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Mixosaurus cornalianus

Mixosaurus is a lame and cool name at the same time. Has been found all over the world more specifically China, Timor, Indonesia, Italy, Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Canada, Alaska, and Nevada.

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So the icthyosaur found in Indonesia was Mixosaurus

Pretty interesting actually since I live in Indonesia and I think that this icthyosaur was the most prehistoric fossil in Indonesia, and also the only one from the Mesozoic
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Well, I don't know what kinds of fossils are found in Indonesia...but I know that Mixosaurus is common everywhere. It was an international animal :slow:
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Well, in Indonesia the fossils are mostly Cenozoic, Stegodons, giant tortoises, boars, varanids, big cats, and also Homo erectus and Homo floriensis(Hobbit), those are the most famous Indonesian fossils

But well there are some pollen fossils and tree fossils dating back to the Eocene, one may wonder what animal lives at that time since we haven't found the fossils of Eocene Indonesian animals

But really, the only Mesozoic fossils we have here are mostly aquatic in origin, ammonites and icthyosaurs
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That's what I thought so. I'm not interested in the Cenozoic era. The place was a sea in Mesozoic times.
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There isn't a very big interest in paleontology here, it seems like I'm the only one constantly updated with paleontological knowledge in my school, and even though there are some paleontologists, but they mostly focus on Cenozoic life

I wonder if there have exist an island dwelling dinosaur in Indonesia

Interesting prospect, isn't it?
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Also, Mixosaurus was very adaptable, I think, being able to live from Europe to Indonesia

Or are those places there equatorial in the Triassic?
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This is an awesome picture! ^^
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