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Noasaurus leali

This is probably the end of my Senior Project. This is Noasaurus leali, as I hypothesize it would look in real life.

It was a rather odd dinosaur with a large head, a long neck, short legs, and even though we know nothing of its tail, I think it would have had a long tail to balance its big front. It also featured large hands, outfitted with a bigger than average claw on its first digit.

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Very nice, interesting look you gave to its head, faved
EmperorDinobot's avatar
That was just to fuck around with it, y'know like Deltadromeus' fake head? Yeah. The head was probably unremarkable looking.
kultarr's avatar
This Noasaurus is just incredible :D
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Thanks...It's the first fully reconstructed (And accurate) Noasaurus. I mean, overs have drawn Noasaurus, but I actually went after its true estimations.
EmperorDinobot's avatar maybe...his neck is a little TOO long. But I firmly believe they had such long necks.
The verts were simply too long!
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
plus, this guy was related to elaphrosaurus, which allows for the general stretching of it.
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Yup, pretty much. Altough Elaphrosaurus was far more primitive...but it's the same idea. Elongated forms and shortened bodies. Awesome little dinosaurs. I hope a complete Noasaurid is discovered soon.
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That's a really awesome drawing, dude! *loves dinosaurs* ^-^ :clap:
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