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Euhelopus zdansky

Euhelopus, my favorite...well...I have lots of favorite sauropods. So, now the picture is more clear. Early Cretaceous deffinitely links them with the titanosauroidea.
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I count Euhelopus as one of my favorites too... but I draw it vertical necked as with all tall-shouldered Macronarians...


Horizontal neck on a Euhelopodid!
Or Any macronarian.... BAD BOY! :chainsaw: You've been reading that hack Kent Stevens I bet. :bleh:
Other than that it's great with the proportions. But please don't draw Brachiosaurus with this posture.

~Perfection always eludes the perfectionist~
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I'm overdue for a new one. I plan on doing one with a vertical neck.

And I don't plan on doing Brachiosaurus on that posture. Those verts articulate vertically, not horizontally. At least not too horizontally.
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1) Somphospondyli is part of Eusauropoda. No one has ever suggested that Euhelopus is not a eusauropod.

2) The type horizon for Euhelopus is the Mengyin Formation of Shandong Province, which was generally considered Late Jurassic (Tithonian) based on biostratigraphy. However, Barrett & Wang (2007) note that the fossil assemblage used to make this claim is actually comparable to that of the Early Cretaceous Jehol Group, and therefore the Mengyin may be as young as Aptian. Teeth of Euhelopus or something like it are now known from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation.

Barrett, P.M. & X.-L. Wang, 2007. Basal titanosauriform (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) teeth from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Liaoning Province, China. Palaeoworld 16: 265-271.
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I meant that in a more derived way :lol: But awesome, thanks. So he really is Early Cretaceous...Well, it all just falls into place now. Erketu may very well be related as they say!