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Puertasaurus reuili

I based this Puertasaurus off of this: [link]

Puertasaurus was an enormous titanosaur that may be the biggest dinosaur so far encountered. I'm still holding out for Anphicoelias, but Amfy's verts are gone. So this is the next best thing. Comment B4 favorite.

ps. I drew this one in Early January. I didn't post it for obvious reasons.
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Nice, looks quite a bit like mine too ;)
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Came from the same skeletal. I did mine before yours, too.
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Skeletal? I didn't use anyone's skeletal for reference. I actually drew mine last autumn, well before Zach Armstrong did his skeletal (and before this piece of yours too). It merely took a while to format it the way I wanted and post it here since I was busy with other projects. The bones especially needed some digital modding.
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I guess his reconstruction was pretty damn good then.
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???????? wait i'm confused.
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The skeletal. It was good. I checked the numbers.
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Yeah, the numbers check out fine. The proportions are pretty much as accurate as they can get given the fact that only two bones have been published. It's the speculative head that I don't agree with... it's too much like Antarctosaurus rather than the more closely related Malawisaurus... But overall Zach's skeletal is good... don't really see what that has to do with my original clarification though.
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I plan on deleting this. The drawing is ugly.
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This is quite good. Hope my skeletal helped :) The only thing I might change is the musculature of the forelimbs in comparison to the hindlimbs (they seem too thin possibly, while the hindlimbs might have too much on 'em).

As for Amphicoelias fragillimus, a new estimate by paleontologist Mike Taylor over here suggests that it was "only" 49 meters long, and probably massed 78.5 tonnes, which is certainly no larger than the biggest titanosaurs in weight (although admittedly still quite a bit longer).
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Yup. Front legs are skinny. I tend to do all my sauropods like that. I ought to get that corrected.

Amphy is a hard animal to estimate. You got practically nothing.
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Is a good work
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