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Talenkauen santacrucensis



From a new locality in southwestern Patagonia, Talenkauen is an iguanodontian known from a skeleton minus the tail, part of the ischia and pubes, hands, and ulnae. Probably on the order of 4 m long, it looked a lot like a dryosaurid, with an elongate neck and smallish head, but with long slender arms and a robust prepubic process. The most striking character is the presence of lateral plates along the ribs that the authors consider uncinate processes. At any rate, these thin plates are so far only found also in Thescelosaurus, but given their thin, fragile nature, they could well have had a wider distribution in the ornithopods. They may have been related to respiration.

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Those dryosaurids could probably run very very fast so they would have far less boring OMG in life!