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Lurdusaurus arenatus

Lurdusaurus was an iguanodon with short posterior and anterior limbs. IT had very large thumb spikes on its hand. It is believed it had a life style similar of a hippo. There is evidence that it had a longish neck. It's probably the ornithopod counterpart to Nigersaurus.

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Very nice shading and pose. =)
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Thank you! I'm told the legs should be a tiny bit shorter. I agree.
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Wow. When I seen the thumbnail image for a moment I thought it was a sauropod ;)
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you are the best drawer and you can argue but in my opinion you are the best
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Lol thanks. This is it for now so...patience!
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This guy has always been my favorite along with Nigersaurus.
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Meh I'm not too pleased on how it came out. I tried pulling some more of that Fredrik Spindler bullshit (if you know what I mean, I'm sure you've noticed how I've incorporated the femoral muscles all the way through the base of the tail and past the tummy, making the femur seem obvious, but also disappear, thus making it 'mammal like'), but it still came out looking too dinosaurian. If anything it looks sauropodal. And I hate it. I just wanna make it look like a cross between a duck, a bear, a hippo and a very large rat with a leathery crocodilyian tail. And the scan came out too dark (because the drawing came out too dark). I dunno. This is what I imagined but once drawn I was very displeased. And the problems are with the length of the neck, and the head. The head looks really lame. I still give my iguanodonts a large shell lipped face like they did in the past. I'm sure you've noticed all my dinosaur drawings are in one way or another always retaining some pre 1990's design cues.
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I think it looks fine.
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I dunno. I really feel like re-doing it. This is why I don't like doing incomplete dinos like Spinosaurus or Lurdusaurus. Info is hard to get, and there's little to work on. In this case I'm wokring off someone else's assumptions, and I'm too lazy to do the whole animal. If anything, it should really have a shorter neck. Or a larger head, dunno.
I like doing poorly represented but well known animals. This animal is...meh meh.
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Did you see Darren Naish's "skeletal reconstruction"? I assumed that's what you based this picture off.
EmperorDinobot's avatar
Pretty much, yeah.
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Cool, then at least the measurements are accurate, I trust Darren and his fellow sci-blings with my life.
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I do too. And believe me this reconstruction is correct. black and white skeletals always miss this "let's be alive" thing that I'm so fond of.
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