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Zupaysaurus rougieri

This dinosaur is a new coelophisioid or dilophosaurid from Argentina. When it was discovered, its scull had the impressions of some sort of crest similar to that of Dilophosaurus (Just one, though), and as such, you'll probably see many reconstructions of this animal sporting a crest over its head. But apparently, it was some sort of impression that occurred during fossilization. It's probably more similar to Syntarsus (Megapnosaurus).

So, it's not a good drawing. I did it mainly to put it in the coelophysioidea folder. And I always wanted to do one of these. W/O the crest.
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sweet drawing, man! :+fav:
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Cool, I think you're the first to draw the whole animal and not just the front end.
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There's a lot of pictures of its erroneous head. I believe I'm the first one to do the whole body w/o the erroneous crest.
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Se ve muy amenasante, otro buen dibuja de parte de ti.