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Oryctodromeus cubicularis

This ornithopod was widely publicized recently because it was found in a sandstone filled burrow. A BURROW. Which is important because it allows us to peek into dinosaur's personal lives and confirm that dinosaurs were more behaviorally complex than most people believe. Osteologically-wise, it also lacked ossified tendons on the tail, which is a feature most ornithopods have (keeps them rigid), this allowing it more flexibility in the legs, which makes it easy for burrowing.

So, yeah. I'm not too popular with ornithopods (not many are), but this is a group that needs to be better documented artistically.
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A yes, one of the few non-Avian Dinosaurs who burrowed.
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first this, then an aquatic ceratopsian pretty cool.
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That Korean thing? Fff lol. I doubt it lived at sea.
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maybe it was semi aquatic like hippios ??
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What a surprise to know that some dinosaurs can dig burrows, this must make paeleontologist very excited to discover this
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