a Nerf Firestrike gun. I took it apart, removed the main spring latch, spray painted it, then re-assembled it. It's not perfect, but considering it came with an inbuilt laser pointer, I thought it worked nicely. The pants and boots were the tough parts. I bought several strips of EL Tape and Panels from here and put it all together myself. I bought a pair of gumboots from a camping store, cut them down from knee to shin height, then attached trimmed EL Panels to either side and fed the cable inside the boot through a small incision I made along a seam. The pants were a nightmare. I carefully punctured holes every 2cms up the length of the tape on either side in the plastic overlap. I used some strong double sided tape to place them onto the pants and hold them in position. Then I hand sewed the EL Tape on with black thread. It took a LONG time, and I barely got it done in time for Sydney Supanova 2015. All the panels and tape had cables running up the inside of the pant legs to my belt and pockets where I had 4 battery packs that powered everything. They make a high pitched droning noise, like old CRT monitors, that slowly drove me crazy. It was difficult walking around them, and I ended up accidentally ripping the wires off the inside left leg tape on the day of the con. I since managed to jerry rig it with some tape an pins. No one picked my character at Supanova, unfortunately. I got a lot of "Inspector Gadget"s thrown at me, haha. Anyway, one the thing I realised about this costume is that it is the first cosplay I have made COMPLETELY on my own. I've always had friends and family help me do things on my other cosplays, from leatherworking to sewing to painting. This is the first time I haven't had any assistance at all, and I feel really proud of myself for pulling it off. It was because of this, combined with my love of the game, that made me want to do another pro photo shoot.

I made a booking with Stuart from Don't Blink Studios and started preparing. We went into Newcastle, NSW, on a Tuesday night, and went to the top of a 13 story multi-level carpark. There was no lighting up there to work with, but Stu managed to find a way. To find a suitable location, I ended up climbing over the roof of a walkway to stand on top of an elevator shaft. Really channeled my Conway to pull it off, haha. I still had terrible acrophobia up there, and had difficulty maintaining poses. The fact that the pants were very tight didn't help either. After a couple of shots up there, we descended and drove to a nearby alleyway I'd scouted with a friend the week before. We took the remainder of the shots there. My friend, Ryan, was tagging along for the shoot. I was glad he did, as the damaged wire in the pants came loose again and he helped me patch it on the spot. We took a few more shots in the alleyway with my props (the Resolver, my phone as the Crosslink, and a vape cigar). During the hanging shot, I ended up slipping and slamming my right shin against a brick corner; gave myself a nasty graze/gash that I didn't notice until I got home. After all the shooting was done, I thanked Stu for his amazing work and headed off with Ryan for a late dinner.

We met up with our friend Oliver, who is possibly a bigger fan of the game than I am. Oliver had spent the day rapidly putting together a very BASIC Hightower cosplay. After a quick bite, the three of us drove out to a lookout near the beach and took a few photos on our own. Ryan had just bought himself a new, expensive, fan-dangled camera and wanted to give photography a go. We had a lot of fun shooting our Amateur Hour before heading home for the night. By then, the light had gone faulty and another one had shorted out. I plan on repairing the cosplay and buying a lot more tape in red for Oliver, so we can put together a proper Hightower cosplay and do another shoot in the future.

Until then, I'm ecstatic with these shots. Stu did an amazing job on them, and is truly fantastic at his job. I hope everyone enjoys these pics! If you haven't played Gunpoint, go buy it now! It's worth every cent!


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Stephen Moss
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi everyone!

I'm just an average guy from Newcastle, Australia! I work in retail and spend my free time playing more video games than I care to admit! I am more of an art "admirer" than an art "creator", but I do give it a rough shot every now and then; an arty photo here, a poorly proportioned pencil sketch there! I really enjoy writing short stories, but don't really make enough time for them anymore.

I also love cosplay!! I have been cosplaying at the Sydney Supanova festival for a few years now and I absolutely love it! I have made some fun cosplays in my time and I love sharing them with everyone! I also love seeing other fantastic cosplays that people make! People have such amazing talents!

Above all, I am a huge sword enthusiast! I have a small collection of historical weapons which I love! I also practice swordplay with friends and with historical martial arts societies. I love swordplay as a sport, not as a way of role-playing or re-enacting history. My friends and I just love the thrill of combat and the challenge of outwitting your opponent!

Anyway, I hope everyone likes what little art I have to offer! :)


Slay the Spire: Merchant Cosplay - Buy something!
My second shot of my Merchant cosplay from Slay the Spire.
This one shows off all the wares and cards I made for the shop.
I had a lot of fun putting this together! I especially like the look of the potions myself.
Unceasing Top 4 lyf yo!!
Slay the Spire: Merchant Cosplay - HA-HAA!
My recent cosplay of the Merchant from Slay the Spire! If you haven't already, check the game out! It is super fun!
The merchant is a funny guy who just says funny lines while getting you to buy his stuff.
I took this cosplay to Sydney Supanova 2018 and spent 5 hours sitting in the one spot with an opaque mask on! XD Kind of like going to the cinema and then sitting in the aisle and putting on a blindfold lol.
Still, it was awesome when people recognised the character and asked for photos; had fun. :)


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